Happy Easter Havaianas

Happy Easter, Stylers

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Hello! Happy Easter.

As this post publishes, all things going to plan, I’ll be somewhere in the air over New South Wales, heading AWAY for Easter for the first time in a very long time. In fact, I cannot remember the last time we actually did go away for these four days.

We usually stay at home because:

1. We live at the beach.

2. It usually rains.

3. I’m not into camping, which according to the junk mail catalogues is a THING at this time of year.

All it took was a too-silly-to-refuse-invitation from good friends and some super cheap flights out of the Sunshine Coast (I think because everyone is flying in from Sydney and Melbourne, the airlines need to fill the empty seats on those return journeys … plus Tiger has just resumed flights to here so we have airfare competition again).

We are SO ready for four days of relaxation and soft-pant wearing.

There will be chocolate. There will be wine. There will be good food. There will be siestas. There will be laughs.

The perfect recipe for a weekend away, don’t you think?

Happy Easter Havaianas

Cutest Easter Thongs award goes to Havaianas. Buy here.

6 Easter reads

1. What to do with leftover Easter eggs (alternatively titled Salted Caramel Easter Egg Rocky Road!) via Not Quite Nigella.

2. How to fold a fitted sheet  via BabyMac and then a further demo when she gives The Today Show team a tutorial.

3. This will make you smile (well it did me!): Young style meets old style in this collaboration between three international fashion bloggers, three gorgeous women from Advanced Style and accessories brand, Coach.

4. I met blogger Brittany Gibbons in a fangirl moment before BlogHer in New York last year. I absolutely love her witty writing style and attitude to body image, especially when she does posts like this.

5. If you’re a blogger planning a little social media autumn clean up this long weekend, this post via Fat Mum Slim is a must read.

6. As is Trevor Young’s new book, Micro Domination … and not just because I’m in it ;). It’s packed with inspiration from business people who have been able to harness social media to build their brand into something that previously would have cost a tonne of money.

Let me know what you have planned for this weekend? And if you have any reading tips to share with us?

I’ll see you back on the blog on Tuesday.

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  1. Oooooh I’ve been wanting to have a squizz at Trevor Young’s book – it might just land on the iPad this weekend. Happy Easter to you and yours, Nikki and of course to the Woogs too, enjoy your getaway x

  2. Have a Happy Easter! Enjoy rocking those soft pants. I’m sure young Master Woog will give you a style tip or two 😉

  3. Have a lovely Easter Nikki and family,have an awesome time with your good buddies,and drink lots of wine eat chocs ,read and have a siesta and best of all relax in those soft pants.I will have a read of your suggested blogs on the weekend Thank-You.

  4. Yay Easter! I’m super excited because I work with the international markets which means I only really get international public holidays off. Definitely looking forward to the weekend 🙂 Our plans, other than socialising with friends and family and eating chocolate, are to sort through stuff in the spare room to start getting it cleared out and ready for a new addition. Of course, that’s been our plan since January, so we’ll see if it actually happens this time!

  5. Happy Happy Easter Nikki. I too am heading away for relaxation and yes, it’s been quite some time (too badly organised I suspect). I shall raise my glass tomorrow once on hols and wish I had a pair of those easter bunny havaianas xox

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