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Styling You in 24 hours featuring the BlackBerry Z10

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Let’s talk first up about the elephant-shaped gadget in the room now.

Yes, this self-confessed orchard owner is about to talk about a phone other than one starting with i.

When I was asked if I was up for this challenge – to trial the new BlackBerry Z10*, my inner geek won out.

I am the original gadget girl. I blame my parents.

If there was a new gadget going, they researched and bought it. We had the first VHS in our street and vinyl was dropped for CDs in 1984.

Super 8 movies made way for a video camera bigger than news cameras are now. It came with a shoulder pack the size of a small suitcase and in 1980 my dad lugged it up two storeys of the Eiffel Tower.

I digress but you get the picture – gadget curiosity is in my genetic and environmental makeup – and gadget curiosity saw me take up the BlackBerry Z10 challenge with gusto.

You may not know it but I was a BlackBerry girl three phone contracts ago. I switched because of the camera quality and screen size.

Everything else very much met my needs at the time.

Maybe if more of us had completed an exit survey back in 2010, then the Z10 would have been quicker in appearing the market place. Because as a phone, it now meets most of my on-the-go business needs, large screen-size for the visually challenged (ie old) included!

To test out the BlackBerry Z10’s capabilities, I was asked to undertake specific challenges to demonstrate how the BlackBerry Z10 helps to keep me moving with my job as a blogger.

BlackBerry Z10

The tech bits

The post you are reading right now was first written on the phone using the Docs to Go app.

I copy and pasted that document into my blog via the WordPress app on the Z10. Working with text on the Z10 is so, so easy. The predicative text works in your favour as it offers up word possibilities above certain keys. When you see the word there, it’s a matter of a simple upward swipe and it’s completed for you. It gets to know your keyboard skills (or lack of them) too, making that predicative text even more relevant.

I find the WordPress app clunky to deal with on all my existing devices – it’s fine for text but when you want to format and include a bunch of images and videos, it gets complicated.

So once I loaded the text into the blog via the WordPress app, I then worked on my desktop to fine tune it and bring in the photos I’d taken, edited and uploaded via the Dropbox app (I’m a huge, huge fan of this app and was pleased to have it integrated so easily on this device).

I took and edited all the photos using the Z10 (except for the one above, obviously!). The edit function is really easy to use and you can crop, rotate, brighten, add filters and textures to all your photos on your phone. All photos used below have had the  Sixties “style” added to them to create that effect.

There’s also a very cool feature on the camera called Timeshift. When you select it it takes shots milliseconds before and after your photo so you can play around with elements within the photo. Especially great if dealing with groups of people where there’s always one who has his or her eyes closed.

I made the video below using the super simple Story Maker app. Big, big tick with that functionality – incredibly easy to use and this video was made in minutes. I purchased the Uploader for Youtube app (99c) to then upload it on to my Youtube channel, so I could embed into this post.

The Challenge

The majority of my working week is spent computer-bound at my desk in the corner of my lounge room.

My wardrobe is all about casual with a capital C. Even if I duck out, I live in a coastal area where dressing up is not common place.

But. And it’s a big BUT. I often have to travel to Sydney for work work. For events, meetings and networking.

This means two things – having devices that can keep me connected when I’m away from my desk AND having wardrobe pieces that easily take my coastal casual to creative corporate.

Over the past two years, I’ve realised that there are two key wardrobe additions that make this transition super easy: the blazer and a pair of heels.

Floral blazer | black column heels

Sounds too simple, right?

But think about it. I can be sitting at home in pants, tee and loafers and transform that one outfit to creative corporate with the addition of a blazer and some heels.

Suddenly I’m ready for that city meeting.

Case in point, I was asked as part of this challenge to go shopping at The Iconic* using the store’s app on my BlackBerry Z10. It didn’t take me long to have these two key wardrobe additions added to cart and winging their way to me. I tell you, if you thought online shopping was easy, navigating via an app is almost child’s play. Albeit child’s play with a PayPal account.

Shopping via The Iconic App on a Blackberry Z10

I may have gone slightly over the $300 budget allocated to me but I was buying with my coast-to-corporate vision – and a specific work trip to Sydney – in mind.

Not being an expert at light packing, I was determined to travel on this overnight stay with only carry-on luggage. I wore the same leather-front pants down on the plane and out to a function that night; swapping out loafers for the heels. The next day for a quick meeting before heading back to the airport, I brought the jacket and heels into play.


Here’s how the 24 hours panned out:

Too easy. I hadn’t over-packed and felt appropriately dressed for the function and meeting.

Office on the move

As for the BlackBerry Z10 and its ability to keep me moving when away from my desk?

I love the Hub functionality for receiving all your notifications in one place in real time. Emails included. When I travel for work, it’s not uncommon for me to “miss” emails because I have to remember to “connect” to the network to receive them.

I don’t answer all my emails while away from my desk but often there are urgent ones that need my attention and I like to keep on top of those. I think this is very much the appeal for BlackBerry users and something I didn’t realised I missed until I had it back again!

There are a number of key business apps that I utilise on a daily basis to sync between my desktop and phone – Evernote (included in the BlackBerry Remember Me app), Dropbox and Box. They are all there. The only other app I use that isn’t there is Basecamp – but there is SuitChamp that will access my Basecamp account.

From a social media perspective – a perspective very much a part of my job – I found I missed the Facebook pages app and didn’t have the same functionalities on the Twitter app as I’m used to. The biggie though was not having direct access to Instagram. This is BlackBerry’s official statement re Instagram: BlackBerry has a strong partnership with Instagram and Facebook and is actively engaged around Instagram support for BlackBerry 10 but we do not have an availability date at this point.

For more information about the BlackBerry Z10, click over here or tune into Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice at 8pm tonight where contestants will be doing their own BlackBerry Z10 challenge.

What phone do you currently use? Have you ever been a BlackBerry owner?

Coordinated by The Remarkables Group

* I was given $300 credit to spend at The Iconic. I was loaned the Z10 for the purposes of this challenge.


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  1. Never had a BlackBerry, I had only used smart phones of the i variety until someone who I will never forgive at my phone company talked me into a HTC One X last year. It was/is a terrible phone, shockingly unreliable and not at all user friendly. The email function was particularly awful. At one point there was a problem with the phone and it was sent away for a month with no other mobile solution offered to me. I don’t have these problems any more because as soon as it turned a year old it just stopped working and as it is out of warranty noone at my telecommunications provider is interested. A friend’s husband recently upgraded to an iPhone5 so he passed on his iPhone4s to me, thank goodness. Needless to say, it will be a really long time, if ever, before I stray from Apple again, it would take A LOT of convincing to get me near an Android again!

      1. I am glad to hear you like it Nikki, I am a bit interested in checking this one out. The man of the house just got a Windows phone and I am appalled to discover there is no Instagram app! Love where my priorities lie for my mobile phone!

  2. I love how you love a floral, Nikki. You look super-smart and ready to roll.

    I used a Blackberry back when people thought it was amaaaazing that I could check my emails from my phone. It was always a MUCH better product for emailing and working on the go, that’s for sure. And the tech heads always told me it was a more reliable gadget as well.

    It’s interesting that they’ve morphed their product to suit the orchard way of life. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!!

    1. Thanks Bron … I was on Blackberry back then too. I’d forgotten how much better the email thing is compared with my iPhone. I was driven by need for better photos on the go which this one does have. Just doesn’t yet have Instagram.

  3. I am android all over….. pc and samsung tablet and phone. No inclination at all to play in the orchard. Love my s3 phone. Still working out to use all of the apps etc to their full potential

  4. I use an iPhone 5 and just adore it. We haven’t ever had blackberries in our house. Before we got iPhones, my husband used to go through a Nokia every month or so, out in the dust and all, but we have never had an iPhone breakdown on us. So we keep going back and grab the latest when they release them. I m such a gadget lover, plus I have this funny little wish to not let technology get away from me!

  5. Yep I used to have a blackberry back about 3 phones ago it was a Nokia I think with the qwerty key board,but now I am a lover of I phone 5 I have never been a gadget girl anyway.My daughter is though and has the new Samsung Galaxy whatever is the newest model and it is a very cool phone though a tad too big for my liking but it has a 14mega pixel camera and eye recongiton and all these very clever things that she showed me though she does use it for everything!showed me but I will stick to my I phone.
    Nikki that blackberry is great for you ,I love the cool video you made and love your outfit ,very nice:)

  6. The jacket is fab but the shoes! I just love the heel detail. Gorgeous.

    I secretly long to be an Android girl again with my fab S phone. Sadly, it just got too hard to deal with updating and sharing when my office and home and the Welshman were all Orcharded up.

  7. I just made the switch from an iPhone to the new Sony Xperia. Am still adjusting but like it so far – LOVE the battery life on my new phone, I started out on a journey from Townsville to Cairns (about 400km that took nearly 6hrs with roadworks) on 44% battery and still had 27% when I arrived, using my phone as an MP3 player the whole way.

  8. Totally love that jacket! Never understood the Blackberry obsession – thanks for making it all a little clearer (although i will stick with my Orchard for now!)

  9. I used to be a Blackberry girl through and through. They were great phones, but I switched to my husband’s old iPhone when he upgraded and then got a 4S when they were released and haven’t looked back. I love the way I can switch easily between the iPhone and iPad, and the apps are second to none. This Blackberry looks great – they seem to have listened to what customers want, but there is still a way to go. It would take a lot for me to switch back.

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