Elle Australia launch | MBFWA 2013

Elle Australia: a new-old mag is coming to town

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It proved to be a golden ticket in every sense of the word.

Thanks to my work with Maybelline NY Australia*, the official makeup sponsors of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2013, I was able to sit alongside (or in the general vicinity) of Australia’s fashion designing elite and a few celebrities and witness the most spectacular show of the week – the MBFWA finale and launch of Elle Australia magazine.

Elle Australia launch MBFWA 2013

Elle Australia will return to newstands for the October issue. It’s the result of German publishing company Bauer buying ACP magazines last year. The return of Elle comes after the closing down of Grazia and Madison (last issue is the June issue).

The editor is Justine Cullen, who will be no stranger to you if you’re a mag reader from way back. Most recently she was editor of Shop Til You Drop.

Like its international sisters, Elle Australia will be sexy by smart. Authoritative, but friendly. Aspirational, but relevant to its Australian readers’ real lives. Justine Cullen

Elle Australia editor Justine Cullen at the magazine's launch at MBFWA 2013

I can’t imagine it is – or will be – easy starting a mag these days. There are only a couple of mags in Australia that have actually increased their readership in the past 12 months.

I remain hopeful though. Even though online is a huge part of my life, I still do enjoy relaxing with a mag … when the content is relevant to my life.

If last night’s launch is anything to go by, Elle is certainly hoping to enter the market place with “gold” in its sights.

With a nod to the title’s French origins, the evening started with that theme. We were seated Parisian bistro style while sipping champagne and watching trapeze artists emerge from timber crates and scale the heights of the Carriageworks’ Runway venue. Erica Heynatz belted out Kylie Minogue’s Confide in Me, followed by a parade showcasing Australia’s top designers. Models wore a garment from each of the designer’s upcoming spring-summer collections.

Lisa Ho for the Elle Magazine launch MBFWA 2013

sass & bide at the Elle Australia launch MBFWA 2013

The catwalk was then “peeled” back to reveal a gold sequinned runway, the models re-appearing in specially commissioned gold gowns. The show ended with the models walking out with huge gold foil “Elle” balloons, more gold confetti sprayed through the air and waitstaff appearing (and then disappearing!) with more champagne.

Elle Australia launch | MBFWA 2013

And those models?

They were seemingly sprinkled with gold dust too.

Maybelline NY makeup director Nigel Stanislaus took the theme of the night and created my favourite makeup look of week.

It was beautiful, luxurious and modern.

MBFWA Elle Australia launch | makeup by Nigel Stanislaus for Maybelline NY Australia

The great news is it’s also easy for us to recreate at home … without looking like a Christmas bauble.

Gold suits everybody. It’s all about the intensity. You play with the opacity. If you feel that it’s a bit too strong, do not wet the brush, just dust it on and blend it over with some loose powder. It should give a luminosity to your eyelids. It calms down redness as well. You don’t have to go crazy. It’s not Christmas till it’s Christmas.

We’ve used Colour Tattoo in Bold Gold and EyeStudio Shadow Quads in Give Me Gold and Copper Chic. The Bold Gold gives the base. When you layer powder over it, it grabs the colour. It doesn’t run and give way to humidity.

My not-so-golden moment of the night?

That moment when I tell a very hot-looking, Michelle Bridges, who could have been the “fit” model (pun intended) for the Lisa Ho leather dress she was wearing, that she looked tired.

Elle Australia launch: Michelle Bridges, Jane Westin, Christina Butcher (Hair Romance) and Nikki Parkinson (Styling You)

Yep, that moment.

What had meant to come out as empathy for coming off three months of a hectic filming schedule for this season’s The Biggest Loser, came out as possibly the second worst thing you can tell a woman. First being, “when’s your due date?” … when the person in question is NOT pregnant.

Once I dislodged my stiletto-heeled foot from my mouth, with the help of my friends Mrs Woog and Christina from Hair Romance, I got on with the night, vowing to not speak to another celebrity. I left that job to Mrs Woog.

Now, that woman? She is many things but after her performance last night, I’m convinced she’s the Golden Girl of celebrity networking, a skill set only matched by her ability to afterwards track down Sydney’s best kebab … because while the champagne may flow at fashion events, food does not.

Do you like golden glow with your makeup look? Ever told anyone who wasn’t a close personal friend that they looked tired?

PS. I’ve added a tonne of extra photos from the week to an album on my Facebook page if you’d like to see more.


* Maybelline NY engaged me as its official blogger for MBFWA 2013.

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  1. I agree Michelle does look “tired” but if you have a body like hers I suppose it takes a lot of effort to keep it that way,it is a bit sad that she took it the wrong way but that’s how it rolls hey,sometimes the truth hurts lol,don’t you worry your pretty head about it.Love the gold and I love the idea of a new old mag coming to town,I don’t often buy mags anymore unless something grabs me on the cover but if Elle is going to be smart,sexy and interesting and revelant to aussie women I will give it a read,I used to buy Shop till you Drop every month until about a year ago when i realised it was not in my age bracket anymore,the clothes and stories were suited to a younger reader:(
    I have not tried a gold eyeshadow or anything gold but I will thanks to your recommendations,if it hides redness,that is great cause I have roseaca ,I will have to look in my makeup stores to see if I have any golds.Thankyou Nikki for all the pics from fashion week,and tips as well ,you are a very sharing woman :)I am glad you got to have a good kebab from Mrs Woogs fave place,you all looked like you had a fab time!

  2. She does look tired…. If it was taken in any other form than it was intended then I’d suggest its a failing of someone else’s over sensitivity rather than you bring inappropriate.

  3. Very excited about Elle. I’m so ancient I remember the first they launched here.

    I get tongue tied near famous people. You did well!

    SSG xxx

  4. I really love Shop Til You Drop magazine & I get it every month. I think Justine has done a fabulous job of mixing up different budgets and styles in the mag & I like it’s heavy how-to and practical side to it.

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