What's your shopping justification technique?

What’s your shopping justification technique?

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If there was a degree in Shopping Justification then I’d be up for First Class Honours.

Whenever I stumble across a piece of clothing that immediately speaks to my heart, i.e. is calling me to take it home, I go through a mental checklist.

Whilst wistfully staring at said object, in my head I am listing off all possible benefits, uses and how I can incorporate it into my wardrobe without catching the attention of Mr Styling You. He has an eagle eye though, so I’ve learned to hone my justification skills, rather than attempt a wardrobe assimilation manoeuvre!

I’ve also learned that simply whining like a tortured cat and saying, “but I neeeeeed it”, will fall on deaf ears – especially during the footy season.

So, how does this justification work?

Head on over to the Dettol Mission for Health site to find out.

Would love you to share your shopping justification techniques!

What's your shopping justification technique?

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  1. I actually get encouraged to buy things so that my husband doesn’t have to listen to me complain about how I don’t like the clothes I have, or how they don’t fit or suit me anymore… I know, rare 🙂

  2. I really need to take my sister -aka purchase conscience-with me when I have a “clothes encounter” to remind me of my chockers wardrobe filled with clothes I have barely worn- and have trouble styling- hence looking for (and now finding!) a website such as yours, otherwise I can justify just about anything!

  3. Yeah I work, plus Hubby has a fantastic business and we don’t really run with any budget as such (though probably should!), so I don’t really have to justify anything to him, but, my justification could be: “When I go off to work, or you want me to go to all these events with you -do you want a stylish wifey, who looks good and is confident, or ??” He’s really good with whatever I purchase and is usually pretty keen for me to model the outfits- I actually think he enjoys watching the changing of the outfit so much more than the modelling !!!!! 😉 😉 😉

  4. You’re an adult woman who earns her own money, why do you need to justify it?

    This annoys me as an adult. That people are still using the lame excuse terms of “guilty pleasure”, “justified buying”, etc.

    For a start, I don’t feel guilty about any damn thing I buy, eat or do, and second, if you earn you’re own money and all your bills are paid why justify anything to anyone. It’s not your husband who attends fashion events, blogs about style and plasters his face all over social media. You’re quite entitled to buy what you want when you want so why do women FEEL they have to, or, NEED to justify anything?

    I’m so over these idiotic terms adult women use. I even blame Elmo for the term “sometimes food”. Ugh! I’m over stupid terms and phrases!

  5. I am the queen of shopping justification…to the point where I have somehow justified my way into my boss giving me a shoe allowance! Now I HAVE to buy shoes…it’s a tough life 🙂

  6. I am a bit like you ,first thought is I need it ,then comes do I really need it ,will it go with something I already have and do I love it (thanks to you Nikki) and then comes I deserve it,depending on the cost and all those factors I can usually justify getting it,if not I leave it there and if I cannot stop thinking about it I will go back another day and get it!

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