5 tips for low-key summer beauty

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 9 Comments

Once the last Christmas party has been done and dusted, all thought around these parts leans towards grabbing as much beach time – weather pending – as possible.

Typically then it’s about this time of year that I kiss goodbye to any semblance of a makeup routine.

It’s a jolly good thing I can let go of it too because should I attempt to put on a full face, a hot, sticky QLD summer soon lets me know who’s boss … sending the whole face down and off in under one hour.

Much as the temptation is there to drop the beauty ball completely during this time of surf and slothfulness, I don’t.

Call it vanity. Because that is what it is. I make no apologies for that. It’s just the way I’m wired.

Should you be wired the same, these are some of little tricks and five products I’ll be calling on to see me through until normal beauty programming resumes … probably coinciding with the first school run of 2013.

summer beauty

Want to know more about them? Head on over to The Hoopla for all the details.

What’s your summer beauty routine look like? Any product to share that sees you through the season?

  • Peta

    Merry Christmas Nikki, I hope you’ve had a lovely day! Just wondered where to buy the baby feet from – I can’t see any stockists on their website?

    • You can buy on their website. I got mine through Suite Three Hair and Beauty at Buderim (Sunshine Coast) – my pedicurist introduced me.

  • I need to get onto this Baby Foot business! I have the worst feet ever (thanks genetics… Dad), which are especially yuck at this time of the year after a season of boots and ballet flats.
    Am a total embracer of the lazy girl schedule as well… Garnier BB (oil free in the heat), mascara & lip gloss. My hair needs the time and effort put into it, so I need something else that’s quicky and time efficient 🙂

    • I agree re the hair … doesn’t always suit for me to just let it go. What’s been really good this summer is the Steam Pod I’ve blogged about. It really is making a frizz-free difference in this humidity!

  • Emilia Rossi

    I am also looking forward to spending some much needed time outdoors. For me I forget about my makeup entirely and focus on my hair. Nothing better than a hot humid day to get my curls looking devine. I hope you have a wonderful time outdoors and protect that gorgeous glowing skin you have.

    • Thanks Emilia … I will and yes, sun protection is big for me. It actually is too hot to go out in the middle of the day here anyway!!

  • Lisa mckenzie

    Yes I am a bit the same ,even though my children don’t go to school they will be off work till the 7Th of January and I swap the beach for the pool,I usually wear BB cream sunsceen and moistiriser that goes without saying ,and I always put on mascara and lip gloss ,I am vain too,this chooky face needs some makeup even if it is the bare minimum.Off to check out your post on The Hoopla,have a great day Nikki,I am cleaning the house,JOY not 🙂

    • Good luck with the cleaning, Lisa! Has to be done!

      • Lisa Mckenzie

        Just finished!I know it has to be done,but I don’t make even half of the mess!!!!