How to do day time red lips | Maybelline NY's Nigel Stanislaus creates a 1950s pin-up girl look for the Group Swim Show #MBFWA

How to do day time red lips

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When I head to the beach it’s generally about making sure I’m slathered in SPF50+ sunscreen and that I’ve slapped on some lip balm because my lips will crack the minute a breath of wind hits them.

But … in my dreams I am a 1950s starlet holidaying on the French Rivera … the Amalfi Coast or Santorini would work too. I’m not fussy.

I’m wearing a modest bathing suit, my sunglasses are huge, my hat brimmed wide.

I may be lying under an umbrella on the beach (protecting my porcelain skin) but I’m ready at a moment’s notice to throw on a shift dress and sashay up to the nearest bar and order a Singapore Sling.

What’s going to take me from beach to bar?

A daytime, playful Hollywood siren red lip, that’s what.

And that lip is exactly what Maybelline NY makeup director Nigel Stanislaus delivered last night for the Group Swim Show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA).

With four swimwear designers (maidenlove, SKYE & Staghorn, Gypsea and Surface Too Deep) sending down the catwalk all manner of swimwear – from uber skimpy to one-pieces with an environmental message – it was a playful red lip with a vintage twist that tied them all together.

 Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

How to do day time red lips | Maybelline NY's Nigel Stanislaus creates a 1950s pin-up girl look for the Group Swim Show #MBFWA

How hot is that lip?

It’s an orange-red – Maybelline NY Color Sensational Vivids in Neon Red ($16.95) – which Nigel says will suit most skin-tones.

Catwalk to Sidewalk beauty tip

I am reformed in the red lip department. Day or night, I embrace a red lip like no tomorrow.

If you’re still a little hesitant, then Nigel shared this great tip for day time red lips with me:

For a more subtle, stained look, blot on Neon Red with your fingertips and then add a gloss.

The fashion

I know swimwear is our least favourite fashion purchase but as I’ve discussed before, for most of us, it’s a fact of life that we’ll need to purchase some kind of bathing outfit if we’re to fully enjoy a summer in Australia.

The four relatively new designers presenting in this show offered up a mix of retro-inspired pieces with coverage more to my liking as well as the itty bitty bikini varieties that is more to the liking of my petite fashionista friends.

Horses for courses; cossies for all. Viva la difference, I say.

maidenlove | Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

maidenlove | Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

SKYE & Staghorn | Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

Gypsea | Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

Surface Too Deep | Group Swim Show #MBFWA | Makeup: Maybelline NY

So, tell me … would you/could you do a red lip? In the day time? By the pool … or at the beach?

* Maybelline NY has engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

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  1. I love the unexpectedness of a bold red lip with a simple cotton frock, brushed brows and loads of mascara for summer time. I also love the classic drama of perfect matte made up skin with black liquid liner flicks and a bold red lip.

    I prefer mine worn without a lip pencil.

    And it is too early to be considering swimsuits. Sorry. I know fashion is forward (see what I did there) but I just can’t do it!

    1. It’s not a consumer showing, Kim-Marie … it’s an industry event for media and for buyers to finalise their orders for the following season. Many designs have already closed off their spring orders! It’s the nature of the fashion beast.

  2. Yes indeedy, love a red lip – but just in the cooler months! Another trick is to soften the edge of the lip with your finger so it’s less harsh. Also, a smudge of gloss on the lips before applying the lipstick is another way to get a softer lip look, while still embracing the colour. My go-to winter colours are an orangey-red, and fuchsia. Really envious of your gig, Nikki, and looking forward to all your news! x

  3. I’m not a fan of it on myself actually but this colour could work for me ,cause I can wear and like orange ,alas I have tried but hate it and take it off,though would love to rock a red lip day or night I usually just go for gloss.Like you I like to play resorts when I am at the beach or by the pool!

  4. Love the tip of blotting it on with my finger and adding gloss..I’m going to give that a go. I find a red lip is often a bit too bold for school pick up and park play dates but when I worked I did it on Fridays 🙂

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