What to wear on a girls' night out

Wardrobe boot camp: what to wear on a girls’ night out

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Editor’s note: This is regular series in which we help Styling You readers solve a particular wardrobe or clothing crisis with a little advice and some shopping suggestions. If you think you’d like to be considered as part of a Wardrobe Boot Camp post, then please email me ([email protected]) with a couple of photos and a brief run down of what specific help you would like. 

Danielle is a mum who says her social life revolves around her children’s parties and extra-curricular activities. So when invitations come in to spend some time with her girlfriends, she’s at a loss to know what to wear. Planning what to wear on a girls’ night out should be a fun exercise so we’re going to make it one.

Wardrobe Boot Camp Danielle

The Plea

I need help!  I have a girls night out with my cousin to a new tapas restaurant/bar in The Rocks, Sydney.  Dinner will be eaten, sangria and cocktails will be consumed, dancing will be done and sore heads will be had.

Since becoming a mum, my social life revolves around the children’s parties & extra-curricular activities. Date night with Hubby is the extent of my nights out and I can usually get away with an (old) little black dress or skinny jeans and a nice jacket/top and heels but I feel like I no longer know what to wear on a night out in town. 

I am short, with big boobs and generous bottom, although I am a healthy weight, which makes me fussy. 

The Tips

1. Look in the wardrobe first. I know it’s been a while since this was your normal weekend activity but apart from your trusty black dress, perhaps there are other pieces that are too dressy for when you’re on kids’ duty and could form part of a girls’ night out outfit.

2. Why not shop for a new LBD? Or a LND? Substituting a navy for black is a fun way to still have a go-to glam wardrobe basic on hand but one that is classic enough to regularly take out. Otherwise, a new style in a black dress will help you feel a bit more excited about this look.

3. Revamp your skinny jeans look with a jacket that sparkles. A denim jeans and a white tee outfit can be lifted from mum uniform to HELLO with the addition of a bit of bling. Kimono jackets are a good alternative to a jacket too.

4. Why not change out the jeans for a leather skirt or leggings?  This post will help. You will immediately feel more dressed up.

5. Treat yourself to a new pair of heels or booties. An old look is easily re-invented with new shoes. Ditto with a statement necklace or cute clutch.

The Shopping

What to wear on a girls' night out


1. Atmos&Here tee $19.95 @ The Iconic | 2. Witchery dress $99.95 | 3. Toi Et Moi pants $159.95 @ The Iconic | 4. Tony Bianco heels $149.95 @ Styletread | 5. Lovisa necklace $24.99 | 6. Aryn K jacket $151.48 (on sale) @ ASOS

Do you have any tips for Danielle? Is a girls’ night out a rare event for you or something you try to do as often as possible?


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  1. I went on a girls night out with the (younger) girls from my office. I was amazed at just how dressed up everyone was. Back in my day, no one wanted to be seen to be trying too hard, but these days it is all about the little dresses and heels. I like it, and I’ll know better for next time!

  2. Thank Nikki for these tips. I especially love that jacket, it’s a little bit Michael Jackson which I adore. I appreciate the others tips in the comments too – thank you 🙂 Looks like it’s time to go shopping, on the list: Leather pants & a glittery jacket!!

  3. Thanks Nikki, I love that jacket – it’s a little bit Michael Jackson circa early 80’s. I love the suggestions from the lovely ladies below too – thank you 🙂

  4. I want that jacket! I can SO relate to this dilemma. The Voices cocktail party had thrown me into a spin. Whatever you choose Danielle, have a great night out!!

  5. Great tips as always Nikki! I think a bit of bling can lift your outfit, whether it is one of the new sparkly tops that are around, a jacket like you posted or some blingy jewellery. I think feeling comfortable in what you are wearing makes you relax and enjoy your night too. Nothing worse than shoes that are killing you or an outfit that is too tight or won’t sit right, to put you off having fun.
    I find what to wear out a tricky one too, as a sahm to four children, but you have given me some great ideas here.
    I have some ponte tights with leather look panels I can’t wait to try out. Just need to find the right top now.

    1. Thanks Kat … and with the ponte/leather-look tights, you can go as simples as a plain tee if you’re adding a jacket or kimono and necklace to the outfit. This means it’s a tee you can wear during the week at home too.

  6. I think you have done a great job Nikki,the leather ponte pants is a good idea so is the kimono jacket even over something you already have they look great and the booties idea, gold! I know when I wear mine they instantly add a touch of dressed up chic to any oufit.Maybe a cocktail ring could amp up the outfit as well Danielle? I think you will look great in whatever you wear you certainly have style already!!

  7. Looks like a great combo to me! I find that when I do go out on those rare occasions, a high heel is a must (they make me feel fabo) however have found that it must be somewhat comfortable! I bought some wedge booties the other week which do both jobs. Love that Aryon K Jacket, that would be really versatile.
    PS. Danielle, dont forget the Berocca for the sore head.

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