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Unlock your Style in 14 days: Make an appointment with yourself to go shopping

Nikki ParkinsonFashion, How to 39 Comments

We’re all guilty of it.

I think it’s in our genetic makeup. To place the least amount of priority on ourselves.

We’ll put partners, kids, friends and work above our own needs.


Unless we make a conscious decision to do otherwise. I put the emphasis on the word conscious here.

See, most women I know are busy.

Busy women carry so much around in their head all day. We can do that. Once again possibly due to our genetic makeup.

But the way I see it (and boy I’m guilty of it), because we can carry so much in our head, we rarely compartmentalise and prioritise time just for us.

So, it didn’t really surprise me that one of the biggest revelations I had working as a personal stylist was that women rarely made time for themselves to go shopping for clothes.

Sure, they’d shop but they’d also pick up some groceries for dinner and maybe some office supplies or a gift for that party their child had been invited to at the weekend.

They rarely crossed out two hours of their time for the specific purpose of shopping to buy needed clothes for their wardrobe.

Make an appointment with yourself to go shopping

Let’s talk about those needs shall we?

I think it’s time.

Well, we are at Day 5 of the Unlock Your Style in 14 Days Holiday Camp, aren’t we?

And you have edited your wardrobe?

And you’ve had a think about the wardrobe basics that were missing?

And your mind is wandering to the seasonal show pony pieces you’d like to add to your basics?


Now, where was I?

When you allocate a set chunk of time to a specific task, you have much more focus on that task.

And you are better off setting a start and a finish time too. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get everything ticked off but I can guarantee you will get most of that list ticked off simply because of that focus.

Speaking of focus, we need to get super clear about what’s on your shopping list (but more on that in the Style Work below).

The reason this works so well is that you are “visualising” the things you are looking to buy.

I’d do this with clients and rarely did we fail to fill the list in two hours. It’s a bit woo-woo-meets-Oprah-meets-The Secret, I know, but trust me, it works.

The other key factor here is that your budget is important.

You might only have a small amount to spend right now but over the course of three to six months you could chip away at that list.

Budget tip

Don’t want to miss out on a key investment piece that you see? Ask if the store offers layby. I find this particularly good at the start of the autumn-winter fashion season when it’s actually too hot to wear the pieces anyway. By the time you’ve paid it off, you’re good to go.

Unlock Your Style in 14 Days | Make an apppointment with yourself to go shopping | www.stylingyou.com.au


Style Work

  1. Make a list of all the wardrobe basics you need.
  2. Make a list of all the show pony wardrobe pieces you’d like to add.
  3. Use online sites to help your create your list and narrow down where you’d like to shop. Or shop then and there!
  4. Work out your budget for basics and wardrobe updates. Spread your wishlist of purchases across this budget. Remember basics take priority.
  5. Share your wishlist in the comments below.

PS. Don’t forget if you want to share any of your progress along the way via photos, you can upload them in the comments or share via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #unlockyourstyle and make sure you tag me so I can find it (@stylingyou). Facebook uploads to my page are welcome  too.




** The Styling You Holiday Style Camp {Unlock Your Style in 14 Days} is based on the Styling You Manifesto. If you don’t have your own, you can download it here. I’ll also be giving away a proper printed Styling You Manifesto from The Smile Collective every day to the reader who catches my eye with their comments and participation.

Unlock Your Style in 14 Days (Day 4 manifesto winner): Kathryn. Kathryn, could you please email me your postal address: [email protected]

Comments 39

  1. Absolutely loving this series of posts!

    I jumped the gun and did some shopping last week because after the wardrobe cull I had by little left to wear.

    I’m still on the lookout for a good slip dress that I feel comfortable in and plain t-shirts (which are surprisingly hard to find). And, yes, I did the trip with hubby and four kids and had to tick off groceries, Christmas vouchers and stinkin school shoe shopping- grrrrr!

    I should’ve read this first…

  2. Happy new year Nikki! Back from hols and enjoying your new series! I did a wardrobe cleanse a while back but could do more…maybe once the kids are back at school. I was guilty of buying just as many clothes for them as for me when shopping in the big smoke on holiday a few days ago – you always hit the nail on the head! I plan shopping trips/girls weekends and like the second and third opinions I get during those. I do make lists and it helps me make fewer mistakes and stick to something like a budget…which I must do after returning home to the Xmas visa bill! Eek! Thanks for reminding me about layby. Looking forward to tips on how to shop outside of my square – my summer wardrobe consists mainly of basics. xx

  3. So after I realised that my ‘basic’ wardrobe was missing a slip dress… I took the time today to go and get myself one 🙂 I’m so excited!! I’m now looking at my wardrobe with so many more possible ‘outfit opportunities’!! I’m amazed at what such a simple piece can offer! YAY for basics and YAY for taking the time!

      1. Well, Nikki, I did it. Hubby had a daddy day with the children, and a girlfriend and I did the 200km round trip to our nearest shopping district and I hit the shops. Our coastal CBD has some gorgeous boutiques and I went in armed with a portion of my tax return. I had a FABULOUS time. Thank you Nikki for the inspiration, and thank you to my gorgeous man for the day out child free xxx

  4. I sent my hubby off to the charity shops this morning with three big bags of clothes. The clean out is happening in earnest here.

    I’m going to the shops on Wednesday. I have a *lot* of black shoes, but no others really, so I’m planning to get a pair of light coloured sandals/wedges and flats. Will also get some new black and white t-shirts. And hopefully a navy one!

    Shapewear is also on my list, but I’ll buy that online.

    I’m keen to get one more nice casual dress for this summer, as there are still a few months of warm days ahead, and am thinking of a kaftan or a black maxi but I’m dithering. I love the kaftans you’ve linked to recently but would really like to try them on to see if they suit me and I haven’t seen any in the shops. Nikki – I live in Brisbane and shop mostly in the city and at Carindale – is there somewhere you would recommend I look for a kaftan?


  5. I love the idea of shopping, yet when I do it, I can’t get out of there quick enough so I never end up buying anything I should! But…I have a list now of essentials thanks to your list and I would love a nice summery dress so armed with this list is a good start! (Loving this series Nikki – did I mention that?)

  6. Have just discovered your blog (love love love it) and this style overhaul is exactly what I need! Heading back to full time work after 12 months maternity leave – after living in all things stretchy and baby-proof it’s time to rediscover professional-me. And I think she is a different person to the previous me so it’s time to get shopping! Now to find a babysitter…

    Also loving all the quick beauty tips on your blog, I thought I was time poor before i had a child but this is ridiculous:)

    1. Yes, you probably are – and that’s ok! Also, you’ll find those mornings getting out the door are less stressful if your wardrobe is sorted and your outfit planned the night before because yes, that time poor thing takes on a whole new meaning, doesn’t it?! So glad you’re here!

  7. After the wardrobe basics post last week, I did go out and pick up the tee shirts I was lacking. I did use online sites to narrow down the labels that had what I needed and then compared colours and prices. It really is the best way to narrow down the foot work! My basics list still includes shoes, black & neutral, which will take some budget negotiation on my part. My wish list would probably include some summer weight, short sleeve cardis/shrugs – black and maybe one in colour red or blue. I would like one more knee length caftan as well.

  8. I can vouch for you here… When I went shopping with you for 2 hrs we ticked off most of the list , stuck to budget & I believe all those pieces are still in use 2 years later… I learnt ‘if I don’t love it in the fitting room leave it’ & that has saved me from so many mistakes. Oh & if I like it… Try it on, don’t just assume ‘that wont suit me’

  9. I will start working up a budget and make an appointment for later in the year when I actually need something. ATM my wardrobe is pretty well perfect! If I lose weight I’ll need to get new basics; when the new season comes in I’ll look at whether I’m interested in any of the new trends and shop for those.

  10. My biggest problem is that I always seem to end up buying the SAME stuff. I need to be possessed by an evil demon who will make me shop for things I don’t normally wear. But then I’d probably just return them the next day. Sigh….

  11. Yes I am guilty of this crime Nikki,I don’t go shopping just for me it must be women who only do this ,it is always when I have gone to get something else that I see something I like or need,But I promise when the new season peices come out I will do this,because I think my summer wardrobe is finished ,though I have been thinking in this heat I may need another short cool dress as the maxi ones are very hot.Great post this one,I will pencil in or tell Siri to make me an appiontment in early March to go shopping just for me!

  12. Ooh! I feel very excited by the thought of shopping solely for myself for two hours. I feel like you’ve given me pemission. but ith two kids and hubby on school holidays it’s ard to find time. Anyway, the only real show pony piece I would love is a vintage style floral dress – Mad Men style maybe. Do you know any labels/websites that could offer that style? Thanks Nikki.

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