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Postcards from Bali: Water play

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I’m a veteran of water parks and water slides from way back.

One of my earliest water slide experiences re-opened recently after many years.

This particular slide near where I now live follows the contour of a steep hill. Back in the day, urban myths abounded of people actually getting so much “air” on one particular bend that they ended up out of the slide long before they reached the splash pool.

I never did see this for my own eyes but I remember being mighty scared as a 13-year-old negotiating that bend.

Since then I’ve grown up and now have a family of very keen water park goers so it was inevitable that Bali’s Waterbom Park would be high on our list of things to do this week.

What I didn’t think would be so inevitable was my absolute enjoyment of this family day out.

Now, some would say this was because of the park’s beautiful tropical gardens. And they’d be partly correct.

Water Bom Park, Bali

Others would say, it was because of how efficiently the park is run. And they’d be partly correct {wrist bands that you load up with cash and scan for food and drinks? Genius}.

Water Bom Park, Bali

Others again … those in the know … would say it was because you can hire out your own cabana for the day and play princesses watching the water park world go buy while sipping on a cocktail or two. They’d also be partly correct.

Water Bom Park, Bali

Me? It’s definitely a little bit of all of the above plus the added bonus of being able to sneak in a beauty and relaxation treatment with Miss SY while the boys tackled some of the slides.

A little reflexology massage? Don’t mind if I do …

Reflexology massage | Water Bom Park, Bali

A little warning about the next treatment … the next photo is not for people who have a thing about seeing photos of people’s feet. It’s of my feet. Specifically hundreds of little Garra Rufa fish nibbling on the dead skin cells on my feet.

Water Bom Park, Bali | fish spa

For the sum of about $AU7.50 I got to give those little suckers their best meal all day. Probably all week. I could tell they were happy because Miss SY had her feet in the same tank but they were more interested in the quality of dead skin on mine. Maybe it’s the equivalent of a better wine vintage?

Whatever it was I was surprised to find that it didn’t tickle past the initial feet dunking and for the rest of the 20 minutes if I didn’t look at the fish it really just felt like my feet were in one of those foot spas … you know the ones? You probably have one gathering dust in your cupboard right now. From Mother’s Day 2001. Oops, that’s just me, isn’t it?

Biggest surprise of the day? Mr SY and Mr 17 decided to opt for a little fishy treatment too.

Water Bom Park, Bali | fish spa

Such baby-smooth feet deserved to be taken out for sunset drinks and a little bite to eat, don’t they?

So it was back to the villa for a quick change and off to another bar that we were told we just had to visit – Ku De Ta. I’m a follower, that’s for sure and I’m glad that I am because this was another of those special places I’ll never forget. I’m also glad that Mrs Woog texted me while I was enjoying my first drink to say I had to order the lobster and pork gyoza. She’s a top friend like that. Always thinking of others’ enjoyment.

i Allure kaftan | Ku De Ta, Seminyak, Bali

I told you there’d be kaftans a-plenty on this trip and this one from i Allure* was happily being blown in the wind {thank goodness for those magical slip dresses underneath}. I’m working some $8 earrings from Collette too. Not that you’d see them for the wind either. But they did their best to distract from the dodgy holiday hair.

Ku De Ta, Bali

And as the sun set below that big band of cloud and the horizon, I do believe Bali cast just a little more magic upon us.

Ku De Ta on sunset, Bali

Editor’s note: I’m on holidays this week with my family. I’ll be popping in here most days with postcards from Bali. Regular Styling You programming will resume next week.

* This kaftan was gifted to me for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. Just back from Thailand and I thought I could do the fish thing but I just couldn’t. Even first thing in the morning when the tank and water were clean. Too much the clean freak and couldn’t stand the thought that other people’s feet were in the same water.

    Have to say I prefer Thailand to Bali any day. But I have a friend who goes to Bali once a year. She loves it. It doesn’t seem to be the cheap place I remember from your posts.

    Hope you made it home safely. We are on holidays at Swansea NSW this past 10 days and the rain has not stopped since Saturday night. Nothing to do except drink and check out my fave blogs.

    1. Made it home safely to only minimal damage and insurance company on it today! I love Thailand too. Love it. You can definitely still do Bali cheaply – we just chose to do some fun mid-high range price stuff as well – still cheaper than Australia.

  2. Nikki, you look GORGEOUS – I love the kaftan and your hair is perfect! Enjoy your time there, and thanks for keeping us posted! PS: I must say that I have never been tempted to consider Bali as a holiday destination before, but you make me want to go!

  3. I am defintely going to Bali now,after seeing your pictures and you telling us about your adventures,I am a princess from way back,actually that is what My sons girlfriend calls me because I won’t go camping….Doh!!! I hate camping I like beds and hairdryers thank-you very much and 4 or 5 stars please!
    How amazing that you can have a massage at a water park ,gold idea and those cabana’s heaven.We are getting a water park built near us but I doubt it will have those things,maybe I should tell them?.
    I have seen those little fish before I would like a tank to keep at home 🙂 I love the idea,and am not squeamish at all I think you are doing a community service for feeding them,I love that kaftan on you Nikki it looks stunning,keep having fun and sending us gorgeous Pics…Enjoy.
    PS Mr SY is a bit of a hottie isn’t he!

  4. I know, right???? Oliver and I did 10 laps of the lazy river at Waterbom. Ollie even had a little nap snuggled on my shoulder while floated round. Just heaven.

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