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NIVEA Daily Essentials a lazy-girl beauty’s dream

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If I’m not banging on about how important it is to wear sunscreen, my other skincare mantra has always been:

Just. Do. Something.

Getting better-looking skin – now and decades into the future – is as easy as that.

At 45, I’m no spring skin chicken but my skin has travelled along nicely {even if I say so myself} thanks to consistently doing SOMETHING every day since I was 18 and twice a day since I turned 30.

Why 30? It was one of those milestone goals I set for myself: to get serious about skincare at night time as well as in the morning.

Plenty of lotions and potions have found themselves on this old face over that time but the key common denominator has always been a mostly three-step process of cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Even before kids, my lazy-girl beauty tendencies were there.

{If you’re new here, I like to address my beauty routine quickly and without fuss! I’m lazy girl like that ;)}

I was always looking for ways to deliver the care my skin deserved but with minimum thought and effort on my part. And if I could save a dollar or two along the way, then all the better.

Which is why NIVEA has long held prime real estate in my bathroom cabinet. It’s a brand that just seems to understand me.

It may be a skincare company with origins in Germany in the 1890s that has grown to be a world leader in skin research {there are currently about 500 skin research partnerships in place} but to me – and millions of busy women – it’s a skincare brand that gets on with the job of giving good skin.

NIVEA Creme - first tin

Photo: NIVEA

Just quietly, the fact that I can sneak a purchase or two into the weekly grocery shopping budget is WINNING in my books too.

Now, if you’re new to NIVEA and wondering where to start, can I make a lazy-girl beauty suggestion?

Start with the NIVEA Daily Essentials range (priced from $7.50 to $12.99 per product).

The target market for this range is women aged 18-35 but women well into their 60s are loving it too – for its simplicity and the science {Hydra IQ} behind it that delivers more deeply hydrated skin.

Because let’s face it, if hydration is being addressed then that’s going to make any of us look better, no matter what our age.

NIVEA Daily Essentials (normal & combination)

Always read the label. Use only as directed

5 reasons to love NIVEA Daily Essentials

1. It’s as simple as good skincare gets. Choose your skin type {normal & combination, combination & oily or dry & sensitive}. The products for each range are colour coded so you can easily find them on the supermarket shelf. There’s also new packaging, incorporating the timeless NIVEA circle logo, which makes them easy to identify too.

2.  You can get a good daily skincare routine going with just four products: start with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser {day and night}.

3.  The day creams include an SPF 30+. NIVEA was one of the first brands to talk about SPF back in the day so they know what they’re doing here. NIVEA has just launched the SPF 30+ in two of their most popular day creams – Rich Moisturising Day Cream & Light Moisturising Day Cream

4.  The Hydra IQ properties really work. Your skin is moisturised from within.

Breakthrough Hydra IQ is an active ingredient technology that is able to stimulate the skin’s moisture network, activating hydration quickly for non-stop 24-hour moisturisation. Generally, moisturisers absorb into the upper layers of the skin.  Hydra IQ, in a proprietary combination of glycerin and glucose, moisturises similarly from above and in addition, hydrates from below by utilising skin’s own moisture network.

5.  The range includes face wipes for all different skin types {including normal & combination as well as dry & sensitive}. Now, if you’re still to get into that night-time skincare routine you should be getting into, then leave a packet of these on your bedside table. No excuses. Use them every night. Preferably have a moisturiser sitting there as well.

Styling You’s faves

Being a lady of a *ahhemm* certain age, the dry & sensitive range is my friend. It draws on natural almond oil and Hydra IQ as its key skin helpers.

I’m not usually one to go for a mousse cleanser {prefer a cream – and do love the gentle cleansing cream wash in this range} but I give this one the thumbs up. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling “stripped” just cleansed and ready for moisturising.

The day cream has proven effective in providing hydration and an everyday SPF 30+. And I’m a huge fan of the wipes. As you know 😉

NIVEA Daily Essentials dry & sensitive

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

From the “all skin types” range, a big thumbs up to both of the eye makeup removers. Morning-after panda eyes be gone.

NIVEA Daily Essentials

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

Have you tried any of the NIVEA Daily Essentials range? Do you like a simple skincare routine? 

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  1. When I’m on holidays or feeling lazy I love to use the Nivea facial wipes, they take all my makeup off and leave my skin feeling soft. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a pamper and love to spend more time on my skin!

  2. Here’s something for the even-lazier girl: I recently discovered (when I had run out of cleanser) that the Nivea body lotion (in the big blue bottle) is fantastic for removing eye makeup and the 16-hour type of lipstick. In fact, better than anything else I’ve ever come across. Also reasonable at wax removal …

  3. I like a simple routine and am grateful now that I’ve been paying some attention to my skin since I was about 16. I have always washed my makeup off before bed, even on nights when I’m crashed and crumpled and desperate to sleep. I really hate the feeling, and the look, of waking up with big black eyes and smeared makeup. I don’t go in for lots of fancy products – just cleansing and moisturising really. I recently discovered Nivea’s tinted moisturiser/day cream – I’ve been using it on the weekends and it’s a great alternative to a full face of makeup. My best tip is to remember to put cream on your neck. By the time you’re 40, you’ll be glad you did.

    My husband has used Nivea cream every day for more than 30 years. He doesn’t use any other products on his face and he has lovely skin. Great products.

  4. I’m a recent convert to taking care of my skin. I must admit, it was sorely neglected for too long. However now I cleanse and moisturise daily as well as cleaning off makeup at night (I NEVER used to do that). I’ve also started my 9yo on the path to good skincare habits. For Christmas she received the basic Nivea pot of cream to get her into the habit of applying moisturiser. We spend at least one hour a day in the pool/sun and I’m trying to make moisturising a habit from early on. It’s not about what the cream is doing for her now, it’s just about getting the habits ingrained from an early age.

  5. I really like a simple routine. I also like the idea of stuff you can buy at the supermarket. Nivea moisturiser is the best – a tried and tested classic. I also think the eye make up remover is a winner. Whilst my OCD tendencies mean I would like to buy a whole range of the same brand, my vanity wins and I mix and match products from different brands to try and find that perfect combination. Still not 100% there yet but that is the fun isn’t it – trying new things!

  6. I use Nivea Daily Face Veil sunscreen for face and body. They’re the only ones that aren’t sticky and go on smooth like a moisturiser, and Nivea Repair and Protect lip balm for all day use around the house (I suffer dry lips if I don’t slather every hour or so). Everything else is now Olay!

  7. Hi Nikki, I’m a big fan of Nivea moisturiser purely because its a can do product with minimal expense. In the past I’ve spent lots of money on expensive moisturisers and after being on maternity leave I was keen to find a cheaper alternative. Nivea offers just that – excellent results at an affordable price. And I love that I can usually pick it up at my local supermarket and not have to make a special trip to a department store. And bonus points for the sunscreen!

  8. Yes I do like a simple skincare regime,and have long been a fan of Nivea soft cream for my body and when I was having those really bad skin issues I used it on my face as well,my skin does not react to that .At the moment I am using Dermalogica for day and Estee Lauder hyrdra calm night cream and have also made my own oil cleanser which I love(if you want the recipe just ask and I will give it to you ) and that helps with the dryness issues as a fellow woman of the Fabulous age group lol I have to be super careful with what I use now,I really think it is hormone related as I have do not produce any eostrogen anymore 🙁 My skin is drier and so is my hair but I find that a plus as I only have to wash it 3 times a week now.
    Thanks for showing these new Nivea products I might give them a try since they make a sensitive range ,your skin is very nice Nikki and I think mine is ok too but like you have always used sunscreen, I read somewhere it doesn’t matter what you put on your face as long as you use sunscreen.Oh and don’t forget the backs of your hands they show your age long before your face.

    1. The backs of my hands have not been on the receiving end of sunscreen as long as my face has and it definitely shows, Lisa. I’m yet to hit that “fabulous” age group but I know it won’t be long – yes, hydration is SO important always but particularly then. The NIVEA Vital range is good for that too.

      1. I am not there yet either, this year is the BIG one for me,and yes do remember the backs of your hands cause it makes a huge difference I have not been doing it long enough either,I will defintely give this range a try:)

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