Mother's Day 2013 wishlist

What do you really want for Mother’s Day

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Unless you’re living under a marketing rock, Mother’s Day is next Sunday.

You already know that I’m pro-Mother’s Day. So pro, I’m giving away a weekend at Gwinganna to a deserving mum.

What do I really want for Mother’s Day?

Apart from world and family peace … I give a big tick to anything that represents indulgence.

Think indulgent fabrics or aesthetically beautiful things. Indulgence for me also means time out, indulging in pretty much nothing. Indulging in a new book, listening to new music (definitely not those compilation CDs they bring out each Mother’s Day because they think we’re only into anything that was released in 1973 … or Michael Buble). It can also mean taking time out to re-organise my existing pretties.

Show and tell time …

Mother's Day 2013 wishlist

1. Everyday Cashmere long coat $360 | 2. The Heiresses by Allison Rushby $14.99 | 3. Ecoya Lemongrass and Ginger Metro jar candle $24.95 (on sale) @ Ambrosia Candles |  4. Logitech UE 4000 headphones $149.95 | 5. Miss Lou Lou Paris silk cushion $189.95 @ The Brown Trading Co | 6. Howards Storage World Accessories Station $706

Now, Mr SY if you happen to be reading my blog today, be alert, not alarmed. I’m well versed with the concept of a WISHlist … especially your emphasis on “you WISH”.

I’m merely painting a picture and offering up helpful suggestions, should you get stuck in the pjs corner of Sussan, in which I’m happy for you to get stuck, but I know you like options.

Everyone else, let me talk you through the justification process behind each item above:

The cashmere coat? I have been living in an Everyday Cashmere cardi since receiving one a year ago. It’s my snuggle-time and travel go-to piece. This cashmere envelopes you in a figurative embrace like no other.

The book? Reading time is something I crave and I’ve read all of Allison’s books since the beginning. She went to the same Uni as me, just not so long ago ;). This one is as addictive as Downton Abbey.

The headphones? I was gifted these – in purple of course – and I’ve already put them to good use. Blocking out unnecessary sound from the child, teenager and Mr SY. I will say this though, Mr SY puts together a damn good playlist. He could give those cheesey compilation CD people a run for their money.

The candle? This is my all-time fave candle fragrance. Takes me right back to our Koh Samui honeymoon and helps keep that summer feeling going through the hibernation months.

The cushion? Apart from the widely held theory among cushionists (not a real word but you know who you are) that you can never have too many, this one is a collaboration between two of my favourite people. Well, favourite people I’ve never met except via email but would very much like to. The illustration is by Kerrie Hess and Keren Brown is the talented woman behind The Brown Trading Company. It’s one of four in this highly covetable collection.

The Accessories Station? Really, you need me to explain this one? I didn’t think so. But I will anyway. I spent a very productive Sunday taking over three-quarters half of my son’s former room. I kinda sorta have a Lady Room now. A place where my shoes, bags, makeup, hair styling stuff, photography props and accessories can happily co-exist without boy germs. My friend Mrs Woog introduced me to the Lady Room concept a couple of years ago and I’ve just been waiting for the opportune moment to sieze the space (Mr 17 if you’re reading this don’t take it personally. I miss you, I really do and there is still room for you to stay … I’ve left a space between the shoes and the bags). I think this Accessories Station would complete the takeover makeover very nicely.

Ok, over to you …

What do you really want for Mother’s Day this year?

PS. Don’t forget to join in my Mother’s Day Challenge for a chance to win a weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat.


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  1. No presents necessary, just no cooking,housework,ironing, no having to think about “what’s for lunch”, ” what’s for dinner” and mostly no driving all over town to drop children and pick up from activities and their social activities. That would be bliss!!

  2. A sleep in would be great but don’t like my chances with a nearly 3 year old and 10 week old baby. So next best thing is a massage or pedicure and big snuggles with my girls.

  3. planning a trip to your old home town Nikki … taking my 3 kids up to visit Nanna in Maryborough 🙂 … and I am so with you on “claiming” … my eldest moved out last month and I am taking the time to use her old room to do the sort through of the wardrobe – though thinking I can just claim it as my “lady room”

  4. To be able to have the time to go and get my hair cut and coloured!!! I know some people are leaving grey as the in new thing but really I don’t think so!

  5. I love the things the kids make at kindy or school, like a wooden flower with their photo in it. Also, no housework inc. meal preparation for the day. You can’t beat that. But if I do have to say something to buy, oh only a Clarisonic, and an at home barista course.

  6. Ha – great post (and cool headphones!). All the shops seem to think we just want pajamas and uggies for MD! I’m hoping for a sunny day, a hot coffee, and some park time with the family… and maybe just maybe some new black saltwater sandles from Hastings St. xx

  7. I have been lusting over a GHD hairdryer for a while now…I have a sneaky suspicion it might just be coming my way – I will let you know on Monday.
    …still giggling about the space between the shoes and the bags for Mr 17 🙂

  8. I am a bit like you Nikki my wishlist is simple,READ my children no appliances I do NOT accept those under any curcumstances,something my mother taught me and I have stuck to it over the years.A beautiful candle,a new french reed diffuser ( that is what I got my Mum and it is going to be hard to leave my hands) skincare,new pjs from Sussans or Peter Alexander,Flowers a book ,I love to read too.Peace and quiet on Mothers day for me to sit in the sun and not to cook dinner,my needs are very simple,well I think so anyway.
    I love that cashmere cardi/coat along with silk it is one of my favourite fabrics.I hope Nikki you get at least one or two things from your wishlist and Yes i agree about the sort of cds they produce for Mothers day I don’t think the advertising companies have even asked what we like ! I may be mature but still do not like Michael Buble wafting in my ears.I do like that you have a ladies room very fancy and yes I know you miss your son but it is nice to have some space for your pretties isn’t it!

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