Spanish eggs

Weekend recipe: Spanish eggs

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An ideal weekend around the SY household involves at least one morning that’s on the go-slow side of life.

Our weeks are crazy and a bit time pressured – ask any commuting family – so the thought of waking up without an alarm to jolt you into action for  the day is our kind of bliss.

We don’t always get this kind of weekend reprieve but when we do, you can bet that it involves a late breakfast of something that really will take us through till mid-afternoon. And this week’s recipe – Spanish eggs – fits that bill. It’s one of Mr SY’s faves so he’s usually very happy to whip this one up on demand.

We found it years ago in a magazine {that I won’t name because I’ve got my cranky pants on at its behaviour over certain photos} at the start of our chorizo obsession and have played with and frequently cooked it ever since. Now, if you’re vegetarian, no need to click away, this recipe is easily adaptable … just ditch the chorizo and throw in some red kidney beans instead.

The key to the flavour is to let the chorizo and red onion really caramelise in the pan before adding in the tomatoes … and then let that simmer down before adding the eggs.

Spanish eggs


Ingredients: Spanish eggs


1. Dice onion; slice chorizo in half lengthways then slice cross-ways, leaving you with sort of half-moon shaped slices.

2. Caramelise both off in a pan. I happily throw both in together but Mr SY likes to keep things separate at this stage.

3. Once caramelised, add in tomatoes and simmer until mixture thickens and reduces down – about 10 minutes.

4. Make “wells” in the reduced sauce and crack an egg into each well.

Spanish eggs

Spanish eggs

5. Cover pan and let cook until eggs are done to your liking.

6. Serve with crusty sour dough bread {or GF toast like I have pictured above} and fresh herbs and/or rocket. We’ve generally got enough from our garden for this.

7. Enjoy.

PS. When we’re feeling really piggy and this is our one meal for the day, we’ll share this between the two of us but normal serves would be one egg each.

Do you have a favourite weekend brunch recipe?

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  1. Oh Yum Nikki. This recipe looks so delicious and I can’t wait to try it maybe next weekend if the Lazy Sunday Gods are kind to us .I think it would also make a great, quick Sunday night dinner after being out all day and getting in late.

    Our weekends lie ins are few and far between at the moment as seems to be more the norm now, but when we do get a day home we relish a late brunch of good old eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise and good ham, lots of good coffee and maybe some cold fresh fruit salad if the mood takes us.

    P.S. I think there are many people with cranky pants on at the moment over a certain magazine’s behaviour this past week 🙁

  2. What a perfect recipe for brunch..I love brunches on Saturdays after a bit of sleep in! I am a vegetarian and liked both the substituting suggestions..Thanks Nikki n Sharon:-)

  3. Wonderfully appetizing photos! Vegetarians could also use a faux meat product in lieu of the chorizo. Sanitarium have a new product – Vegie Delights Pepperoni (look in Woolies dairy cabinet, near the tofu & cheeses). Can be used plain or cooked and would definitely add some spiciness to the egg dish. It isn’t gluten free but will suit some vegetarians.

  4. We share your chorizo obsession, and love recipes that consist of stuff that’s nearly always in the fridge, so will add this to the list.

    Lucky for me my husband cooks me breakfast at least once every weekend, and is happy to make whatever I order for us both, so I know what is on the menu tomorrow!

      1. Thanks Clairey – I’m a visual person and our dark bench tops might not be the prettiest but they work for this purpose! And yes, we always have a cheeky chorizo lying around in the fridge for this recipe – the rest we seem to always have!

  5. Thank-you for sharing this recipe,We don’t do brunch often but i do like to make a nice fritta or berry crepes or something we don’t usually have ,you are very lucky Mr SY cooks ,my husband does not so all the meals are made by me!

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