Top 10 places to propose in 2013

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Just quickly, I received an email yesterday from travel company, Escape Travel, and they had compiled a list that caught my eye: the top 10 places to propose for 2013.

Such lists always amuse me because Mr SY proposed in his undies beside our bed. And that bed was not in any exotic location.

top 10 places to propose 2013

And then, last night, I asked the Styling You Facebook community if they had been proposed to, and if so … where did that take place? Well, they are a romantic bunch … so many suggestions over there. Why not take a look?

But before you go … do you mind sharing in the comments where your proposal took place?

Photo credit: Images by Lou O’Brien (taken at our wedding … chocolate hearts from the cake. Yum)

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  1. 10 beautiful places to go at any time in your life! We agreed to get married (not so much a proposal but a conversation about marriage) in a cheap and cheerful Mexican restaurant, over a plate of vegetarian nachos, in Brisbane. I don’t think the restaurant is open anymore. Not romantic. Sigh. But we’ve visited 3 of the places on the list and will probably visit 4 more. We like to adventure but are not really romantics.

  2. For me it was overlooking our local beach, the beach i grew up visiting, the first beach my children ever went to. i was cheering it wasn’t ON the beach because I hate that sand seems to just cling to you and you always leave wearing a bucketload of that stuff.

  3. On his lounge room floor 2 weeks after we started going out! I laughed & said of course not, so he asked me 2 more times & I said yes (8 weeks after we had been together)! 17 years later & still very happy lol!

  4. Ahh, I love all those places. My hubby proposed to me in one of the little laneways off Rundle Mall in Adelaide. We were out shopping he detoured into a jewellery shop while I was in Witchery or somewhere, then we met up in the lane and he simply couldn’t wait. So he got down on one knee in the middle of a busy afternoon and proposed. I said Yes so quickly, more because I just wanted him to get up! And yes there were a few cheers and congratulations from passers by!

  5. My husband proposed to me in Geraldton! It doesn’t sound romantic, but we were camping on the beach with friends, and he managed to get me away for a walk to “find firewood” at sunset. We never did get that firewood!

  6. Nice,mine was not too fancy it was at a restarant called the Log cabin ,and it was winter so the fire was on,a little bit romantic but not like those gorgeous places.Very sad to say it burnt down last year,not sure if they are rebuilding!

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