Rockport Haylyn Wide Band Sling $149.95

The 12 Rockport Shoes of Summer {win 1 of 4 x $200 vouchers}

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Sponsored by Rockport 

We live in a small house. It is cosy. Sometimes a little too cosy. But cosy all the same.

Such cosiness means that I have had to get particularly clever about storage. And by clever I mean cunning.

See, it may be no state secret that I love shoes but what I do try to keep secret is the precise number of said shoes in my possession.

This is not such an easy feat (pun intended). I have garnered more than my fair share of space under the marital bed. I have slowly inched my way across to Mr SY’s side of the martial wardrobe.

But no matter how full my shoebox life seems to get, there is always room for another pair.

This year I opened my shoe mind and collection to Rockport shoes and I can tell you that it has been nothing short of a shoe revelation.

Who honestly knew that you could combine the technology of an Adidas runner into a high heel without it looking like something only found on an ageing rapper.

Not me, that’s for sure.

But I’m seriously hooked. You can have a look-see at the heels that got me hooked. I featured them here and have worn them many times since for occasions that required me to stand for considerable amounts of time. They  have passed the foot comfort test every time.

From Rockport: the philosophy is simple: Walkability. We are about making the most walkable shoes in the industry. Our shoes deliver on their promise to make style comfortable and enable professionals to look good longer.

Just quietly, Mr SY is a lot taken with Rockport too. He’s the king of casual Friday at his office in some very cook suede loafers. And he has is eye on a pair of boat shoes for Christmas.

So, how could Rockport shoes fit into your or your man’s shoe life?

I thought I’d take you on a little shoe styling adventure … drum roll please … and make sure you keep reading for details on how you could be styling it up in Rockport this summer.

The 12 Rockport Shoes of Summer

Rockport Ashika Knot Tie Flat $149.95 Rockport Ashika Knot Tie Flat $149.95

Rockport Janae Sandal $219.95Rockport Janae Sandal $219.95

Rockport Emily wedge $169.95Rockport Emily wedge $169.95

Rockport Etty Plain Moc $169.95Rockport Etty Plain Moc $169.95

Rockport Haylyn Wide Band Sling $149.95Rockport Haylyn Wide Band Sling $149.95

Rockport Etty Stitched Boat Shoe $139.95Rockport Etty Stitched Boat Shoe $139.95

Rockport Zelia wedge booties $249.95Rockport Zelia wedge booties $249.95

Rockport Haylyn Open Toe $139.95Rockport Haylyn Open Toe $139.95

Rockport Bennett Lane 2-Eye boat shoe $189.95Rockport Bennett Lane 2-Eye $189.95

Rockport Oak Circle Cap Toe shoe $179.95Rockport Oak Circle Cap Toe shoe $179.95

Rockport Hydromotion 2 Molded Sport Balance sneakers $219.95Rockport Hydromotion 2 Molded Sport Balance sneakers $219.95

Rockport Ridge Valley Plain Toe $189.95Rockport Ridge Valley Plain Toe shoes $189.95

Summer, Christmas and the party season can throw a lot of different occasions at us.

If your feet are in fashion – and comfort – then you should come out the other side with style on your side.

For your nearest Rockport stockist, please visit here. Rockport’s women’s and men’s range is also stocked at David Jones. Myer stocks the men’s collection. 



But I don’t just want you to take my word for it. I want you try a pair of Rockport shoes for yourself, so I’m excited to be teaming with Rockport to give you the chance to win one of four Rockport vouchers valued at $200 each.

To enter, I’d love you head on over to the Rockport site, have a little look around and tell me which pair of shoes you’d buy with your voucher and where you’d wear them. Perhaps you’d be buying for someone else? That’s ok too. Leave a comment below with your answer. The four most original and creative entries as judged by Rockport will win.

This competition opens Wednesday, November 28 at 5.30am (AST) and closes Wednesday, December 5 at 5pm (AST). Winners will be notified via email (if you don’t leave an email address you will not be eligible to win) and listed here. For full Styling You competition terms and conditions, click here.

Coordinated by The Remarkables Group

PS. You know how I try to reply to all comments on my blog? Well, when it’s a giveaway situation like this, unless you’re asking me a question, I won’t reply as I don’t want to be seen to be favouring an entry. Hope you can understand. Trust me, they’re all read for the judging!

Comments 215

  1. I would be strapping my poor abused feet into the delicious bright blue Dailana Square Perforated Quarter Strap. I have four children aged 7 and under and I need a shoe that will cushion my feet, stay attached to me as I sidestep Lego and dolly accessories and still be a shoe show off at school pickup time! This shoe wouldn’t bat an eyelash at these demands!

  2. Quite a bit different from my usual style, the Janae Square Perforated Sandals caught my eye. When going out to dine with friends on New Years Eve Eve I break with the usual wardrobe and wear a dress and heels. These would certainly cause great discussion because at least on that day I’d be the height of fashion

  3. ZELIA SQUARE PERFORATED PEEP – This black pair will go with
    any and every outfit! Glamorous and adds structure and construction to your
    legs, making them flawless and model-like and height is overpowered! Shoe

  4. I would get Oak Circle Plaintoe shoes for my husband for work because he has one pair of shoes he wears every day for work and never buys for himself as he prefers to spend on us. He likes classic non fussy lines that he can wear with anything and this fits the bill for him.

  5. My love currently looks like an adorable hobo

    His current work shoes don’t look too fly oh

    They are old and tired and have lost their mojo

    New work shoes would deliver some chrissie hoho!

  6. Love shoes but am usually boring with my choices (a bit too “safe”). I’d love to splurge (and shock EVERYONE) with some of the Haylyn Wide Band Sling wedges. That would seriously bring a smile to my girlfriends’ (and family’s) faces. Where would I wear them? I’d have to wear them everywhere because no one would believe me otherwise that I had switched from the Berkies to something stylish.

  7. Oh my. I’ve never noticed Rockport Shoes before & now I’m in love. The Rockport Emily Wedge has me excited. It’s perfect for our boxing day family get-together. Nothing over the top but definitely a pair of shoes that will make all the girls go ga-ga.

  8. Who knew Rockport had so many gorgeous shoes! I found it a bit tricky to decide on just one pair, but I am in love with the Trulisa Belgian Moc in pink, these would be perfect for my work wardrobe…. the one thing it’s missing is comfy, cute, pink shoes!

  9. I always admire wedges but often find my they are too heavy on my feet to comfortably wear for an extended period of time.
    Described as light weight the Haylyn Open Toe wedge is beautifully bright and the ultimate solution to my problem.

    I have a lovely outfit planned for my Christmas celebrations and these shoes would be like the cherry on the pie – perfectly giving my outfit that sweet finishing touch!

  10. I’m loopy for loopy! The Jaquelle Loop Hole Thong is really lovely. Great with shorts, capris’s or skirts. So versatile and smart for summer. Plus I come from “clumsyville” so the flat heel will save many injuries!

  11. DAILANA SQUARE PERFORATED QUARTER STRAP in Cream, because l need to wear flat shows at the moment. I have done my ankle yet again and have a second stage sprain of the ankle. I look at all my shoes and want to cry at the thought of not being able to wear them. But l figure after 6 months of physio my ankle should get stronger and l won’t have to get rid of my heels. I can see a big tantrum coming on if that happens. And something tells me it won’t be the kids doing it… it will be me. I aso have a problem with my feet getting too hot so these are perfect as you can see.

  12. (Sung to Rocking’ Around the Christmas Tree) I’d love to…
    “Rockport around the Christmas Tree, in my Cocktails All Night Heel.
    Everyone’s dancing merrily, and my shoes are just ideal!”

  13. My hubby is a darling and with Christmas nearly here


    a pair of Rockport Bennett Lanes would give him Christmas cheer

    He is a boat shoe wearer, through decades this has been

    No matter what the fashion or the current scene

    Comfort is his first requirement, and Rockport promise this


I’ll put my own shoe needs (wants) aside for now, a sacrifice is this!


  14. Preferring the smaller heel and the whole black and white theme, the Yezenia Ballerina shoes would suit for both casual and semi casual events. They would look great with either my jeans or my maxis.. Love the mesh look, comfort and good looks all in one.

  15. I need a shoe for work, that looks not to casual butis also very comfortable. Nicoleen O Ring Slidewould suit my wishes verywell.

  16. I would probably get the Dailana Square pair for my mother. She has trouble finding shoes the right height and fit as she has a bad back and hips. These look as thought they would do the trick!

  17. The Janae sandal, just gorgeous and who doesn’t want to be the envy of their friends and co-workers?! I’d pair them with a bright summer dress for Chrissie and New Years parties and who knows, with adiprene cushioning they may just get a go for my morning run 😉

  18. I’d just love the Classic Ballet Flat. I would wear them so much. You wouldn’t be able to get them off my feet. Rockports are soooooo comfortable and stylish.

  19. I love the look of Trulisa Cap Toe shoes… they are dressy, but not ‘too much’… I could wear them anywhere and feel stylish. They look so comfy, I think I’d buy a pair for my darling daughter too. She runs after two kids all day, and the Trulisa Cap Toes would be ideal to keep up with the ‘little monsters/treasures’! lol

  20. Well before I even went to the Rockport website I had an answer in my head. I was going to tell you how I’d love to get a new pair for my Dad to wear to work because he loves Rockport shoes. Never did I think my Dad and I would be buying shoes from the same company! No offence intended but if you heard his daggy dad jokes you’d understand why 😉 Then I checked the website and saw so many lovely shoes and instantly decided to be greedy and pick a pair for me, sorry Dad!

    Ultimately I’d pick the Janae pump to wear to work next year although it was a tough choice between those and the Ahsika knot tie flat which would be great for wearing every day

  21. “Green” is the way to go, in a HAYLYN OPEN TOE.
    For shopping on my local strip,
    Peopled by the smart and hip.
    I would never look out of place,
    Exhibiting style and oozing taste.
    At girly brunches, family barbeques,
    When they ask “What’s the latest news?”,
    I’ll be able to brag about my shoes!

  22. When I’ve finished travelling down the aisle for my wedding this summer, I would replace my gorgeous (but high) shoes with the Zolina Loop Thongs. They will be perfect for when I’m still rocking the night away with my new husband (on the dance floor I mean!).

  23. The Emily Wedge is perfect, my colour, plenty of support and comfortable so I won’t get caught out and about in my trainer’s all day again.

  24. The Faye Ballet in pink would be the perfect shoe to attend mothers group next year with my baby girl-in-tow. Loving all things pink at the moment and ballet flats are the way to go for this mumma!

  25. Help!!… Getting married March next year…

    Selected my suit.. but my feet are still bare!!

    Rockport have always been my rock solid pick!..

    Oak Circle Cap Toe Shoe.. the look that’s sexy and slick!!

    The perfect comfortable, classy addition..

    For this ultimate ‘once in a lifetime’ celebration!

    Please Styling You…. style me

    So a rocking Rockport groom I’ll be!

  26. Bennett Lane 2-Ey, perfect for my Great Grandparents renewal of wedding vows. Going to be a big day, with all our friends and family there to share in their declaration of love.

  27. Lianna Plain Pump, a pair of black and white. For all the engagement parties and weddings this warm weather is bringing, it seems love is in the air & cupid has struck all our friends at the same time!

  28. I’d buy the Zolina loop thong stylish and casual perfect for my chrissy break
    To treat my feet to such great shoes the perfect attire my feet can’t lose.

  29. I would buy JANAE SANDAL FLOWER ANKLESTRAP as they go ah-mazingly well with my new LBD. I would wear them out to lunch with some girlfriends!!!

  30. Haylyn Open Toe Navy.
    I am a teacher so I spend lots of my day on my feet. Mu usual shoe of choice is a flat but I am trying hard to jazz up my image and have been told that wedges are comfy to wear.

  31. I would love to buy the Rockport Dressports Plaintoe shoes in black, for my husband. He works 50+ hours a week and is on his feet the whole time. The problem is that he has to wear dress shoes/corporate attire. It can be hard to find shoes that are super supportive but also look formal enough. Incorrect shoes have caused him a great deal of pain. These shoes look great, especially with the adiPRENE by adidas shock-absorbency in the heels which is where he experiences pain. I’d love to give him the gift of comfy feet for Christmas!

  32. Rockport Ashika Knot Tie Flat would be my favourite shoe to pick. Then I would be back in black from being so slack in my sneakers to something sexy for a night out with my husband at the casino.

  33. Twas the night before Christmas all through the house,
    I know I’ll have no shoes to match my blouse,
    But the Rockport Haylyn Open Toe’s would suit,
    Now on Christmas Day I’m looking super cute.

  34. Defiantly the JANAE PUMP in Pink!! They are stunning. I would wear them on my upcoming 22nd birthday on January 2nd paired with a beautiful summer dress!!

  35. Wear the JANAE SQUARE PERFORATED SANDAL with my little
    black dress,
    Is sure to impress,
    Wear it day or night,
    The moment is always right,
    Sexy and Chic,
    I will look simply magnifique.

  36. Seeing as my poor shoe neglected husband really only has work shoes and thongs (!) I know he would love a pair of the Stamp Cruzer Blucher Lace Up. They look so comfortable and stylish….and hopefully might convince him he needs more than 2 pairs of shoes in his wardrobe 🙂

  37. My active lifestyle often means that I am embarrassed to take my trainers off or even worse, wear closed in shoes without socks – in other words….. my feet smell!!! I have been looking for a pair of shoes that I can wear for the beginning of the school year, 2013, as I step away from full time Mum and back into the workforce part time in my role of dance and art teacher. I have got my eye on the Famke Petal Bungee in black – breathable, looks sporty, almost like a ballet flat and could match Lorna Jane and casual wear suited for my role in the arts… also funky and cute and the bonus is that I can chuck them in the wash!!!

  38. Beautiful shoes, however the one I would pick would be the pink Janae Pumps. Beautiful summer colour that would look lovely on New Years Eve at my friends party with my white dress and pink clutch. What a way to start the new year in style!

  39. The Jenae Sandal Flower Anklestrap would be the one I’d choose!
    I’d kick up my heels, party, and dance away those old-shoe blues.
    They look super comfy! A style for an occasion-
    Work, shopping, or a special celebration..
    They suit any season – Spring, winter, Summer.
    I’m sure I could take on the world in these stunners!

  40. I am in love with the Haylyn wide band sling. We are moving into our new house which has a pool just before Christmas so I am loving the idea of a poolside wedge. I’m picturing myself wearing them in the coral with my new white kaftan style dress when we entertain on Christmas Day.

  41. This year, my beautiful mum turns 60, and We have scrimped and saved, to afford to send my mother and I on a weekend to Melbourne for her birthday. We are heading off just after Christmas and although I have bought a couple of new outfits for me, new shoes aren’t going to be happening (and I only have two pairs that I wear O_O) unless I win this prize! I would pick the FAYE FLOWER FLAT in the bronze, as they’re cute, would go with almost any colour and will be comfortable enough for the walking that mum and I will be doing, as we check out as many foodie spots as we can squeeze in. Thankyou and goodluck everyone 🙂 ps I can’t seem to see where I can leave my email addy, so it’s [email protected] x

  42. The Rockport Ridge Valley for my teenage son who lives in joggers and thongs, to show him that on trend, classy shoes are perfect for everyone…not just mums and dads!

  43. The Poolside Wedge had me at first glance. Wearing these to work will help me forget I am at a desk this Summer. Just a glance at my feet and I will transported to the smell of the beach and sunscreen, the clinking of glasses of cold drinks and that feeling of wearing your cosies under a light dress.

  44. I’d buy the Haylyn Open Toe ones for my Mum because I remember her saying when she was a teenager she had a pair exactly like them and they were her favourite!

  45. No matter what I do in life I like to be fashionable. Being a paranormal investigator you need comfy and sturdy shoes due to alot of the locations we visit – “The Weekend Sports Sneaker” would be the perfect addition to my arsenal!

  46. JANAE SQUARE PERFORATED SANDAL would be my choice of shoes to wear. Ive just bought a gorgeous little black dress and teamed with these shoes I know I will feel confident and look great on New Years Eve!!!

  47. Have to be the Jaquelle Loop Hole Thong in yellow – they so so stylish, comfy and made to last. Perfect for someone like me who loves open shoes

  48. I would get the Famke petal bungee-sounds like a shoe that IKEA named! But they look so comfy and I love the silver/grey colour-very high tech!

  49. I would definitely get a pair of Morgan Coast Lace Ups for my partner who has no nice casual shoes and I would have to get something nice for my sister who is just wonderful when it comes to helping us out, I wouldnt get myself anything, as I have more then enough shoes as it is!!

  50. I’d buy the Helena knot tie pump in brown. It is so hard to find shoes in the right shade of brown/cream, not to mention finding comfortable heels. Boringly, I would probably wear them to work, but they would add extra style to my summer work wardrobe which is dominated by natural fibres and white/navy colours this year.

  51. Shoes are like holidays to me. I sit on the net and imagine what it would be like to lounge in an exquisite pair of loafers or sip Bolly in some sweet ballet flats. Rockport’s Janae Dorsay Ankletraps have me dreaming of cradling cappuccinos in Paris or taking in an Opera in Sydney. Shoes really do transport you.

  52. Having checked out Rockport’s fab site I would have to say I could really see my feet in the YEZENIA BALLERINA. They would look fab with jeans, white T-shirt and a really cool Vintage Men’s Navy Blazer with the sleeves rolled up below elbow. They look like comfort personified with a wide adiPrene sole, mesh breathable. The beauty is you get cool looking and feeling feet and they are machine washable. The tick all my boxes LOL. Walking stick in hand I could see myself out and about with those great kicks. Cheers Julz

  53. JANAE SQUARE PERFORATED SANDAL. Sexy AND comfortable. Now I have to try it to believe it! To date, I have never worn high heels and ended the day without sore feet.

  54. “EMILY LASER CUT T-STRAP” Yes please!
    I’d wear these to the shops and walk around with ease,
    I’d wear them to parties and dance all the way
    And I’d take them with me on my summer holiday.

  55. The RIDGE VALLEY PLAINTOE shoe would be ideal for my son to start his first day of teaching next year. He can’t wait to start teaching – and to earn some money! These shoes are smart and totally appropriate for him. It will be a while before he can afford classic and classy shoes but I would love to be able to give them to him to wear.

  56. Rockport, oh Rockport, how you’ve changed your style,
    How I’m loving your hot new shoes,
    In them I could walk for miles!
    From wedges to flats – the choices are immense,
    But if a decision has to be made,
    The divine Emily* it is – there’s no sitting on the fence!
    (*The Emily wedge would rock my new white and coral summer frock).

  57. Rockport, oh Rockport, how you’ve changed your style,
    How I’m loving your hot new shoes,
    In them I could walk for miles!
    From wedges to flats – the choices are immense,
    But if a decision has to be made,
    The divine Emily* it is – there’s no sitting on the fence!
    (*The Emily wedge would rock my new white and coral summer frock).

  58. My top pick would have to be the Rockport Janae Sandal….I have such wide feet that finding anything with a nice heel to wear for a while is near impossible, but these look like they might just do the trick for me!

  59. My horrible cheap shoes, they give me such heart ache,
    they give me blisters, sometimes they are on the nose.
    One day while running to the shops,
    they even broke two of my toes!
    A day at the movies, hitting the shops, heading to the beach,
    or more extravagant a dream holiday to Hong Kong.
    Oh Nikki, oh how I’d love to win a pair of black Rockport Zolina Loop Thongs!

  60. I’d choose the Nicoleen O Ring Slide – at work and commuting, there’d be no need for sneakers as I have found engineering genius! Rockport’s famous WALKABILITY ,combining comfort, style and performance which would ensure my feet felt fresh and happy all day long!

  61. The Janae Pump or the Janae Sandal Flower Anklestrap…just how could I choose.
    With all these wonderful styles from Rockport, how can I lose!!!!
    To wear these when out and about with the girls,
    To hit it up on the dancefloor with moves and twirls!!!!

  62. Janae Square Perforated Sandal in cream(or the Cocktails All Night Heel!).

    These babies would cradle my feet while I danced the night away with my girlfriends in celebration of my recent acceptance into university. This Mumma needs some new shoe babies to love who will love me right back! Plus I already have my skinnies and statement top picked out . . . ;P

  63. Haylyn open toe in lime green….absolutely perfect for my outing on 14 December: team Christmas lunch, then Christmas dinner with friends and then work Christmas party…..and they are wedges which means they’ll be comfy to wear and stylish too…..just need to find a nice kaftan to go with them

  64. I suffer from very sore feet after a couple of years of being unable to sit due to back problems and having to stand for long periods. Rockports are so comfortable, but I still wouldn’t be game to wear heels. I’d choose the Yezenia Bungee in Navy and they wouldn’t come off my feet (except when I go to bed). I don’t get dressed up often and a comfortable pair of everyday shoes (to wear EVERY day) is exactly what I need. And how stylish these are!

  65. After being told in no uncertain terms by a fashionista friend that my frumpy dumpy look just had to go, I would have to choose the Inelle Strappy ankle strap in Tan to give me the height boost I desperately need, whilst keeping me ‘on trend’ (or at least not frumpy!) and not killing my feet in the process. I’d wear them to all my Christmas do’s!

  66. Without a doubt the hot Janae sandal!! And I would wear them to my Xmas work party – I haven’t worn heels for 9 months due to a back injury. I would be loving myself sick!! They would be the batman to my Gotham

  67. As soon as I saw the ladies who lunch Wedge aka Haylyn Open Toe Wedge I was in love. I will wear them everywhere because, you know, I don’t get out much.

  68. After a knee operation i have to (reluctantly) scale down the heel heights- a bummer, eh!? The classic ballet flat or smart loafer could take the edge of my pouting …:-)

  69. Love these 🙂 I would go the Emily Laser cut slide and wear it Xmas day because as a new mum I always seem to be on my feet so would be great if at least they looked stylish 🙂

  70. JANAE PUMP, from the office to a party. Classic lines in a colour that seems to lengthen your legs. If Cinderella had a pair of these she would have been a lot more comfortable and would have taken better care of them.

  71. Oh my Rockport – how you have changed! The last time I remember looking at Rockport’s was many years ago when my Mum was after a pair of sensible (cringe) walking shoes (cringe cringe).
    Now I can’t decide between the Zolina Loop Thong (that blue really floats my boat) for everday casual wear, the Ashika Knot Tie Flat for the office or the Emily Laser Cut T-Strap for everywhere else. Those three pairs would cover me for the season!
    If I’m forced to choose though, it would be the Emily Laser Cut T-Strap. All those Christmas and New Year’s parties with jeans or Maxi dresses and Emily (yep, we’re already on a first-name basis) all the way. Seriously, who doesn’t look fab in a wedge?

  72. I’ve avoided high shoes for far too long now as I’m taller than my husband and we look ridiculous side by side…. In saying that I love my height and enjoy wearing high shoes…So I’d choose the Zelia Square Perforated Peeps and wear them out with my tall friends!

  73. Haylyn Wide Band Sling in blue – Ideal for
    a summer BBQ at a friend’s place or a Sunday brunch by the beach, looking rather neat, with my perfect manicured feet

  74. Famke Petal Bungee…want to tackle the stairs of the Eiffel Tower? I’m sure i can in these..and NOT feel like Bungee-ing off the top in pain!!!

  75. I hope this comment works this time (4th attempt!) I would LOVE the Jackie Penny Loafer because they tick all my boxes. I have knee issues to deal with so I need support and cushion as well as a light weight shoe. I also am a woman so I have a big box labelled stylish and in vogue- it’s ticked too! Thanks Rockport for the opportunity to own a pair of shoes that would otherwise be out of my price range. Rachel

  76. As Im a country gal who wears Haviana thongs or Blundstone boots, I would love to swan around in the Haylyn Open Toe in Navy blue….it’s time for me to embrace my “inner platform soul (sic) “……………….

  77. Trulisa Cap Toe these just look gorgeous. They would go with anything and everything. I could wear them comfortablly all day running around with my kids. School runs, sport events or I can wear them out to dinner with hubby. Or at least wear them at the dinner table and pretend I am at a restaraunt.

  78. Honestly, I would never ever have considered Rockport as a range of shoes I would go to. That was until I saw a pic of Nikki looking fab wearing the Janae Dorsay Anklestrap and my heart it did a flutter!

    Now my Rockport thoughts of the past have vanished…especially when my eyes spied Zelia in cream, how could it not be love at first sight? Style and comfort in one gorgeous package.

    Zelia if you move in with me, I will take care of you, I promise to show off your gorgeous perforated peep-toe fineness at every opportunity. I will wear you with my jeans (complimentary colours of course) and my dresses. You will by me new love <3
    Oh Zelia how I long for you. Truly. Madly. Deeply.

  79. I’d love a pair of orange HayLyn Open toe wedges as I have never owned orange shoes in my life, and have avoided heels for years as I am scared of sore feet…These shoes would be worn out with hubby on our upcoming 20th anniversary to surprise him!!!!!!!

  80. Oh I love the

    Inelle Strappy Anklestrap in Coral. Love them, and the colour is just gorgeous. I would wear these on Christmas day with a light summer weight dress.

  81. As a modern gal with a vintage heart who lives in sunny QLD, my challenge is finding comfortable shoes that work well with my vintage wardrobe … BUT the Inelle Strappy Anklestrap (Tan) would be perfect. Comfortable, stylish & there’s even the possibility of dressing them up with shoe clips – what more could this vintage gal need!

  82. On the joy!! As someone with a Size 12 grip on the earth to see a cream pump (THE JANAE) that looks sexy, and would fit, had me in raptures. Day wear to a night out – definitely versatile.

    New shoes are always to be celebrated. One, because I very rarely find them to fit, and two, because they are a luxury item with a price tag to match for a true Size 12.

    Win me over Rockport and you’ll have a devotee for life! (and I havn’t even mentioned the 16 year old son with Size 14’s!!)

  83. “The Lianna plain pump” in white. it is exactly what I need. I can’t seem to find any decent white shoes this year. Love it./

  84. WOW- just what all us working, balancing mums have been waiting for!
    Cool looking heels with total comfort!
    I looove the Haylyn Open Toe that you called the *Ladies that Lunch* heel- after living in the UK for the last four years- I am throwing myself into a Christmas lunch on the Harbour in Sydney with my girl friends this year.
    Before my three finish the school year I am plotting lunch on Manly Wharf in frock…heels…the works…
    Thanks for the inspiration as always…loved your skinny coloured jeans and Rockports too….cute photo giggling!!

    Melissa x

  85. BONNIE BOAT SHOE – I work selling boats all day and I have a pair of Rockport walking shoes which I’ve lived in over winter (6 days a week!) and I’d love a pair of these for the summer, definitely more stylish! (I’d love a pair of the Etty Plain Moc too as my day off shoes, but the ones I wear all day are more important!)

  86. Sensible brain says the Ashika plain ballet flat in black: so simple, stylish and versatile… but not-so-sensible brain says the Inelle strappy anklestrap in every colour, and the Emily laser cut T-strap and the Zelia square perforated peep, and, and, and….. I’d better go settle not-so-sensible brain down by looking at the Ashika flat again. I’d definitely get a lot of wear out of them….

  87. Rockport Stamp Cruzer Blucher Lace up (Item No: K59224)
    The best thing about Rockports is how comfortable they feel so I’ve chosen a shoe style I can wear everyday with virtually anything in my wardrobe and feel great.

  88. Ok, so I’m going to admit it publicly here….I’m getting old! I’ve finally come to terms with comfort over style!

    This week I am selling ALL my shoes on eBay as its just ridiculous have, wait for it, 87 pairs of shoes! {of which I wear about 10!}.

    So the Rockport label is definitely something I would look at and am surprisingly impressed with their range!

    I would have to decide between being incredibly selfish and get myself the Rockport Janae Snadal, super stylish, or treat my yummy hubby to the Rockport Bennett Lane boat shoe??? {he’s very sensible and dresses for comfort ALL the time, not always stylish so these would keep us both happy}.
    And where would I wear them, for me, to every cocktail party over Xmas and new Year. With my LBD, or cute cuffed shorts and a lacy top!
    May even do them with ‘kinis and sarong while lolling about boating on Sydney Harbour over New Year???
    Either way, win or lose, think I’ll be doing some Rockport shopping for Xmas!
    Thanks for the lead!!!
    Sytyling as ususal……

  89. Famke Wtip Sport Item no: K61159 in the grey colour. That’s my choice for summer walks. Easy and quick to put on, cool and airy, comfortable and wonderfully MACHINE WASHABLE! Love them!

  90. It’s my 20 year high school reunion in February (yikes!) and I have a fabulous flowing silk kaftan with the exact shade of orange that’s in the sexy Inelle Strappy Anklestrap. 7 cm is a great sized feel and I like the idea of a rubber sole to give me more grip. (I’ll be so nervous as I walk in!)

  91. I’d choose the Eastern Standard Moc Ox in blue because I’m nice like that — or perhaps just reward my lovingly generous thoughts with Haylyn open toe in green, for one’s feet must never be out-shone/shod by one’s partner

  92. The Faye Flower Flat, a s a mum you want long wearing and functional BUT still want to feel feminine & pretty, these are the best of both worlds.

  93. I need something like the Trulisa Belgian Moc for work. I work in a pharmacy and can only find my black heels, need comfortable flats. Would love to win a $200.00 voucher. <3

  94. Like a kid in a lolly shop! Being 30, I had classes Rockport as Nana shoes but having popped over for a look, I take it all back. For me, it would have to be the Emily wedge. It would take me from chasing Miss 4 to get dressed in the morning (I swear she’s a nudist) to scooping up my 6 month old, getting them into daycare without tripping on Lego/dolls/discarded treasures and to work as they Yr 10 coordinator looking professional! And then, back again. I think at the end of the work day, the bra would be slipped off before these puppies were kicked off!

  95. I have worked on my feet for years. consequently I gave up wearing heels a long time ago. It would be nice to be able to find something with a bit of heel that’s comfortable too. I really like the Emily Laser cut in brown. I would love to try them out. Pity your link throu to the stores didn’t work or I would go try some on.

  96. I adore the Nicoleen O Ring Slide,
    would look so good with them outside.
    Feeling like a queen consort
    showing off my lovely Rockport

  97. Oh,soooo many gorgeous shoes.Being a “good mum” I’d give the voucher to my son.I think he’d love the day to night brown wingtip, he’s a fashionista. Thanks for the chance and I’ll keep my toes crossed for luck..xx

  98. Loving the Jaquelle Laced Band Slide in Coral. They look cute and comfy and the colour would set off a light tan perfectly. I love that they’re a flat with a bit of lift – perfect with a maxi, kaftan or shorts…

  99. I would buy the Emily wedge, and wear it on my perfect day out- lunch by the beach in a beautiful restaurant, a spot of shopping, finished off with high tea with the girls!

  100. The Haylyn Wide Band Sling, for my feet to do it’s thing, in fashion colours of the season, they’ll look good for any reason

  101. Just love the Trulinda Lace Up Wedge. Under trousers, with opaque stockings, the world is your oyster. They would go with so many different outfits in your day to day life

  102. Trulinda Bow-Tie Wedge. A simple pair of Rockport Wedge Boots have seen me through the last 2 winters, day-in, day-out, walking, standing and looking good so I know another smart pair of Rockport low heels would be just as dependable, comfortable and fashionable.

  103. Heels that are as comfy as a sneaker – you are speaking my language! I would pick the Inelle Strappy Anklestrap in Coral. Gorgeous and such a trendy yet versatile colour.

  104. I’d choose the Janae sandal and I’d wear it on my yacht on the mediterranean, sweetie darling….in my Sacha Drake Ingela kaftan with a glass of Cristal…..ha failing that I’d just dance around the house in my fancy new shoes!

  105. I would defiantly buy the Rockport Janae Sandal, I have just found out my daughter is pregnant and I am going to be a Grandmother!! Who would have thunked it!!
    I might not always have been the “yummy mummy” in my first early years of motherhood, but will defiantly be a “groovy granny” with those gorgeous shoes.
    The balance of the voucher will go to my beautiful daughter who has made me very proud over the years, Bring on July 2013.

  106. I wanna be a lady who lunches so I’m going to need the Haylyn Open Toe and I reckon Coral will be my choice of colour. Rockingport it! x

  107. I have problem feet and have such difficulty wearing heels but I need to look stylish for my daughter’s wedding next year and I wonder if the Helena Buckled Sandal would solve that issue…or the Locklyn Pendant Quarter Strap or even the Inelle Strappy Anklestrap. I have to find a local distributor and try these shoes on!

  108. the janae sandal will be on my mind every single minute of the day tonight, tomorrow and until this competition closes!!! I will wear them on a night out with the girls to the big city and will dance all night in them – because I can…and I will stay out late because my feet won’t be killing me…and at the end of the night I will run for the very last train that will take me home because I can!

  109. oH NOO!!! … I was lured in and looked more and more and now I’m also envying the ZOLINA loop thong in brown …. simple to slip on with EVERYTHING … well almost (Maybe not the little frock out on a Fun Summer night!) 🙂

  110. They do come in GREEN!!! … I’m in “ENVY” love with the “HayLyn Open Toe … mmmm now to decide what colour for my toes peeping out the front!!! I’m thinking Christmas Day after lunch … with some shorts and a sheer summer top with the new bikini under 🙂 …. a cool summer drink and the kids happily playing with their cousins!

  111. I’d love to bring in the new year wearing the Cream Janae Square Perforated Sandal. I have the perfect dress but no shoes! These are super sexy with the ankle strap, and the best bit is the wearer will continue to look sexy the entire night through, rather than the awkward hobble that accompanies a long night on your feet wearing gorgeous shoes!

  112. love, love Rockport shoes, have to wear flats and favour lace ups s they give me more support, BUT to find something stylish! enter ROCKPORTS, have two pairs almost worn to death and if I got the chance would buy FAMKE PETAL BUNGEE
    style as they tick all the boxes.

  113. The ‘Haylyn Open Toe’!

    I am 4 months into my first pregnancy and all I hear is how we are heading into our hottest summer yet… I am relying on shoes to keep me sane as they are going to be the only consistent thing that I will still be able to wear day in and day out over the next 5 months to make me feel fabulous! My plan is that people will look at the shoes as opposed to the sweaty round figure I will become!

  114. WOW…. my pick would have to be the Haylyn Open Toe in Coral (my favourite colour of the season) and it would more be a question of where WOULDN’T I wear them! For starters, this very comfy looking wedge would definitely fit the bill for my Christmas Day outfit 🙂

  115. I love the simplicity of the Zolina Loop Thong. These thongs will allow me the freedom to stroll through the park with our son, yet if he breaks into a gallop by the next distraction I can comfortably chase after him.

  116. Pack them and walk a thousand miles in them! TruWALK Zero Women will be my new travel companion For the price of versatility and comfort I’ll show them a wonderful time and some great sites. I’ll team them with shorts and skirts or whatever is left clean in my back pack!

  117. well $200 would surely help with my new obsession – rockport anything!!! I’m needing the Inelle Strappy Anklestrap in coral for stepping out, haylyn open toe in navy as these would smarten any outfit up and the good old zolina loop thong in pink for my everyday Queensland summer shoe. Lets hope Santa’s credit card is charged and ready to go!

  118. Definately the Haylyn Open Toefor me – I love the summery colour and style. I’d be wearing them to a casual poolside party!

  119. I would wear

    JANAE SQUARE PERFORATED SANDALout to celebrate my hubby getting a job after a year and not being able to go out to dinner and then I will be wiggling my butt on the dance floor in joy

  120. aquelle Loop Hole Thong would have to get the gong
    I can see my going here there and everywhere
    with never a thought for a sore foot

  121. Luv Luv Luv these shoes especially the

    LOCKLYN PENDANT QUARTER STRAP shoe, they would go with any of my outfits for spring & summer & they look soo comfortable & because i love a bit of a wedge to give me extra height, they would be perfect for a night out, barbeque or for my love of shopping!!! I get lots of comments when i wear my wedges like where did you buy them & are they comfy which would have to be the most asked question!! This would also make a gr8 birthday present also, seeing it’s my birthday next week!!! Yes please i would LOVE them 🙂 🙂

  122. Haylyn Open Toe in that gorgeous tangerine, partial to a ladies lunch pre- Christmas, having survived another school year, with pretty toes poking thru! Lunch would be long, I ‘d have a Camilla kaftan on and my white pants…

  123. …and I thought Rockport were just for Grannies. If I won, I would get my dear hubby the Ridge Valley Plaintoe. When we currently head to the pub on a summers evening, he looks great from the shins up – wears cool levis and a nice pale summer shirt and then RUINS THE LOOK by wearing his old runners!!! (often with grass clippings still attached). Would be great to see him looking cool from head to toe!!

  124. I would wear the ‘Emily Laser Cut T-strap’ in coral. I would wear them as often as possible to just about everywhere! The wedge could handle a picnic in the park, they’d look great going out for Christmas drinks with friends, and even for the special winery lunch I have planned for my husband’s birthday.

  125. there sure are some great styles on offer. The HELENA KNOT TIE PUMP is the shoe for me. Either with some slim leg cropped pants or a full-prom-like skirt teamed with the classiest of pussy-bow blouses. OH SO PRETTY

  126. I am totally amazed that Rockport make these stunning shoes – my last pair of Rockports took me back packing through New York, London and Paris…oh how I wish they had made the The Ashika Knot Tie Flat then!!

    I love this classic Parisian look and would love to wear them in Paris and New York!! Unfortunately these days I would be wearing them on the school run and at the park but boy oh boy I’d feel fabulous wearing them.

  127. Janae Shoes in Black.
    With a black corset, black bra/panties, and suspenders.
    Underneath a demure shift. With my hair up in a demure french roll secured with a clip, and my demure glasses on

    I will sashay about in my shoes with a sexy yet demure glint in my eye.
    And when I get home I will shimmy out of my demure shift leaving the underwear and shoes (which match perfectly). I will not have to remove my shoes because they are so comfy.

    I will slide off my glasses and remove my hair clip, flip my hair about coquettishly and give smouldering looks.
    To the cat.
    Before flopping onto the couch for a savvy blanc.

  128. I would buy the Haylyn Wide Band Sling in coral. They look perfect for lounging poolside, cocktail in hand, on my honeymoon in Hawaii next year! Come to think of it, I’d like them in navy too… Fingers crossed!

  129. Firstly Miss Nikki I have 3 problems to raise with you… (1) I thought Rockports were for old daggy ladies and so I hadn’t previously wanted any Rockports… but now I do! (2) There are soooooo many nice shoes to choose from for work and play! and (3) my bank balance is not large enough for discovering this!

    If I had to choose just one pair as my starter I would go the Emily laser cut t-strap. You’ve got me out of my neutrals and I’ve been experimenting with colour and I think these in coral will bring my wardrobe to life without killing my feet for fashion!

    1. Oh and forgot to say that I think I would be wearing them everywhere! School pick up, work, out for lunch they would go with so many outfits!

  130. I would love a pair of the Haylan Wide Band Sling (in red). I would wear them at home on my Skype calls to clients in the US.
    You see I always wear professional clothes and suits on the skype calls and have my hair and makeup done. But that feels so strange to be dressed like that at home, usually in the wee hours of the morning. Those shoes would make me giggle and think I am having a ‘newsreader moment’ when the top half is so formal, but the shoes are fun and funky and more me.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  131. OMG!!! So much to choose from!

    After years of ballet flats, UGGS and berkenstocks (oh my!), I recently discovered the joy of wearing a wedge. So I was instantly attrracted to the Haylyn Open Toe wedge (one in every colour please!!!), BUT…….. If I am going to change my style from casual, laid back (and sometimes sloppy) mum, to that of chic and stylish almost 40-year old (which is my current goal in life), I would have to choose the Janae Square Perforated Sandal. So stylish, so hip, so beautiful. I see it with skinny jeans and a chiffon sleeveless shirt with an amazing necklace, heading out for cocktails with the girls. Divine!!!

  132. This holiday season when I’m lucky enough to sleep
    I know my dreams will be filled with the Zelia Square Perforated Peep
    It’s edgy and funky and the heel has support
    When everyone asks where I got such a shoe, I can tell them from Rockport.

  133. love these Haylyn Wide Band Sling – Lightweight construction and casual embellishments make the Haylyn Collection of platform wedges an obvious choice for the season. i the red print, would dress up my christmas outfit and make me a star on christmas day. Look great for school drop off and shopping as well. Might even make an appearance around my pool on NYE. [email protected]

  134. i love these

    Haylyn Wide Band Sling

    Lightweight construction and casual embellishments make the Haylyn Collection of platform wedges an obvious choice for the season. i the red print, would dress up my christmas outfit and make me a star on christmas day. Look great for school drop off and shopping as well. Might even make an appearance around my pool on NYE.

  135. You are speaking my language now – you may remember the email I sent asking about what shoes would be good for glamming around Paris? I am thinking the Emily Wedge would be the trick for day and I can see that lovely Janae sandal working for nights out at dinner that include a river side promanade.

  136. one pair for me: the penny loafers and for the hubby: the eastern standard moc ox…or perhaps i’ll forget him and just go all out with the zelia wedge booties (& he can pay the difference 😉 !)

  137. OMG – I have ganglion cysts on my knee that have been drained and injected with cortisone twice already only for them to re-appear. It has caused no end of problems to my exercise regime and my “just standing still” regime – so I am always up for a de-brief on footware – it makes a HUGE difference.

    And soo… I would love the Janae Square Perforated Sandal but would the strap across the ankle make my stocky legs, stockier? So then I was eyeing off the Ashika Knot Tie Flat – can’t go wrong with a ballet flat -right?

    But just for general purpose/I work in a factory/standing at kid sport, I quite fancy me a pair of the Yezenia Ballerinas!

    I’m ready to rock any Rockport!

  138. Where wouldn’t I wear the Emily Laser Cut T-Strap wedge? It would be my go-to summer shoe for brunch by the beach, a day at the Australian Open tennis, or a balmy evening barbecue with friends. The coral is bang on trend and the wedge heel would give me the leg-lengthening lift I need without sacrificing comfort. I’ve worn Rockport shoes hiking for years and would love to add to complete my summer wardrobe with this super stylish wedge.

  139. I’d buy the JANAE PUMP in cream – it looks like the perfect go-to pump for corporate wear, a stunning neutral that looks great with black but is also a lovely accompaniment to all the gorgeous corals, oranges and marine-inspired colours in season this spring/summer. In fact, this shoe would also translate well into Friday night drinks or on the weekend with jeans. Yep, I’m sold!

  140. As you know Nikki I have a bad knee and finding a shoe with a heel that does not look like something my granny would wear (if I had one) is a constant and sometimes losing battle,I have looked at the rockport website and I choose the Smart Shopper Wedge shoe in orange, of course,as I could wear them out and still look stylish and chic without falling over and hurting another part of myself.
    Thank-You Nikki for the chance to win a pair of these very clever shoes!

  141. Us busy Mummies need speed, comfort and style for anything from grocery shopping and playing in the park to wiping poop off my kid’s butt. It’s a tough brief. Thank you for giving me a peak into Rockport and I am now going to seek out the Dailana Square Perforated Quarter Strap in blue which I will rock with one of my everyday frocks and colour coordinated arm party.

  142. Loving the look of those Haylyn slings. I would be looking fab, not to mention a couple of inches taller, whilst wearing those in my all you can eat maxi dress, watching the sun set, sipping on sangrias, hanging with good friends, poolside over here in Perth. Bring on the bbq’s.

  143. The Emily Laser Cut T strap in Coral for me. They’d give me a pop of colour with my neutral wardrobe (I’m learning Nikki, I’m learning!) and have me feeling stylish at casual Christmas functions but still allow me to chase after my hyperactive special needs son!

  144. The Helena Knot Tie Pump is for me. In my corporate world I need to look a million bucks all day but still be able to race from meeting to meeting and keep a smile on my face for entertaining into the evening. These shoes are the perfect complement to my work wardrobe.

  145. I adore the Jackie Penny Loafer in Brown, and would love to have these classic, preppy shoes in my wardrobe. I’d wear them with a neutral dress for day time, or cropped jeans or pants for a weekend lunch or shopping trip. But what i love most? They’re fashionable in 2012, but will remain timelessly elegant for years to come (and I know Rockport is built to last!)

  146. I am struggling to pick one style too! A few years ago I started training to do a half marathon every year and since then with aching legs and feet after all that training I can’t bring myself to be in uncomfortable shoes all day! It sounds like pure bliss to be in something as comfortable in my running shoes. I will be decisive and pick one … the Helena sandal in black which I would wear with my orange slim cropped pants and black racer back hi-lo tio, light weight summer scarf and a bit of an arm party … This outfit would take me from a casual day at work to drinks with the girls … A perfect outfit in my mind and the fact I wouldn’t have to change my shoes would top it off!

  147. I had no idea Rockport made all those!!! For me it’s the Haylyn Wide Band Sling… I’ve fallen into the flip flop Mummy Uniform, so those would be the perfect thing to snap me out of it!

  148. I can’t pick one! So it will have to be coin toss between Janae square perforated sandal in black, and ashika plain ballet flat. The heels I could wear for a night out with anything in my wardrobe. I’m very partial to ballet flats that have a point, just think they look better on my narrow foot. I would wear them with Capri pants, to lunch with the girls, by the water, with a nice glass of verdalho and seafood…. Oops sorry got a bit carried away there with a nice little fantasy of a decadent lunch. Maybe I should just make it happen. 😉

  149. I think that the Dailana square perforated would be perfect for moi! I could wear them anywhere, work especially- not being a fan of heels, I would make them fit any outfit or occasion.

  150. I suffer from a chronic illness which gives me a lot of joint pain … yet I still love and adore heels! I discovered the delights of Rockport a few years ago and now I can stay comfortable yet indulge my shoe fantasies! I think my heart belongs to the Janae Dorsay Anklestrap in Cream so I can dance the night away in style and most importantly, comfort! It would be my little secret … except I’d be telling every single girl in the room. Too good to keep to myself!

    [email protected]

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