6 hair care tips for new mums

Hair care tips for new mums

Nikki ParkinsonBeauty 7 Comments

Being a new parent and having a good hair day is a tricky combination to pull off.

Your priority is getting enough sleep so you can care for your newborn but at some point down the track, you WILL get more than three hours sleep. In. A. Row.

If you’re in that survival period of newborn parenting you’re probably laughing at me right now – or crying. Yes, you are in hell but it will pass.

… in the meantime, if you’d like some hair care tips to help you at least have a OK Hair Day, if not a good one, then head over to the Dettol Mission for Health* site.

I have six ideas that will help any woman with the daily battle that is their hair.

6 hair care tips for new mums


* Disclosure: I’ve been contracted by Reckitt Benckiser to be a Dettol Mission for Health ambassador in 2013. I’ll be writing fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts for the Mission for Health website throughout the year.

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  1. I wish I’d known about dry hair shampoo when my kids were babies. Although I may never have showered and that wouldn’t have been good! I am going to give the shampoo a try though. Or maybe I should try it out on my 8yo son first – he really hates soapy shampoo.

  2. That is a good set of tips there,I really don’t think I took the time I do on my hair back then,Most days I was lucky to have it washed and I didn’t colour it then either,now would be a different story colour blowdry cuts and foils and straightening I think I used to go more with the flow then or didn’t care as much as I do now.

      1. I didn’t start colouring mine apart from the odd rinse or 3 till mine started to go grey or get sparkles as my sweet hairdresser calls it ,but it has allowed me to be lighter which suits my “ahem mature skin!

  3. Some great, practical hair advice there Nikki!

    Just one little bone to pick though – a real bugbear of mine – partners do not babysit, just as you – the newborn’s mother, does not babysit! Parenting is the responsibility of both parents! My (ex!)mil used to be all ‘Poor xxxx, has to babysit when you’re at work!’ I don’t know… I thought he’d enjoy spending time with his own children?! (sorry – off my box now!)

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