20 cult beauty products

20 cult beauty products: are they in your cabinet?

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In my job I see, touch and smell new beauty products every week.

Beauty is big business and the brands behind the business – whether they are big or small – are always looking for new ways to excite us enough to make a purchase or to switch from a product we may have been using for years.

I know, I know, we are often at the behest of marketers. And I’m guilty as charged for being lured into a new purchase based on hype … and pretty packaging.

But it’s the products that stand tall above any new hype that I want to talk about today.

Head on over to The Hoopla to find out why these 20 cult beauty products will always be in my bathroom. And tell me if any are in yours?

20 cult beauty products

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  1. We’ve got quite a few of these products in our bathroom cupboards. Some are everyday faves. I’m sure there are many worthy ‘also rans’, but I think Papaw Ointment deserves to be on the list.

  2. I have quite a few of those products in my bathroom cabinet,epecially loving Moracconoil light,Trilogy rosehip oil,lanolips and Cetaphil cleanser for the shower and paw paw ointment,and Maybelline mascara,these are must haves and fragrance we won’t go there because I have heaps and some in reserve as I am a self confessed fragrance whore!

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