Beauty tried and tested March 2013

Beauty tried and tested (and loved): March 2013

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Want to take a peek into my beauty cabinet?

Apart from the NIVEA Pure & Natural range which I featured earlier this week, these are the six products I’ve had on high rotation over the past month or more.

Presenting … beauty tried and tested for March 2013. There’s a little something-something for most people and if you’ve always been scared about liquid eyeliner, then read on. I’ve found the perfect one for you.

Beauty tried and tested March 2013

1. Medik8 Firma Derma $65.56: If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see there’s not much left in this bottle. I blame the rude man on Instagram a couple of months ago who suggested I needed work on my neck. This serum is for the sometimes forgotten area of skincare – the neck and décolletage. The thing is, it’s not that I forget this when doing my cleansing and moisturising business, it’s just that I’m fighting a losing battle. Gravity is a b*itch. Particularly when it’s been working on me for 45 plus years. Anyhoo, thought I’d give this serum a go. Don’t think Rude Instagram Man would notice a difference but I do. It’s not monumental but it is noticeable.

2. Australis Curve Ink Eyeliner $14.95: I get it if you’re scared to go near liquid eyeliner. That was me up until a couple of years ago. But my attitude changed when I learned a little technique for a applying it. Now, there’s a reason to be even less scared and it comes in the form of this affordable eyeliner that actually works more like a soft felt-tip pen. Too easy. Also, making your application a whole lot easier is the applicator. Look at the shape. It’s designed so your pointer finger sits on top of it much like it would on a pencil but it lets the rest of your fingers grip around the base for extra stability. Well played Australis.

3. Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatment with A-F33 $65: This new product came with plenty of fan-love following its release in the UK, which always makes me dubious but I’ve never been one to knock back an opportunity to do some “correcting”. This treatment goes on like a light gel-cream but in that cream are apparently super power ingredients. Or ingredient – the A-F33 – which is said to work better than AHAs and retinols for smoothing and plumping your skin. They advertise that you’ll see a difference in two weeks … I would even say I saw it in one week. I used up one tube and left it to trial something else (workplace hazard) and have just come back on board with a new tube because I noticed my skin wasn’t looking as good as it was. Ding Dong, I suggest you jump on this wagon pronto. It’s launching here in about a month.

4. 100% Pure coffee bean eye cream $19.95: I feel naked without the application of an eye cream. It’s been an essential for me from about the time they moved me from the birth suite to my room after delivering my first born during an episode of Melrose Place. So, I’m happy to tackle any eye cream that comes my way. Apart from wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness can turn up at a moment’s notice and not bother leaving, despite any strong hints I send their way. This product will tick all the boxes of those who love their skincare to fall into the organic and natural side of the beauty equation. It will also impress those who just want a product that works. It doesn’t have an over-bearing coffee smell, is light and an ideal day eye cream. Best not to be applying caffeine around the eye area at night … not that it will keep you awake but pumping blood circulation to that area just before you lie down won’t be as effective.

5. Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish foundation $50: This is a new, improved version of an Elizabeth Arden popular product. I haven’t tried the original but I can tell you that this gets my thumbs up. It’s a compact, so not messy, and is applied with a sponge applicator, so easy. There are 20 shades so getting a colour match is also easy (Vanilla is mine) and it provides light-to-heavy coverage, depending on whether you’re applying with a wet or dry sponge. It has lasting power but not as much as a couple of other foundations in my beauty cabinet – more than enough though for an everyday finish. The winning part about this product is that it contains micronised diamond powder. Why you ask? To reflect light and attention away from imperfections … if you have them, of course.

6. Covergirl + Olay Pressed Powder $16.95: Another compact … but a dry one. It also provides a flawless finish but in a formulation that absorbs excess facial oil. It’s not drying, though, thanks to Olay skin conditioning ingredients. For me, this is a perfect handbag addition for touch-ups on the go. It also works over your liquid foundation for a full foundation look. I’ve been popping it on top of my BB cream for a daily “get out the door quickly but look like you’ve made an effort” makeup routine. The fair/light shade is right for me.

See anything you think might work in your beauty routine? Any questions, fire away!

Disclosure: each of these products was sent to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. gotta love those physician strength serums, I have been told to take whatever is going on my face all the way down the neck and décolletage- It all feels very smooth- plus i am taking it around the back of my neck after noticing a crease there since my hair has been cut short- shocked me terribly actually!

  2. Hi Nikki – A few months ago you had an article on some of the best eyecare products and one was the NIVEA Q10 Refreshing Eye Roll-On. I did try it and was rather disappointed in it. The best part is when you are applying it, because it has a nickel-free metal ball, it gives you the sensation of it being cooling however this is the ball, not the product which does this. I found it very messy and it came out of the bottle in clumps, despite me shaking it before applying it, so I guess my search for the perfect eyecare product will continue.

  3. A nice practical roundup of products! I think I’d give the eye cream a go – my eyes deserve a treat. I’m not sure about serum. I don’t really know what it does and haven’t googled it.

    Like the ladies below (Lisa and Johanne), my neck has some discolouration too – and my doctor told me to stop spraying perfume on my neck as it attracts the sun’s attention. I spray it on my tummy now instead….pretty sure it will never see the sun 🙂

  4. Thanks again, the eyeliner I will give a try esp…thou it does look like something else I own that does not go on display in my home…
    Also what would the YSL radiant touch éclat be substituted for out of these?

  5. Great reviews Nikki! I wouldn’t mind trying the Elizabeth Arden foundation for everyday wear. Hey, the SY phone cases are so cool! I just couldn’t decide which line was the best :-))

  6. I have a truck load of beauty products, basically I’m the sucker that has to try everything {aging dry skin with the occasional sneaky episode of psoriasis that enjoys escaping from my scalp is the driving force of my addiction}. Avon is not normally I range I would even consider {although back in the day, Avon’s Skin So Soft was the cult product I could not resist – even the delightful scum mark it left around the bath wasn’t enough to dull my pleasure} but I like the sound of anything that wants to smooth and plump my skin. I might even get my sister back in the UK to jump quick smart on the case, to save me waiting. Love these beauty posts 🙂

    1. Snap Bev – re the sneaky psoriasis – it loved my fringe! I know what you mean re Avon but I was surprised in the difference I saw. I’m always dubious about hyped up products but happy to give them a go!

      1. In times of stress, my psoriasis insists on creating ugly patterns on my neck and if it reaches my cheeks, I know I’m in trouble. No wonder you have grown out your fringe – humidity and psoriasis = smart decision!

  7. I like all those and your neck is fine Nikki ,that rude man does not know what he is talking about.I had a facial last night….heavenly and they also did my neck chest and arms and the girl told me do not spray perfume on my neck as it has alcohol and the sun attracts to it and makes those horrid brown spots ,and she told me I had good skin ,yay,must be doing something right ,I am like you and eye cream is a must I have a new one nutimetics apricot oil ,very nice indeed.Oh and she told me about a new skincare range I cannot remember the name it is 100% natural and is priced at $35 ,for most products,I will find out the name and let you know,it is supposed to be the ants pants,better than Dermalogica and half the price,also she told me that the BB cream you use is the best The Jane Iredale one,I don’t think I have spelt that right but you know what I mean,Thanks for the beauty update ,much appreciated!

    1. Lisa I had a beautician tell me the same thing about perfume on my neck (I was spraying vaguely behind my ears- I thought). I think the alcohol in perfume can also cause a bit of a reaction with the sun if you have sensitive skin. Anyway, I stopped spraying here about 2 years ago and the difference is very noticeable.

      1. Thankyou Johanne, I am not going to do it anymore,as I do have sensitive skin as well hopefully I will recieve the same results.

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