The Model and Me: Harlow

The Model and Me: Harlow Australia autumn-winter 2013

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I love hearing great business stories. And I especially love hearing great fashion business stories.

Kerry Pietrobon is living one of those great fashion business stories right now.

After being retrenched as a designer for another label in November last year, she decided (with her husband) that it was time to create a brand that was their own, rather than working for a bigger company.

I wanted to create a job for myself that was more secure and allowed me to be more in control of what I was creating. 

And that’s how new plus-size label, Harlow Australia came about.

Kerry says that having a range that caters for sizes above a 14 has always been a dream from the time she completed her fashion design course.

All garments are made in Australia. Shirts are from $129, Dresses from $99, Pants from $59.95, tops from $89.95, skirts from $69.95.

Kerry contacted me about featuring Harlow on the blog and sent me two pieces to try*. I’m always getting asked about good alternatives to wearing jeans in autumn and winter. Alternatives that are comfortable, easy care, easy wear and stylish.

My answer is always leggings and tunic top/dress.

These are the ultimate layering basics – basics that can be dressed up, dressed down and converted to at winter outfit with the addition of a coat, boots and scarf.

The Model

Harlow Australia leggings and tunic top

Reptilectic by Harlow leggings $59.95 @ The Iconic |  Harlow Blue Skies Ahead oversize top $99.95

and me

The Model and Me: Harlow plus-size label

I very much like these leggings as an alternative to black, which is all I seem to wear through winter. The top is not something I would normally go for, with its longer back but it actually works for this look.

We’ve got two no-iron, easy-care pieces going on here that I’ve worked back with Rockport booties and a Country Road necklace from a couple of years ago. Too simple and you’re out the door.

The outfit would also work with ballet flats or ankle boots.

This is a label for size 14 and above. I’m wearing size S in the leggings; and S/M in the top. The sizing is generous – if anything the leggings are a bit big for me around the tummy but perfect on the legs.

Beauty note

The Model and Me: Harlow

I’ve been playing with the Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream (in Light) since coming home from Fashion Week.

This is officially Miss SY’s favourite BB cream (in Fair) as she passes the “no-makeup” rule at school while wearing it. Me? I’ve been popping it on of a morning and then adding a dusting of L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder – because I do like a bit more coverage and a powder finish with my BBs.

I thought this look called for a red lip. You know, something to add a pop of colour to shades of black and grey. The new L’Oreal Paris Shine Caress lip colour in Juliet did the trick. Now, you may have heard me rave about YSL Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain lip colours? Well, these are the more affordable version. They’re both hybrids of a gloss and a stain with a flat-ended brush. The YSL has more staying power but these really do represent good value if you’re not up for $50 for a lippy, which is what you’ll pay in Australia for the Rouge Pur Couture.

Beauty note: products used

1. Jane Iredale PurePressed blush in Barely Rose | 2. Jane Iredale PurePressed eye shadow in Sundown| 3. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder | 4. Maybelline NY Dream Fresh BB Cream  | 5. Maybelline NY EyeStudio Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner in brown | 6. L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Colour in Juliet | 7. L’Oreal Paris False Lash Telescopic mascara

I’d love to hear from you. What is your jeans alternative in autumn and winter? Do you do the leggings/tunic look? Tried any of these products?


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  1. Hi Nikki, am about to order the leggings but The Iconic’s sizing guide is throwing me. Says a Small = size 8 . Am assuming this is their generic guide and not relevant to Harlow given it is a plus size brand …? I ordered the Harlow scuba leggings after seeing Harlow featured on your blog recently. Ordered size M and love them. Ollie & Max and Harlow are new brands to me and are now part of my go to brands for plus size fashion. Would love more sources if you have any? Grateful thanks, Mish x

    1. Hi Mish, if you click in the size guide on that item, then slick on the Curvy size guide tab just to the left of it, it will take you to the right sizing for this product. Then click on the Body Measurements S-XXL tab to get the right one for you. Yes, order the same size as the scuba leggings. The only reason I’ve linked to the Iconic here is that they aren’t actually in the Harlow store. Glad you like the brand – and Ollie & Max – will keep finding and posting brands for all sizes. And in most shopping posts, I’ll always include size 16 and up options! Have you also checked out Christine Kardashion

  2. I love the look of the Harlow stuff. I have a couple of those longer at the back tops and I really like them. Can I ask why you say you would not normally go for them? I think this looks fab on you!! Oh … and very excited re that L’Oreal powder. I used their BB cream which I thinks is great so will need to check that out and that lip colour too. Thanks Nikki. This has been a very educational morning!

  3. Love this look on you, Nikki! I’ll definitely have to check out Harlow. I’m a size 14-16 and struggle to find trendy good-quality layering pieces that aren’t just plain black leggings. x

  4. Leggings or ponte pants (the Sussan ones are really good) and tunic tops are my go-to outfit through the cooler months, for sure. I love being able to accessorise with one of my millions of scarves or long beaded necklaces plus knee-length or ankle boots and I’m out the door. I feel cosy and comfortable all day. A long-length cardigan is handy as the days become cooler, too. Loving the look on you, Nikki, and as always loving Model and Me posts.

  5. I do love leggings,jeggings and ponte pants as an alternative to jeans in winter,I love this look on you,I am glad that there is a new plus size label (though i would not call you a plus size) out there with younger trendier clothing,I will tell my sister about this new label as she is the same build as you Nikki.
    I love this look on you and those leggings are very nice,and I love a floaty top like that with leggings.I can’t say I have tried any of the new BB creams I am still working my way through the ones I bought ,i can’t use Loreal products though they react with my skin 🙁 Love your Model and Me Posts….Thankyou for sharing.

      1. This is so true, Nikki. My 13 year old, still-growing daughter has always been tall, and at the moment is just short of 6ft, and a gorgeous, willowy girl, but not ultra-skinny. Depending on the brand, her size is anything from a 10 to 14 on her bottom half, but she is NOT ‘big’ proportionally. Add to that shoe size 12 (and likely to get bigger…). I’m the same height and shoe size so I know what it’s like to grow up different to everyone else and what it can do to your head! It’s been my ongoing mission to always make sure she celebrates her beautiful uniqueness, long before being aware of not being average. I love your attitude, Nikki – size is just a number, and it doesn’t really represent what someone looks like.

        1. Oh Nicoll, it’s so difficult convincing them they are beautiful when they just think we’re saying it because we are their mothers! The numbers on clothing are so silly and inconsistent, it’s really something we need to let go of judging ourselves by.

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