How to give yourself a facelift with blush

How to give yourself a facelift with blush

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I walked into the backstage area for the We Are Handsome show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia* and was immediately transported back to my childhood obsession with all things Joan Collins and Dynasty.

Maybelline NY makeup director Nigel Stanislaus is no wall flower and his determination to bring pops of colour to the catwalk this week is show-stopping.

I love it.

Up close it may look extreme but once under the lights, the bright purple and green eyes and bold red lips work to light up the models’ faces in an uber-glam kind of way.

Maybelline NY for We Are Handsome at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013 | makeup director: Nigel Stanislaus

Catwalk to sidewalk tip

How to give yourself a facelift with blush

But it’s the cheeks I want to talk about today. Specifically, the blush application.

See, Nigel understands my needs … and possibly yours. Either that or he’s subtly letting me know each day that there is indeed room for improvement with my own makeup application 😉

Whatever the reason, listen up, this is a what I file away as a Very Good Tip (VGT).

To give yourself a facelift with blush, apply it in a cashew shape, starting from just above the top corner of your eye, moving around and down ensuring only a dusting of the colour falls on the apples of your cheeks.


I’ve been starting my blush on the apples and going up. The very opposite of this.

As Nigel kindly questioned, “what happens to the apples of your cheeks when you drop your smile?” Uh, huh. Your whole face drops and if there is colour there, it’s going to make that drop look all the more obvious.

Guess which way I’m going to getting my blush on in the future?

Nigel’s Joan Collins “cashew” way, of course.

The product

To complete the youthful finish, go for Maybelline NY Fit Me Blush in Light Rose.

Backstage beauty

The fashion

We Are Handsome presented a colourful swimwear collection featuring vibrant – and downright clever – digital prints.

Particularly loved the giraffe print one pieces. Very cute.

Also winning on the cute factor was the incorporation of models riding custom-painted beach cruiser bikes in the show. The paint jobs mimicked the hero prints from the show.

I really hope they go to market with these bikes. They’ve gone straight to my wishlist.

We Are Handsome | MBFWA 2013

We Are Handsome | MBFWA 2013

We Are Handsome | MBFWA 2013

We Are Handsome | MBFWA 2013

Will you be trying this blush technique? 

* Maybelline NY has engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

2 FW_Fall_2012_Colors_Logos_REVISED-AU-07

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  1. Yes I will be trying this blush technique Nikki anyway to get a facelift without actually getting one is a big plus in my book,Thank-you,can you bring Nigel home with you ,we can share him around :)VGT’s indeed!

    1. It doesn’t for me either 🙁 Or maybe I do get it but I wouldn’t dare risk it without some video to prove that what I’m envisioning in my head is what Nigel’s talking about! A short video demo would be great 🙂 And prevent blush disasters LOL

        1. No rush Nikki! You’re extremely busy right now and we’re all enjoying your updates from Fashion Week! I’ll play around with the cashew concept in the safety of home first LOL

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