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If you’re a regular around these parts you know how much of a sun care advocate I am.

Growing up a pale-skinned, freckled-face girl in Queensland, I am so incredibly grateful that my mum was ahead of her time in the slip, slap and slopping sun care department.

The “you can’t go in the water until you’ve got sunscreen on” message was hammered in to us. And since we were more than a little fond of spending hours and hours in the pool or surf, we dutifully accepted this ritual as part and parcel of endless summer days.

So much so, that I can’t remember I time that I never intentionally forgot to wear sunscreen. Even as a teenager.

It wasn’t so much that I was concerned about getting melanomas in my advancing years. Teenagers don’t think that far ahead. But this teen thought far enough ahead to know that it damn well hurts a lot if you get burned.

See, despite the childhood sunscreen ritual, sunscreens were not all they are now.

Effectiveness was average at best and I remember more than a few evenings when mum had us lie down across the Formica table in the beach shack she rented every December while she applied a liberal amount of aloe vera to our burned backs.

When it came to MY kids and sun care, times, they very much {thankfully} had a changed.

Kids wear rashies {rash vests} as a matter of course; the no-hat-no-play rule is firmly in place at day care centres and school; and sunscreens have improved OUT OF SIGHT.

And those improvements just keep coming.

Woolworths Select SPF 50+ sunscreen | sun care

Late last year, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved new sunscreen standards for Australia.  In a nutshell, it meant that companies could now produces and label sunscreens as SPF 50+ and all sunscreens now have to offer a great UVA protection as part of their formulation.

SPF protection is the stuff that stops UVB rays from burning us. A higher SPF gives you a higher {but not total} protection from this. UVA rays are the silent assassins. You don’t know they’re getting you but they are the ones responsible for long-term damage to skin cells, causing wrinkles at best, skin cancer at worst.

I made the decision on behalf of our family that we would indeed move on up to SPF 50+.

So, when the good people at Woolworths Select offered us a trial of their re-launched and upgraded sun care range, I did not even hesitate to get on board.

Especially as we had a very real opportunity to be sunscreen guinea pigs for this new range on our recent holiday in Bali, where the tropical sun had a bite bigger than my seven-year-old tucking into a chocolate-chip cookie.

Woolworths Select SPF 50+ sunscreen | sun care

Now, there’s a 1L pump pack available – which, of course, doesn’t suit for travelling but if you’re a beach-going family – or have a pool in your backyard – this would definitely be the way to go. Position it somewhere that’s easily accessible and you are good to go.

For our beach bag, we pack the Kids Trigger Sunscreen (250ml), Sports Trigger Sunscreen (250ml) and Baby Roll On Sunscreen (75ml, available soon).

{I not ashamed to admit that I do have a sunscreen “wardrobe”}

On the Baby Sunscreen note, no I don’t have a baby in the house but my skin errs on the sensitive side so I tend to go for baby and kids formulations for my face and décolletage.

And I’m actually a big fan of the Kids Suncreen for all the family as it comes out as a pale purple in colour and rubs in clear. Good for not missing bits when applying. Because goodness knows, it’s those missed bits that I pay for later.

The Sports Sunscreen is bonus in this family as we’ve got two surfers and a nipper on board. Pretty essential really.

The low-down

I know that sun care is not just about having sunscreen in your skincare arsenal.

It’s about keeping out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day, it’s about covering up and it’s about applying and re-applying that sunscreen effectively and regularly.

I’m pleased to say that we did this for our week in Bali and all came out the other side sun-kissed but not sunburned.

Woolworths Select SPF 50+ sunscreen | sun care

The formulations are not thick and greasy. They are light enough that even if we were going out for afternoon cocktails, I could still apply, be protected and not feel like I was basting myself.

I didn’t have any reaction to the formula – that’s not to say you won’t – but for me this is always a big test when trying a new sunscreen. And it doesn’t matter if that sunscreen is a chemical {like these ones} or physical-blocking sunscreen, I’ve had my fair share of reactions to both types.

In a nutshell, I’ll definitely be buying these products again. They’ve earned their spot in my sunscreen wardrobe.

Try for yourself

You can only buy these Woolworths Select Sun Care products at Woolworths stores or with your online delivery or click and collect order. But you know how I love a supermarket purchase, don’t you? So easy to work into the family budget.

But I know you want more …


I’ve got TWO Woolworths Select Sun Care packs for you to win. Each pack is valued at a total of $47.95 and will include:

  • Woolworths Select Sunscreen Pump SPF 50+ 1L $19.99
  • Woolworths Select Sports Trigger Sunscreen SPF 50+ 250ml $10.99
  • Woolworths Select Kids Trigger Sunscreen SPF 50+ 250ml $10.99
  • Woolworths Select Baby Roll On Sunscreen SPF 50+ 75ml $5.99

Entering is simple. Leave a comment below (make sure your fill in your email address on the comment form – no email address, sorry you’re not eligible to win because I can’t contact you). It will be a game of skill and your answer to this question will be judged based on creativity and originality:

What’s your earliest sunscreen memory?

Entries open on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 6am (AEST) and close on Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 5pm (AEST). The two winners will be notified via email and his or her names published here.

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  1. Family holidays to Forster.We thought we were special because we always went out of school holidays.Fantastic childhood memories

  2. I remember as a child in the 80’s watching the lifeguards spray sunscreen onto swimmers with hose on Gold Coast beaches

  3. My sister covering my body in sand up to my neck with and my mum putting zinc cream all over my face. Whoever moved whilst being covered lost. I couldn’t stop laughing and wriggling around.

  4. When I was a kid there was no sunscreen, I have vivid memories of my sister’s shoulders covered in huge blisters from sunburn. I am so grateful for the invention that has saved many a skin

  5. My Mum always covered me in sunscreen (pale & freckles!) I vividly remember standing there while every scare inch was covered, then a tshirt over the top before I could go play on the sand (I was about 4-5yrs old)

  6. I remember once i stepped on it in the lounge room and squirted the carpet and got belted for it ( back in the days when you could belt your kids )

  7. The lack of sunscreen and education from my parents growing up as we were burnt more than I can recall being smothered in the back of the cupboard out of date sunscreen.

  8. Going to the beach with my older sister. I remember her rubbing this delicious coconut sunscreen on her, then this horrid this white cluggy stuff onto me.

  9. That it wasn’t early enough for me and now having skin cancers removed because of my lack of understanding…..However my children have early memories as they are slip, slop and slapped since the day they could go outdoors.

    [email protected]

  10. Gorgeous Koh Samui, white sand, palm trees and my dad laying on a sun lounge coated in thick white sunscreen looking exactly like a lamington!

  11. School Camp had a huge tub of white zinc, the teacher would dig into it with a paddlepop stick and slap it on your nose…Yuk!!!

  12. The smell of the sunscreen. Even today, the smell takes me back to my childhood summer holidays at the beach in the sun. Gorgeous memories.

  13. I go to the pool 5 times a week and the beach sometimes on the weekends, I go through loads of sunscreen so am keen to try Woolworths new sunscreen packs,

  14. All the bright Fluro colours in the 80’s, Bright Pink, blue, yellow, green, i used to love getting out in the sun, down the beach or to the local pool, or even running through the sprinkler in the yard just so we could slap it on, school sport’s days where always fun with it too, beat the normal stuff and we could still use the coconut oil 🙂
    [email protected]

  15. PinK Zinc for my face.. so Mum didn’t yell put your sunscreen on… now it’s my turn to yell “put your sunscreen on… with this bright yellow pack surely my teenagers will not need yelling at.. on the other hand who knows!!!!

  16. My earliest sunscreen memory is not wearing enough of it at an inter schools netball gala day when I was about 9 or 10years old. Myself and another freckly redhead, also named Claire, both got very burnt especially on our ears as they stuck out of our visors. The sunburn was very painful but just in case we weren’t suffering enough, out teacher made us stand up in front of the class and told them what idiots we were. Tbh, I feel the teachers were partially responsible as it was a school event and we were just children but at the end of the day, we have to live with the damage.

  17. Turning ourselves into tigers. A bit silly, but It was funny at the time. We used to cover ourselves in Reef Oil then do stripes of zinc and sunbake. After our shower we (my friends and I) would compare our stripes. Everyone at school thought we were pretty cool 🙂

  18. my earliest sunscreen memory isnt that long ago actually! I dont even remember using suncream when i was little too long ago lol but mine is the joy of the kids knowing that they NEED suncream on before they go outside and play – they know the rules!

  19. My son 4 saw the large pump pack of sunsceen in the kitchen and decided Billy our black poodle needed protection also.Pretty much emptied the whole bottle while lathering up poor Billy.It was hillarious.Billy took it in his stride and was fine and well protected i would imagine for the next month.

  20. It was an unfortunate memory. I was five and heard someone say “Sun Cream!” well as you can guess the lure of cream was great to a five year old. Down the hatch it went and off I went to hospital. Haven’t had the urge to taste it since but it is always on the menu in our house for saving us from sunburn.

  21. Pretty much up there with the ol spit on the tissue. I hated it; but got told it’s in my ‘best interests so buck up’. Grateful now.

  22. At 4 years old and being at the beach and asking in a loud voice ‘Why is everyone wearing bird poo on the nose? Didn’t realize it was zinc.

  23. Thinking Zinc was used the same way as sunscreen and smothering it all over myself, with everyone staring at me, i couldnt work out what the problem was!

  24. When I was about 6 years old and well before SPF 50 ( 15+ was the max) I got so burnt I looked like a very sorry little lobster still to this day my biggest problem is regular reapplications 🙁 I still have the odd lobster look

  25. I remembered getting badly burnt as a child and the look of terror on mum’s face, which transferred to mine when she flooded me in vinegar. Smelled like fish, just needed the chips and newspaper wrapping to go with it.

  26. Zinc for my nose and some coconut oil for the rest of me for an all day sun bake back in the 70’s when we had no idea of the dangers that result in skin cancer

  27. I remember at the age of 5, mum used to apply sunscreen on us kids every morning prior to going to school. And today I do the same for my kids.

  28. I remember being about 5 or 6 and Mum applying sunscreen on me from head to toe and to top it off she put zinc cream on my nose and lips. Then she would call me out of the water to re-apply it every half hour.

  29. Being Anglo-Irish I’m so pale I may even scare little children! I always slather with sunblock, but my earliest memory of someone NOT being sunsmart was my cousin who went to Spain & got so burnt she fully BLISTERED!! It’s like clothing for your skin in summer – wouldn’t dare go outside without some on!!

  30. Sunscreen wasn’t heard of when I was growing up, we used baby oil or reef oil. So my first sunscreen memory was in my early twenties, thick and greasy but it did the job.

  31. I don’t remember having sunscreen applied til I could do it myself in my early teens – I think in the seventies, it was almost accepted that you would get sunburnt, peel and start the process again the following week. Thank goodness for the advertising campaigns of recent decades!

  32. I have red hair and fair fair skin. When I went to school my Mum sent along a tube on sunscreen and asked my year 1 teacher to ensure that I would put in on before lunch each day (this was before sunscreen was provided in schools). I would be so embarrassed that I would have to stay behind when the class went out to lunch to put on my sunscreen, now I thank God that she did!

  33. my most vivid sunscreen memory was sometime in the 80’s when fluro zinc became “the thing” I was so excited to apply the fluro pink zinc to my face and head down the beach. Little did I know this was not going to fare well for my sensitive skin. I ended up REALLY burnt where the zinc had been and not burnt at all where the regular sun screen was!

  34. It wasnt until I left home that sunscreen became a part of my life, we were a typical aussie family who enjoyed the aussie sun for all its worth; I remember when I was 18 and holidaying with my boyfriend, we joined his mates to celebrate new years, we had an arguement and out of arrogance I spent the afternoon in the sun, only to find myself that night suffering from heatstroke and a really bad sunburn. I vowed never to be like that again and since that day sunscreen has been a part of my daily routine. [email protected]

  35. I remember Mum slathering my body in a lotion called Piz Buin (LOL – think that’s how it was spelt!) Thin runny stuff that smelt rather nice! She also completely covered my face in White Zinc Cream… It wasn’t a good look but I smelt fantastic!

  36. I dont remember ever using sunscreen as a child, so the earliest would be when I rubbed it onto my sons skin before his school class went swimming down at the beach. All my children have used it….its very important these days.

  37. I need this so bad because I have got really pale skin and everytime I go out in the sun for not even 5 minutes i’ll come back and be burnt like a banana!

  38. My brother falling asleep on the beach after putting sunscreen on his back so we wrote his name on his back – he didnt realise until in the shower the next day 🙂

  39. Grew up in a small beach town in North Queensland. My pals & I used to sunbake (Argh!!! Yes, It’s true!!) and we’d put zinc on our faces. One friend had moles on her back that she needed coated in Zinc. We used to write words in zinc on her back so when she got burnt… she had words like Nerd or BFF on her back.

    [email protected]

  40. At Manly Beach and my mother rubbing white zinc all over my body while still having sand on my skin I remember it stung like being rubbed with sandpaper. Off I’d go and play in the sand and by the end of the day, I looked like a crumbed sausage. Trying to get it all off in the shower was agony.

  41. The first time I was allowed to go to the pools with my friends I stole my sisters fluro pink zinc, I lied and said I didnt but the evidence was on my face!

  42. As i suffered from sunburn alot my mother never used it but when i got older i used to plaster zinc cream all over me i looked like a white snowman it used to get everywhere it was so greasy.I never wanted sunburn little did i know i was doing more damage .as it is differently made now but then not many people wore it i looked so funny on the beach white from head to toe and the sand used to stick to it .what a mess

  43. When I was a kid way too many years ago we would use something called Skol. It smelt really bad and I think attracted sunburn rather than prevented it.

  44. After years of bad blisters as a child, od having mum pierce them witha coton thread which she left in the blister until it leaked then dried, we found Coppertone… a new product iwth sunscreen. So much better than sticky white zince cream. I used Coppertone through high school. Now I have a child with Albinism so as a family we are very aware. She needs full protection and the longer it lasts the better.

  45. My earliest memory of sunscreen is a family holiday at Rosebud. My Mother, an immigrant from Ireland, (yes she has very fair skin and it’s a magnet to the suns rays), used to lather both my brother and I up in it. I think she must have used a tube each time. I insisted I didn’t need too much, as I hated the smell of it, but there was no arguing with her.

    So there we all were on the beach – my brother and I looking like little snowmen in the blazing, summer sun and my Mother sitting hunched up under a million towels to keep the sun off her. The only indication there was life in there was the occasional scream to us to come back and have some more sunscreen applied. Imagine…this was in the late 70’s, early 80’s. My Mother was already sun smart well before her time, so thanks Mum – no melanomas here!

  46. My earliest sunscreen memory would be not wearing it. I was in Year 7 or 8 and went to a youth group trip to Moreton Island. They gave us sunscreen but being teenagers, it was up to us to apply it. I didn’t and ended up back at school with the brightest t-zone you could imagine. I looked like a lobster and my nose peeled a few times over. It was a horrible look and I actually had the school nurse (who was/is lovely) come up and give me the hugest lecture about using sunscreen. I’ve never been that sunburnt since!

    jkstevens at live dot com dot au

  47. Not entering the comp, but wanted to say I noticed these in store the other day and was hoping someone would talk about them. I’m going away to the Cook Islands on Saturday for 2 weeks and was hoping to pick up some extra sunscreen to take, may give some of this a go. (I already have 2 bottle, but I burn the instant I step into the sun, so I figured better extra safe then sorry)

  48. Helping Mum and Dad bag up wheet when I was 5-6 years old. All the chaff stuck to my “oiled” skin making me look more vegetable than human

  49. I grew up with Reef tan so mine was not till my mid 20’s when I started working in a day care centre & had to put sunscreen on 22 kids who reminded me that I had not put mine on ! Suppose I can’t ask them to wear it if I don’t and in the end it became a habit, sunscreen and hat before going outside ..
    michelleleach at optusnet dot com dot au

  50. I was a kid of the ’70s. I remember the ads for Reef Oil and really wanting to be brown like the models. Alas, I went to the beach draped in a T-shirt of my dad’s, sunscreen that washed off with seaspray, and zinc on my nose that was too thick to spread and the colour of sewage. Not surprisingly, I still got burnt.

  51. Just thinking about my earliest memory makes me start to laugh as I can remember mum rubbing the sunscreen all over me (nearly knocking my head off as she was so rough) and the sand clinging to my body and making my togs rub in area’s that should’nt be mentioned. To top off this lovely picture Mum would then apply the old white zinc THICKLY over my nose and bottom lip just to make sure I did’nt get sunburnt, funny thing is I can remember my bottom lip always being burnt. 🙂 Love ya Mum …

  52. Getting into the sunscreen cupboard under the sink (we had a pool in the 80s so we had a sunscreen stash) and fighting my brothers and cousins for the coloured zinc, blue and pink were my favourite!

  53. My earliest memories are more like horror stories these days- spreading on the suntan oil, lying on the beach listening to the radio and waiting for the announcer to sing out “time to turn so you don’t burn”. These days I barely ever leave home without sunscreen especially to protect my ‘driving arms’.

  54. I did not ever wear sunscreen as a child as it was not the done thing in the 1970 s and we all got horribly burnt every time! One day when I was about 18 I saw the Reef Tan ad and bought some, it smelt amazing and saved me only a bit from burning. After that I bought sunscreen with a higher SPF and never looked back!

  55. My first memory of sunscreen would be after the first time I laid in the sun all day and got so sunburnt…I was so sorry for myself and remember thinking… Mum was right, I should’ve put sunscreen on!

  56. My Mum and Dad lined my 4 sisters and I up in a conga line and we used to apply sunscreen to each others backs. Of course, half way through we had to turn and apply sunscreen to the front. Very efficient! russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au

  57. Down by the river where we spent our summer days Mum bathed us in sunscreen and made us wear shades. Between 11 and 3 we’d eat and rest under the shade. but the rest of the day was for bombing and play.

  58. When My dad made my whole body white with the amount of sun cream he placed on me at my nana’s and grandad’s place before me jumping in the pool and having a white mass of cream floating away from me.

  59. Just take a look at your inside arm. This is testament to the sun damage caused going about your daily life. I never leave home without wearing 30+sunscreen. Prevention is better than cure!

  60. [email protected]
    Being a Queenslander with Irish heritage, I remember even before I started school never leaving the house without being covered in sunscreen. Ladies, who also could not forget the photos of those bronzed lifesavers with zinc on their nose?

  61. Sweat washing it down from my forehead into my eyes and me howling like a banshee in pain and running straight into the ocean to wash it out!

  62. [email protected]
    We weren’t made to slip, slop and slap too much when growing up (and we are paying for it now!) but I remember at a young age, going to the beach and mum rubbing in thick sunscreen onto my legs…the sand got all stuck in it and I absolutely hated it! It felt like sandpaper rubbing on my skin!

  63. I lived in Tasmania where we didn’t use sunscreen much but if I even got a little bit pink – I blistered! So sunscreen was always my friend now and after having a melanoma removed 2 years ago I am a stickler for sunscreen – just ask my girls!

  64. My mum rubbing sunscreen on me as a small child and me thinking it took hours to do, all I wanted was to run off to the neighbours pool!

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