Nina Proudman Offspring inspired look from Season 4 Ep 2

So you want to dress like Nina Proudman (part 16)

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Spoiler alert

Talk about leave us hanging and wondering about Dr Patrick’s potential casual dalliance with Nina’s new registrar.

But potentially not the same level of awkies as next week when Patrick finds out just how Elouise really knows him.

Speaking awkies … ever written down your list of your sexual partners and shared it with your work colleagues?

Funny moments: three in the tub at Darcy’s house; Clegg expressing verbally his taste in women (a gutteral AWWWWWWHHH in response to Chrissie Swan, Margaret Pomeranz and Julia Gillard); Billie telling Nina that seven sexual partners is NOT a good number, “it’s pathetic”.

Emotional moment: Darcy not believing in Billie … when everyone else does. Sigh.

The outfits

I think Nina is being transitioned into her maternity wardrobe pretty quickly. I love this because if you’ve ever been pregnant you know that it’s almost impossible to do up tight pants from even the early stages of pregnancy … when no-one can even tell you are pregnant.

She’s wanting comfort and she’s getting it with flowing tunics over jeans.

We saw a couple of these looks in this episode. I’m going to run with the green tunic look this week.

Here it is in its original form as a dress.

One Season Positano dress

Would love to tell you that the tunic is still available but I spoke to the designers yesterday and it was a release from last summer. It’s by One Season. There is one orange version of this dress available (at the time of publishing) at this Sydney boutique. Run don’t walk. This Melbourne-based label only produces ranges for summer. The next range will be about mid-August and you can expect similar boho styles but you won’t find the exact one. Sorry.

Nina Proudman | Offspring | Season 4 Ep 2

Nina Proudman Offspring Season 4 Ep 2

Shopping inspiration

Nina Proudman Offspring inspired look from Season 4 Ep 2

1. Levis jeans $96.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Jets kaftan at Sunburn $89.95 | 3. Samantha Wills necklace $120 | 4. Boston Belle boots $189.95 @ Style Tread | 5. Witchery earrings $29.95

Update from last week

Want to snap up a Johnny Was tunic like those worn by Nina Proudman in episode one? Tracked some down here at my girlfriend’s boutique, Zambezee. She’s only become a recent fan of Offspring – her hubby was cursing me a few weeks ago when she lost a weekend to catching up on the first three seasons. Her jumping on the bandwagon will be a win for all of us if she stocks more of the featured styles. Hint. Hint.

Johnny Was at Zambezee Boutique | Nina Proudman style

What was your highlight from last night’s episode?

PS. You can now find all my Nina Proudman fashion blog posts grouped together here. Plus, did you know I’ve got a dedicated Nina Proudman board on Pinterest?

Offspring photos: Channel TEN 


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  1. Love this style and am happy to say that I bought this dress last summer from Strelizia in Balmain. Love One Season – good valu considering the cost per wear. I am also a regular at Sofia Londero – or as much as my bank balance will allow it!

  2. The talk about the lameness of Nina’s “number” was definitely the highlight for me. Oh. My. Lord. We were snorting with laughter here. Seriously, I thought you only talked about stuff like that after too many vinos.
    I like the items you’ve suggested – the kaftan is gorgeous. I also *really* like the Johnny Was tunics. Maybe I’ll have to make a special trip up to Zambezee boutique sometime soon.

  3. Oh my. Why didn’t i know you did a dedicated Nina Proudman post every week???? I’m off to have a trawl! Love this look. Thanks for being an Offspring fan as much as I am. xxx

  4. I still have yet to catch up on LAST season (got it on DVD), so I’m guessing I’m going to have to get this season’s on DVD too later on! :s But, hey at least I can keep up to date with what she’s wearing on here.

    1. I can’t get enough of her style even though it doesn’t work too well with me b/c of shape – perhaps you can do a ‘pick bits of Nina’s style that could work for you’ kinda post? I’d love that 🙂

      1. The whole idea is that we don’t copy her style in full … just grab the elements that work for you. Eg scarfs and skinny jeans for you. I think you could do a flowy kimono top over a tighter fitting tee or tank too.

  5. OMGOMGOMG…I hadn’t followed Offspring before, and like your girlfriend, have gone right back to the beginning….and am working my way through Season 1. And the only reason I did was because I really like the clothes you are putting up in the Nina Proudman style. Now I just love the program!! Although I have picked up that the absolutely gorgeous Dr Chris Havill she has just fallen in love with is not the same man who she is with now….and I’m waiting with bated breath to see how it pans out. No spoilers please!! (If you remember back that far!!). Please carry on with your updates…love your alternate suggestions too. If only we all had an unlimited clothes budget… 😉 Tracey

  6. I like your top better than the one Nina wore,I don’t like green much and yours has a better pattern,better colours.Yes I do remember back when I was pregnant and in the early weeks I think about 14 weeks I could not do up my pants,I do like how they are transitioning Nina cause that is how it happens,slowly.I love her boots but cannot for the life of me run in a heel,scratch that run at all.I love the label One Season I have a few dresses from their label.
    I think my favourite part from the show was when Nina and Patrick decided that it didn’t matter how many partners there was before them,cause it doesn’t really matter does it! No I have never shared that info with my husband we decided early on that we wouldn’t but hmm 6 is a small number I think.
    Your a lucky girl having your girlfriends boutique stocking those gorgeous dresses,I can’t believe she didn’t know about Offspring!!!
    What’s up with Darcy he has lost too much weight and looks old and sick is there a story coming about that I wonder.

    1. I was not overly convinced by the green top as well, Lisa. I am with you on that one.

      However, I am totally feeling the chemistry between Kate and the hot cyclist. As Clegg would say, Phwoar!

      I have succumbed to Nina temptation and bought a Binny stripy maxi skirt. It is on back order.
      cilla xx

  7. I bought that Johnny Was bright blue tunic on the right from Sofia Londero in Balmain- as they were unpacking their order last Friday. I have bought this brand a couple of times previously at this boutique and they had this in 3 colours as well as some previous season’s stock, but that blue is stunning.
    I like your green caftan better than the One Season tunic: green leopard print, who’d of thought?

  8. There’s a big range of Johnny Was at a fab shop called Sissy, it’s in Mt. Eliza next to post office, well worth the trip!

  9. “I need to pinkle!” that says it all, I don’t know how Geraldine even puts up with him- he is such a dork!

  10. One Season is stocked at a little shop in Apollo Bay (Bay of Apostles) and in other sea sides towns like Phillip Island. I saw the green tunic there this summer and they often have their summer stock through winter. Worth a try if you love it.

  11. Hi Nikki… love your choice of top more than the actual one on the show!
    FYI your link for the boots is Style Tread not Iconic 🙂

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