How do you follow blogs?

How do you follow Styling You?

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Do you follow a lot of blogs? I do. I have to say that blog reading often takes over time I previously would have devoted to magazines, newspapers or books.

I go to bed with my iPad, reading late at night without disturbing my husband with the turning on of any bedside lamp to read. It’s become a habit.

How do you follow blogs?

I don’t surf around a whole bunch of websites, instead heading immediately for an app that holds the “feeds” of all the blogs I follow. At last count there were about 200 in there. So that’s a whole lot of diverse reading, I can tell you.

This feeds thing I’m talking about is kind of complicated but basically when someone publishes new content on a blog or website, it creates a basic copy of that content that can be picked up by other website and phone/tablet applications. In those applications you can add the feed addresses of all the blogs and websites you follow and then simply check the app or website as often as you like to see if there’s something new to read.

The main way most people have done this is via Google Reader, which has been great but Google is shutting that down on July 1, 2013. This has meant I’ve been looking out for better ways I can follow my favourite blogs and also how I can better offer options for you to follow Styling You.

I was told early on in my blogging career by a wise woman that you shouldn’t dictate how your readers follow and read you … just offer many, simple ways for them to do so.

And that’s what I’ve tried to do.

I understand that for many of you it’s via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. For others it’s via my weekly email newsletter and there are a significant number who have followed via Google Reader.

So, as a little bit of an update … here are some tips on how to never miss a post on Styling You. Choose one that works for you and your lifestyle. I’ve even added in a daily email newsletter option for you that will send out an email whenever a post is published.


Follow on Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ originally started as a network of fashiony type blogs but has grown to include every niche of blog going. You can import your existing Google Reader feed to a Bloglovin’ account with the click of a button. So many people I know love how easy it is to navigate and read their favourite blogs this way. You can also download the app for your phone or tablet to have your favourite reading list on hand at all times.


Add Styling You to Feedly. Sign up for your account here. Like BlogLovin’ you can import an existing Google Reader feed or you can just start adding the URLs for your favourite blogs and websites. You can organise and categorise what you want to read and access it via your phone or tablet as well. This is now the way I’ll read my favourite blogs every day. Love how the app looks on the iPad and phone.

Daily email

This is BRAND SPANKING NEW at Styling You. I’ve just set it up that if you join this email list you’ll receive an email every morning that there is a new post on the blog. You will never miss another post as it will land in your inbox at 7am. I do this with some blogs I follow and I like that I’m kind of first in the know with what’s new on those sites. Subscribe to Styling You email updates whenever something NEW is on the blog.

Weekly email

Many of you may have already been receiving my weekly email newsletter. I’ve been sending this out every Thursday for some time now and it’s a weekly digest of what’s been on the blog with a little extra chat. Subscribe to the Styling You weekly email newsletter.

Social media

Of course, there are many who visit this blog every day via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Nothing will change there. I’ll still be hanging out and chatting in all those spaces.

Over to you, and as it’s Friday, I’d love you to share how you follow this blog …

Plus, if you follow other blogs, include a link to one that you really would like to share with us. It doesn’t have to be fashion or beauty related … just something you think we might enjoy.

Photo credit: Sarah, A Beach Cottage

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  1. I use flipboard, but for some reason today it is saying there is no content for your blog. Is this related to google reader ending?

  2. Hi Nikki, I am pretty new to you blog…and check in the old fashioned way …using your web address…will have to check out feedly…I did have some blogs sent to my email…but I enjoy reading the comments …and these do not come op on email…love your blog:)

  3. I read my fave blogs under the sheets at 5am on my iphone! All I need is a torch, some sweets and no husband in the bed and I’d be living out some kind of Enid Blyton fantasy 😉
    Currently I just have the blogs saved in my Favourites on Safari but Feedly sounds like a wonderful invention, and will have the added bonus of satisfying my app addiction. Downloading now. Thanks Nikki.

  4. Hi Nikki, up until yesterday when I read your post I just had all of the blogs I read (only a few) in my favourites on my toolbar! I am now on Feedly and have put all of my blogs that I read normally and then some…..but I am having problems adding yours 🙁 and it keeps saying Feedly is over capacity with a sad cloud! I don’t know what to do as your blog was the first and still my fave to read! Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. That was super fast! Using Feedly now 😉

    I was using Google Reader (didn’t know it was closing) and FB keeps me update as well. I love to read the latest posts from my ‘favourites’ at night when it’s just me and the heater. Thanks for the heads-up Nikki


  6. Well i have been putting off moving from Google Reader for ages – moved to GR when another one was closing down… But I just clicked on the feedly link in your post, agreed to whatever it was I agreed to and there it was. I was actually shocked that it was all just there – no need to sign up or anything! A little scary…

  7. I’ve just switched from Good Reader to Feedly. I love the one click switch across and my categories etc remained intact… but am still working out how to use Feedly.

  8. I really must look into Feedly again. I am really enjoying Bloglovin’ but am intrigued by the idea of categorising the blogs in Feedly. I am a lover of the list function in Tweetbot – it stops me from getting overwhelmed by the mountain of information. Some days I’m in a girly mood, some days I’m in a techy mood, some days I want to look at food porn!

  9. I was only introduced to your blog about 10days ago & have looked forward to logging on every night since! I live the new clothing companies you have introduced me to & your views on certain products. Super envious of fashion week trip!!! One blog site is enough for me … I’m happy with you! Happy weekend x
    Jayde 🙂

  10. I follow you via a RSS feed… Not even really sure what that is- just a thingy I clicked on one day, and daily updates come up on the sidebar beneath my mail.
    I’m hoping this isn’t what is about to be stopped, as it’s how I follow all my blogs..
    I find it eminently suitable.

  11. I have just switched from Google Reader to Bloglovin…but usually I am too impatient to read yours’ Nikki, so I just type your web address in the old fashioned way! Such a creature of habit…I also do the same with abeachcottage and apartment therapy and abeautifulmess for my interior design/lovely homes fix. I also love Vicki Archer and Carla Coulson’s blogs, and closer to home Small Acorns. Yours is the only one I check back with almost every day to read the comments, love all those conversations and reader tips! Have a great weekend xx

  12. Mostly I just type in the web address of the blogs I read and read them that way – it does help when they have a regular posting schedule like you do Nikki but apart from yours and Hi Sugarplum! which I check every morning, the others just happen every couple of days when I have time. However know I know about these things that allow you to put all your fav blogs in one place I will definitely be checking that out. I also really like Sarah’s Style Unearthed blog too. Thanks for the heads up!

  13. What a gorgeous photo of you Nikki, that Sarah is a clever lady I know, but it helps to have a very photogenic subject as well. Stunning! xx

    P.S Will sign up for daily emails right now thank you!

  14. Your blog is habit forming Nikki. I check in every morning during the week and read the new post on my phone while eating breakfast. I am late today as it’s end of financial year and paying the wages and finalising paperwork for my Husband’s business equals a busy day for me. I also usually pop back later in the day as I like to read the comments and replies to see if there are any more interesting tips to be found. Bloglovin’ seems to be popular so I might have to check it out along with some of these other blog recommendations.

  15. Thanks Nikki! I have just signed up to Bloglovin’ and it’s great. Will look forward to reading blogs from its very nice ipad app. I keep up to date with your posts via twitter or facebook (easy to read from my iphone or ipad) but have added you to my Bloglovin’ app too. I’m building up the blogs I follow; trying to juggle all that fabulous blog reading with working on my own blog –

  16. I switched to Feedly a couple of months ago when Google Reader announced their closure and love the convenience of visiting all my sites and blogs from the one location. I see Styling You on Twitter as well but I like the facility to save a post in Feedly and return to it. I have around 300 feeds, which include newspapers, tech websites such as Delimiter and Mashable, and The Mary Sue which is fan things related to Doctor Who and Game of Thrones (geek confession!).

    1. Geek confessions very much welcome here! And yes, it’s new-found love for me with Feedly. I was using another reader app for my iPad but this one is way more user-friendly. And so easy to add in sites other than blogs.

  17. Bloglovin’ must be the way to go I just switched to it too. Disappointed I can’t use netlivewire reader anymore it was easy.

      1. I used to save into Google Reader and view through netlivewire on the ipad…I’m not sure if any of the new ones feed into netlivewire but I’m loving Bloglovin and it’s free.I’d love to know what some of your 200 are, always looking for a quality blog. Yours and @abeachcottage are the only ones I religiously read.

  18. That is one thing I have a problem with, my following of blogs,i might try one of your above tips of how to do so,yours is left open on my computer everyday so I just read the new post everyday ! Its the only one I do this for and I usually just read them when I have time,there is so many I like and usually just type in the blog I want to read and when I check my emails I read others and then when I check FB I will read some more all different ones though.My faves are Edenland,Babymac ,Woogsworld and Kimbalikes and BBeingcool and Gourmetgirlfriend and Veggiemama and abbeachcottage and foxinflats but it is getting harder and harder to get around to reading them all.

  19. I click on the bookmarked link to see what’s new, as I know you blog daily during the week Nikki- that regularity is useful, as some bloggers post irregularly and if you don’t use an app and check in, it can be disappointing to see nothing new! I may have to try one of these apps, thanks for the information. I also check in with Carla Loves Photography (an Aussie photographer in Paris), Zoe Foster’s Fruity Beauty blog and (a blog full of gorgeous photography from a family in London).

    1. Oh my I love Cara Loves Photography – only found recently because a girlfriend went to Paris and had her photos taken by her! Now I want to do the same!! Love Fruity Beauty and will check out the other one. Thank-you!

  20. I like daily emails. That way if there’s something I want to go back to in the future, I can find it in the appropriate email folder rather than searching through my bookmarks!

  21. Great post, Nikki. I am definitely going to check out Feedly. I have subscribed to Bloglovin’, but mainly read my favourite blogs from my favourites or through email when they land in my inbox – you, Fat Mum Slim and Kimba Likes are standard breakfast reading. I also love Redcliffe Style, Woogsworld and Edenland. Young House Love is my go to for DIY inspiration. My own little project is also high on my reading list –

      1. I read my favourites via email and love to follow Twitter, IG and FB links when I see something interesting and discover new things.

        Thanks for the breakfast read, Sarah! Great company I’m in there! x

  22. Hi Nikki – I love that there are many simple and connected ways to follow blogs. I use bloglovin mostly, but I also see your posts on FB. Some days I just go to the blogs that I want to read….the old fashioned way – by typing in the web address 🙂 Lately, I’ve been a bit addicted to homewares/interiors blogs – right now I’m religiously reading Fenton&Fenton’s blog.

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