Celebrity fragrances

Are celebrity fragrances the Wham! posters of 2012?

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I’m sitting at my desk and in front of me is a rather large pink, purple, gold and white box with the words “Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” emblazoned across it.

Now, either JB’s girlfriend is very tiny or I’m being sold something … a concept, an idea, a feeling.

Nicki Minaj is also here with me. As is Taylor Swift.

Yes, welcome to the world of celebrity fragrances. A burgeoning industry that has me pondering the question, is owning and wearing your fave celeb’s fragrance the 2012 equivalent of pinning a poster of George Michael above your bed in 1984?

Celebrity fragrances

Come on over to The Hoopla and let me know what you think.

Should the romance of choosing a fragrance be something greater than a celebrity endorsement?


This awesome video just came to my attention. An extremely good example of a good celebrity fragrance endorsement. Snaps to Calvin Klein, I suspect you will sell  A LOT of Encounter Calvin Klein fragrances thanks to a particularly steamy association with True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgård.

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  1. I’m currently using Katy Perry’s Purr. Besides the fact it smells nice the gorgeous purple cat bottle is a keeper long after the perfume’s gone! It’s also the first celebrity perfume I’ve ever used or bought.

  2. I love celebrity fragrances and so does my mum! Most are very fruity or fruity floral, but some do suit older demographics too (my mum wouldn’t like them if they didn’t) ….something else (some) non-celebrity fragrances don’t have are cute or creative bottles! Obvioulsly i have to like the scent, but i admit I get ‘sucked in’ by a good looking perfume bottle lol

  3. I went to an interesting “fragrance” evening at my local pharmacy a few weeks ago. We discussed celebtrity fragrances and we were told, of all of them – JP’s Lovely had Jessica’s total input in the design, blending, production etc and Lady Gaga was another – with her innovative ‘black’ perfume. All the others are just marketed with the celebs face.

      1. Do you mean like how ‘Lovely’ is by SJP whereas Brittney Spears’ perfumes are actually by Elizabeth Arden

        1. No, Lovely by SJP is a Coty Fragrance … SJP is definitely involved with the process as is Brittney with her’s. No it’s when a celebrity is the “face” of a fragrance campaign, like Brad Pitt for Chanel … oops bad example … Nicole Kidman for Chanel a few years ago. You’ll see those images in magazines and in TV commercials but the fragrance is an existing or new one from a designer house.

  4. I am not a fan much of celebrity fragrances ,yes I will have a smell,but ususually don’t like them ,I think they are marketed for the younger age group though saying that I love Jessica Parker’s Lovely,it has all the right notes for this perfume whore,and I adore Michael Kors By Michael Kors,I could wear that fragrance everyday but at $180 a bottle I keep it for good.I love me a floral or a floriental frangrance,I hate green woody perfumes.

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