How not to sit front row at fashion week

Styling You heads to MBFWA for Maybelline NY

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Sponsored by Maybelline New York Australia

I was at a kids’ birthday party a couple of weeks ago and got chatting to a friend of mine about what I had coming up for work over the next month.

And then she pinched me.

I had to think … was it the first of the month? Would a punch soon be following? No, this is someone, with whom I’ve worked alongside in various forms of media for many years now and she was dutifully reminding me that the stuff I get to do as part of this blogging gig is really VERY COOL.

Surely I pinch myself sometimes, she asked.

Rewind 30 seconds and you would have heard me mention in conversation that I was heading off to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (it’s next week … EEK!), blogging for the second year in a row at MBFWA for Maybelline NY.

That’s pinch-worthy, right?

Yes, there’s a bit of an army-style organisation required on the home front to “release” me for six days during school holidays (thanks Mr SY, my gorgeous part-time nanny Kristen and my beautiful sister-in-law for stepping up to help). And there is the small matter of some serious outfit planning to be done but I’M GOING.

That pinch was well and truly justified.

Maybelline NY is official makeup sponsor of the event. What really works for me and this blog is that even though Maybelline NY will be creating catwalk makeup looks for eight fashion shows between April 8-12, each of those created looks will easily translate to our everyday and special occasion life.

This “catwalk to sidewalk” philosophy really resonates with me – and I know it does with you too.

Being able to experiment with a new makeup look with products picked up while shopping for the weekly groceries is do-able. It’s budget-friendly and accessible. I like that A LOT.

This year it will all be about colour and I can’t wait to see what Maybelline NY Australia’s makeup director Nigel Stanislaus (pictured below) has come up with. Apart from being incredibly talented in this department, he is an absolute hoot and I’ll be pestering asking politely for as many tips as possible.

Maybelline NY Australia Makeup director Nigel Stanislaus

Last year he told me that wearing pink makes us look younger. Based on this theory and the amount of pink now in my beauty cabinet, I must now look about five years old.  Nigel, if you’re reading this, I think I may need an intervention or at least an alternative anti-ageing solution.

Maybelline NY is for the first time collaborating exclusively with Australian label We Are Handsome to create three limited edition Color Sensational Vivids Lip Colors (Vivid Rose, Hot Plum and Shocking Coral). I’ll have the low-down on these colours for you … you know how I love a pop of lippy colour. They’ll be available in store this month.

What happens when you are lucky enough to be working with one of fashion week’s major sponsors is that you can sometimes end up sitting front row with the beautiful fashion people. And beautiful fashion people I am not. Especially when juggling a phone, camera and iPad … and a laptop bag under my legs.

How not to sit front row at fashion week

Fail. Epic.

I will practise the correct placement of front-row legs every day from now until fashion week begins.

Wish me luck.

Maybelline NY shows:

We Are Handsome

Watson X Watson

Michael Lo Sordo

Haryono Setiadi (previously An Ode To No One) 

Emma Mulholland

New Generation group show

Swim group show

Hello Elle Australia (closing show and launch of magazine)

Want to follow along?

Maybelline NY Australia is on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I’ll also be posting here throughout the week and on Instagram as it happens.

Have you got any makeup questions you’d like me to ask Nigel backstage? Hit me with them below and I’ll make sure I ask him.

Update: Maybelline NY ambassador Ruby Rose was to have been at MBFWA for Maybelline NY but is taking time out to recover from depression. Maybelline NY fully supports Ruby in her decision to do so.

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  1. Question for you Nikki – do you need an assistant? I can carry your bags, buy coffee/champagne, take photos … Whatever you need!!! I am looking forward to seeing all the gorgeous make up looks … I need a bit of inspiration!

  2. I do wish you luck Nikki and I can’t wait to see what you send us in postcards and pics on Insagram,Yes you should pinch yourself once in a while,but I remember you saying last year how tiring it was so get all vitamined up before you go.It is good you have Mr SY and your part time nanny and your lovely SIL to help you ,and yes pratice those leg placements lol.I hope you are going to show us your oufits your planning ,but I am sure you have that all orgainised too.You will have a ball even if you need a holiday after 🙂

    1. Got the outfit sorting happening as we speak, Lisa … created a bit of a “uniform” again. And yes, getting plenty of sleep this week and dosing up on magnesium powder and olive leaf extract!

      1. Exciting! I can’t wait to see this years “Uniform”,and I am glad you are forward planning on your health x

  3. Nikki your work at the MBFWA last year was SO GOOD, I can’t wait to see how you translate the shows. I need to ask Nigel a question …. what stuff do I use for eyebrow grooming? And what utensil, like … a brush? I want to know how to fill them in proper.

    I adore that pic of you and your cute legs. xxx

    1. Hi Eden ,I use brow powder everyday,with a little brush,just dip it in the powder,swipe over your brows and use the other end to groom them ,it is a 2 sided brush one end flat one end spiral and lots of brow powders come with a brush,I hope this helps a bit and go for a light colour they are always darker than they seem.

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