Nina Proudman style inspiration Series 4 ep 3

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 17)

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I know it doesn’t make for good TV but couldn’t we just see Nina and Patrick stay happy without any emotional speed bumps on their path to parental bliss?

Spoiler alert

Apart from loving the Nina/Patrick interaction – and by interaction I mean INTERACTION – I very much enjoy the sisterly banter between Nins and Billie. They seem to revert to child-like versions of themselves.

The cafe scene between them in this episode had me in stitches. Nina seems to crumble to a blithering, insecure mess in Billie’s presence, leaving Billie to come out with such gems as:

She’s a red, hot dibber dobber. You’re on Team Patrick.

This hot on the heels of Billie repeating like a three-year-old, “tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me” … until Nina did just that.

More’s the pity she didn’t tell Dr Patrick straight away, though.

I’m sorry, but what game is Elouise playing out. And Dr P for that matter (although he is a little forgiven thanks to him sharing with us a jeans, towel and tux triple treat). Outpouring all your “stuff” to a stranger then said stranger texting you in the middle of the night with a cryptic message.

Be on full alert, Nina. Full alert.

The outfits

There were two Nina Proudman outfits in this episode. The second I liked very much. Regulation jeans and tan boots with a loose white silk tank, blue kimono jacket (sorry, I’m not sure where it’s from. Looks very much like a Johnny Was but if so is not current season stock) and multi-coloured scarf worn with two layered necklaces and a decorative shoulder bag. This is the first scarf we’ve seen Nina in this season as the costume designers have made a conscious decision to drop them from her maternity wardrobe, instead concentrating on layered necklaces around the neck.

I’m going to tackle Nina’s first outfit as it was my favourite. The white lace kimono jacket over a floral and lace top and THOSE BLUE BOOTS .. what’s not to love?

OS4 Ep3 Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) and Lawrence Petherbrige (Ido Drent) 2

The white blouse worn as a jacket is believed to be by Alice McCall and not currently available.

Nina Proudman Offspring necklace layering

Shopping inspiration

Nina Proudman style inspiration Series 4 ep 3

1. Blue Bungalow tunic $59 | 2. Johnny Was cover-up $319 | 3. Design Studio earrings $12.95 @ Myer | 4. Cat Hammill necklace $79.95 | 5. Uberfine necklace $185 | 6. Wittner navy boots $199.95 | 7. Mavi jeans $139.95 @ Birdsnest | 8. Nancybird bag $250

If it’s ok with you, I’m going to look at Billie Proudman’s style next week. I find with my multiple wardrobe personalities I swing between the style elements of both sisters … and quite a few readers have been asking for a Billie style breakdown.

Let me know whose style you most like: Nina or Billie?

PS. It’s my birthday today … I’m giving myself the day off (number one advantage of being your own boss) but if you have questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

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Comments 49

  1. WOW!! I googled “Blogging disclaimers” so I could get some insight for my own site, and now I think I have found my favourite (non food) website!! Love the proudman clothes… I could now become seriously obsessed with the series, I prefer nina’s clothes but I always love Billies outbursts… and yes, anything Patrick does is fine if he is in nothing except a towel. I am adding you to my blogroll, I will return 🙂

  2. I’m hunting everywhere for that exact short necklace she’s wearing in the above photo, non have been as nice as it and wondering if you could point me in the right direction?

    1. You can get similar ones online at I purchased a dress from there last week and the service was excellent.

  3. Always love what nina wear but in the last episode I loved Deborah Mailmans top, any idea where it’s from?

  4. Happy Birthday weekend now-I only just caught up with your post. I am so pleased you cover Nina’s clothes! Icon! I fell in love with the multi-coloured scarf she wore this week. Any ideas where it’s from?

    1. I don’t sorry … mostly these posts are about outfits inspired by Nina as most of the clothes she wears are no longer in store or were vintage to start with. Occasionally the same item is available.

  5. Style wise I’m very much Nina, it is so me & suits my run around small country town boho lifestyle….so ‘yes’ I want to dress like Nina. My past life of Sydney corporate would have killed to have a Billy style! Think you may need to start a ‘So you want to dress like Billy Proudman next?
    The show seems to have opened up so much this season with other characters pushing to the front in style & personality…totally loving the sisterly bond & as for Patrick…my husband is already on notice haha! OMG…that gorgeous little smile, melts me every time!
    Love your posts Nikki, they are the first thing I look for on a Thursday morning! Hope you had a loverly birthday xx
    (Sorry, first time poster…i yabbered a bit:-))

  6. Hi, happy birthday for yesterday. I was wondering if u might know where billie’s orange jacket came from in this weeks ep?

  7. Hope you’ve had the most fabulous day, Nikki! I was in looooove with Billie’s white blazer with neon detailing. My kind of piece! xx

  8. Wishing you peace, love and happiness today on your birthday and for the rest of your birthday month. Hope you’ve had a fab day of celebrations.

    I like Billie and Nina’s styles (fashion and crazy personalities). Both are very interesting, very stylish and a bit quirky. I’d like to see a bit of both on your page. Last night my fave pieces were Nina’s blue jacket and Billie’s zebra striped cardi. And the black chain necklace she wore – beautiful.

  9. Happy Birthday Nikki, I hope you’ve had a great one! I am very happy to say that I have that BOHO top and wore it through summer, I bought the orange one as well. Hhhmn I never thought to pop a jacket over it for Autumn. Daughter wore them (MY TOPS) as dresses a few times! How good is that!

  10. Happy Birthday Nikki!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am looking forward to seeing the Billie post next week. As a new convert to the show I wish I could get to see more of her casual style. Most of the outfits we get to see her in make me kind of wish I had a workplace to go. I need to try and work out how I can translate some of her style to my casual SAHM wardrobe.

  11. Happy Birthday Nikki!
    Can we have a Nina hair and makeup tute as well?
    Pretty please 😀
    I am loving the men on the show, blogged about them!
    cilla xx

  12. Happy birthday Nikki, I am so thankful for your sub-headings!!! Cannot wait til Offspring returns to my screen! Hope the sun is shining for you today xx

  13. Hi Nikki, happy birthday. Nina wore a gorgeous blue top last night…any idea where it is from or something alike? 🙂

  14. Have a super duper day Nikki. Happy Happy Birthday! x
    …by the way, I’m lusting over the blue boots. Big.Time.

  15. Happy birthday Nikki! What a way to celebrate your birthday – party for a month! Love both sister’s styles. I’m loving the styles of all the female characters, so rave about all of them! Glad to see those boots again. They’re beautiful.

  16. Happiest of b’days. Hope its extra special! I think I prefer Nina’s style, but I must say I loved Billie’s orange jacket. Billie makes me laugh outloud & I love the sister bond, especially having a sister myself.

  17. Happy birthday Nikki! You so deserve a day off to celebrate. But thank you fo giving us our Nina fashion fix. I still love those camel boots and haven’t managed to find the same exact ones. Hav a few pairs but not quite so perfect.

  18. Happy Birthday Nikki!

    I wish I could dress like Nina all the time, but my corporate role requires I lean more towards Billie’s style during the week.

    Another good brand for the Nina look of kimono type cover-ups is Lee Mathews- expensive at full price, but they have great sales and are all natural fabrics. I have a little white linen embroidered jacket from a few summers ago that I wear for a little extra coverage of the arms over camis and strappy dresses.

  19. First Off I wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday Nikki may you have a wonderful day :)and no cooking of the dinner tonight and flowers and cake and some nice gifts apart from your bike!
    I loved Nina’s pretty outfit last night very nice indeed and I am also loving her fine necklaces lovely and those boots so nice I actually like the ones you have picked better as I could walk in them.My sister and I have a very similar sisterly bond like Nina and Billie and tell each other everything and Know when one of us is hiding something.I treasure that bond!
    Yes I do hope Nina and Patrick can be happy together I do not like that Eloise woman she has shifty eyes,I do not trust her one bit!
    Yes to all the Hot Patrick scenes last night especially the one in the towel,Thankyou Offspring!

  20. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the day! And I live the idea of Billie’s style …. Nina’s is all very similar all the time (but still love it!)

  21. I really loved that cute patterned camisole top. So gorgeous. I always steer clear of strapped cami-tops as I need a bit of arm & bra strap coverage but all these kimonos, etc that Nina wears are a great idea. You can get that flash of pattern or a nice fabric still and not feel self-conscious. 🙂

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