4 all-purpose balms you need in your bathroom cabinet

Lazy-girl beauty: why you need all-purpose balms in your bathroom

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Hello, here I am again. The purveyor of all things lazy-girl beauty reporting for duty.

As I was doing a bathroom cabinet re-shuffle the other day, it struck me that I’ve never shared with you my love of the all-purpose product.

The product that promises – and delivers – on seemingly a gazillion things. A lazy-gir’s dream, really.

Remember in the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and the mum (oops, it was the dad … thanks Jess for correcting me!) kept spraying everything and everyone with window cleaner? To fix things?

Well, all-purpose products are a bit like that only just a teeny bit kinder on your skin.

Every bathroom cabinet, first aid and travel kit should have at least one.

My eldest looked at me strangely when I handed him a bottle for his bag as he set off to Schoolies last weekend.

You know that look? Rolled eyes plus raised eyebrows and a certain resignation that they’re going to just have to go with it to shut me up?

Yep, that one.

I’m skilled at ignoring such looks and shoved the bottle in his bag next to the seven pairs of undies and 12-pack of two-minute noodles, telling him to USE IT should he get sunburnt, bitten by mosies, cut, or stung.

I can pretty much guarantee it hasn’t been touched but at least I was seen to be doing my parental job.

Want to know what that product was? Head on over to The Hoopla where I’m talking about that product plus three other all-purpose balms, I think you should check out.

4 all-purpose balms you need in your bathroom cabinet

Do you have any go-to super beauty balms that work to heal or care for more than one thing? Or do you have a home remedy that just works instead?

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  1. I always carry Lanolips 101 in my handbag – great for so many things – cuts, grazes, cuticles, lips etc etc But another must have from Lanolips is the Golden Ointment – ultra pure grade lanolin, vitamin E and manuka honey. It’s also multi purpose as a super moisturizer and I used this on a cut on my son recently, and it healed amazingly quickly!

  2. Trilogy everything balm, pure lanolin, pawpaw ointment. And I’ve always got teatree and lavender oils as well. Coconut oil is also a good standby for skin and hair.

  3. Hello again Nikki,nice to hear from you again so soon,Yes I have 3 all purpose creams/balms that I like Caroline’s cream,Sudo cream, I got the tip from a model in a magazine and it is good,epecially for excema on your hands and also paw paw oitment works well for lots of things too,and I like aloe vera straight form the plant for bites and stings ,works a treat on those,everyone should grow one.
    Yes I know that rolling of the eyes and the look you get from your children when you give them something like that to take anywhere,I also give them a packet of panadol as well,that usually gets used though.

    1. Caroline’s cream is fantastic, Lisa. So true – and with paw paw ointment, it’s important to check the ingredients – some are not as natural as their marketing suggests. Still work though but something to check.

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