Thinking about changing your skincare?

So you’re thinking of a new skincare routine?

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It’s the time of year that we do a lot of thinking, isn’t it?

That clean slate of a new year, a fresh diary opened, great ideas brewing, maybe a little planning … it can all culminate in wanting to make changes in your life.

I did a bit of a clean out of my bathroom cabinet yesterday and got to thinking as I organised all my lotions and potions that maybe some of you are thinking about making changes to – or creating a new skincare routine this year.

Or maybe you’ve just decided to get serious about actually implementing one?

Either way, I thought I’d offer some tips on how to do this so to minimise making purchasing decisions you may regret.

Thinking about changing your skincare?

I have a simple rule when it comes to a skincare regime.

Just do it.

Just use something on your skin, consistently. Over time, it makes a huge difference.

I visited my 96-year-old grandmother at her nursing home on Christmas Eve and she is proof of that. Ponds cold cream has gone on her face every night of her adult life – she gets stroppy if the nurses don’t put it on – and the skin on her cheeks would rival some 60-year-olds.

It doesn’t have to get complicated unless you want it to.

For my tips on how to find skincare products that will work for you, your skin and your lifestyle, head on over to The Hoopla.

Plus I’m also showcasing these products which I’ve been trialling lately that might work for you.

What’s your skincare regime look like?

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  1. I’m a Nutrimetics girl from way back -20 years or so! I always tweak my skincare depending on the seasons. Summer holidays is a little laid back, but my one rule to prevent ageing is sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen.

  2. I got a bunch of DJs and Visa gift cards for Christmas. I had been planning to up my skin care for a while but couldn’t justify the cost, so this was the perfect opportunity to indulge in the Dermalogica products I wanted. I already had the Special Cleansing Gel (thanks Strawberry Net), so bought an exfoliant, mask, moisturiser and a spot gel for when my chin decides to have a pimple party. Now to do away with all of the random products I’ve collected before this!

    At the moment Dermalogica is 20% off at DJs, and I bought a couple of products that were out of stock off Adore Beauty, also on sale. Last year I also got into the Rosehip Oil craze. I used it when I remembered at night and happened to start using it religiously just as my brother went away for a month, without telling him. The first thing he said to me when he got back was a comment about how great my skin looked. It works, folks!

    1. What do you do with the oil? Use it in place of moisturizer? I have some but don’t really use it. Thanks! 😉

      1. From what I have read, it’s meant to be used similar to a serum in that it’s applied at night before moisturiser (wait a few mins for it to sink in). That’s what I have done at it seems to work. 🙂

  3. It is hard to know whether the product will live up to its promises and suit your own skin & lifestyle. I have found Mecca to be fantastic at offering samples. I have just tried some Philosphy eye cream which they gave me a small jar of and it is the best I have tried so far. I will be back to buy some as soon as the current stuff runs out!

  4. I finally got rid of all the brands I was using and have culled it all to Olay. Olay Blue for washing, toning and wiping. Olay Regenerist for moisturising, dermabrasing and dark circle and bag rolling. Olay Total Effects for body soaps, scrubs and moisturiser (had to buy off ebay US as Olay here in Aus clearly doesn’t think we deserve body washes and moisturisers). Make-up is now Olay/Covergirl, sunscreen and lip balm is Nivea. Vaseline also helps with the really dry skin or rashes. I’ve narrowed down all my other toiletries as well, hair products, deoderants etc. I made a list of what I did use and then culled some brands and changed to others so I only use certain ones now. Definitely helps with the shopping. I’ve also decided to give the Garnier BB the old heave ho and try the Loreal Nude Magique instead, and am hoping Olay or CG will bring one out so I can then switch to that. The overhaul was about time and needed some work but it’s all turned out pretty well.

      1. Could be, not sure how that whole thing works but I have contacted Olay on their FB page and they said they’d look into it, so who knows what 2013 could bring us in Olay goodies. Even Covergirl has finally given us the Olay/CG powder I’ve been hanging out for and apparently there’s more Olay/CG goodies coming this year!

  5. That is one thing that I have already done NIkki out of neccesity not because I wanted to,but I am really happy now,and so is my skin,I use a homemade oil cleanser, very easy to make really ,just sweet almond oil and rosehip oil and then dermalogica ultra calming cleaner followed by Lancome Hydra calm night cream or Dermalogica barrier repair and my skin is looking great,also a couple of times a week I use the hydrating mask ,change a few things and it can change your skin:)

      1. Yes Nikki, but it took months of trialing new products and Myer give out generous sized samples so does the Dermalogica place near me which helped a lot!

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