Do you need an eye cream?

Do you need an eye cream?

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Do you need an eye cream?

There are many people out there who will tell you that you don’t need an eye cream.

That the moisturiser that you use on your face will do the job nicely. Thank-you very much.

Why bother spending more money, yes?

Yes, indeed.

I think you all know which side of the equation I fall on with this, don’t you?

Eye creams get a big fat beauty tick from me.

I’ve been using some kind of eye product for more than 15 years now. Has it frozen my face in time? Nah, not even Botox could do that.

What I think it has done is allow the visual part of the ageing to happen a more gradually. This definitely has its upside and allows for less OMFG shocks when you happen to see a quite different staring back at you in the bathroom from that which you have in your mind.

A bit like when I reminisce about my uni days like they were yesterday. Except they were yesteryear. Ye Olde Worlde Yesteryear.

See, despite being a convert to including an eye cream in my beauty routine, I’m more of a long-term girl than someone looking for a cream to deliver an instant fix.

Because that’s where I think we can – and do – get a bit cynical about what products claim to offer.

Do you need an eye cream?

To keep the cynicism at bay, here are a couple of things to consider when seeking out an eye cream that’s perfect for your eyes.

1. What’s your main eye issue? Is it fine lines, puffiness, dark circles. Maybe you have more than one issue.

2. What’s your budget?

Once you’ve worked out what your want your eye cream to address and go to work on, then it’s a matter of narrowing down a cream that works in your budget.

No, it doesn’t have to “match” your current moisturiser. It’s actually a big fat marketing myth that you need to use products from the same brand and range within a brand to get result.

I’m living proof of that. I trial such a cocktail of products on a daily and weekly basis that if that were the case, nothing would work for me.

But stuff does work. And consistency with product application works too.

What’s been working for me lately in the eye department? Head on over to The Hoopla today to find out.

Do you use an eye cream? What’s your favourite?


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  1. Hi Nikki, thanks for such a great round up. I’m wondering if there are any you would recommend as an all round “preventative”. I don’t (yet!) have any specific eye issues, but would like to do something to hopefully prevent damage, lines etc down the track. Thanks! x

  2. My problem area on my face is my eyes. Lots of wrinkles and they’ve always had dark circles. I have eye cream but I use it so sporadically. I do mean to use it nightly, but I usually forget. Thank you for reminding me. Hopefully it works!

  3. Love using eye cream & yes Nikki I agree with you using eye cream regularly is a must to slow the ageing process. I’ve been using eye cream for 30 years & believe my eyes look much better than my parents did at my age

  4. I’ve been wondering this for a while Nikki- how often should you change the brand you use ? You say you trial new things all the time so do you ever find something & stick with it? Or is it a revolving door in your skin care cupboard ?
    I ask because I use something I love on my face but it’s a pain because I order it online so I’m thinking maybe I should change it up….thoughts?

    1. I think if you’re happy with a product and your skin looks good then stick with it but be aware of your skin changing. And of course if it’s not easy to source then that’s an issue too. The nature of what I do means that I’m always chopping and changing but there are some constants there that I’ll go back to if I’m between “trials”.

  5. This is why I love your blog Nikki (even though I’m not flash at commenting often-sorry!) Yesterday I stood in front of rows of eye cream scenarios and came away empty handed and overwhelmed. Thought I’d search ‘eye creams’ on your blog and today you beat me to it! Thank you so much!

  6. Yes Indeed I need an eye cream I have worn eye cream for about 20 years or so now and I do think it helps slow down the ageing ,not stop it but it is something I can’t go without now either I have tried lots of brands but don’t think it really matters as long as your skin likes it,and the matching of brands I’m with you on that one too,you don’t need to unless you want to.

  7. Today must the day for spooky coincidences! I was standing in front of the mirror this morning thinking, I really need an eye cream to sort out these dark circles. I was a bit over looking like I can’t apply make up properly and done a smokey look under my eyes!! I thought I must see if Nikki has reviewed any eye creams that might help. Then this post appears! Thanks Nikki – perfect timing! I will check out these ones.

  8. I like an eye cream, but also like to rub mega amounts of rose hip oil in the crows feet area ( not to be confused with the crows nest area).

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