4 lipsticks to pop your lips

Lazy-girl beauty: 4 lipsticks to pop your lips

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Your Nana was right, you know?

A little lippy on the lips before you step out for the day can make all the difference to your mood and how put together you look.

Which is why this lazy-girl beauty queen always carries a swag of her favourite pop lippy colours in her handbag.

Because, unlike my Nana, I’m more likely to have left the lipstick application until I’m in the car and stopped at traffic lights on the school run.

In my lazy-girl thinking, if I’ve managed to slap on a bit of BB Cream, concealer, a lick of mascara and a highlighting blush, I can take this fake minimal makeup look and make it appear like I’ve made an effort … particularly if I leave my sunnies on.

Check out my vlog for the lowdown on 4 lipsticks to pop your lips – they’re my faves but I’d also like to hear about yours. (Warning: I may have taken the Nana analogy too far and there may or may not be incidences of Nana teeth. Oops.)

4 lipsticks to pop your lips

4 lipsticks that pop

1. Eles Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Melon $39.50 | 2. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain $50 | 3. Napoleon Perdis Lady in Red Lip Gloss $30 | 4. Maybelline New York SuperStay 14HR Lipstick $18.95

Nude up

And because every pop colour lip needs a subtle eye to enhance the pop, if you’re not a lazy-girl like me who rarely wears eye colour unless out for the day or night, then feast your eyes on this new nude palette (due out from Napoleon Perdis on October 14).

The Ultimate Nude Palette

The Ultimate Nude Palette ($79) is an edit of the most flattering eye shadows, blush and highlighters – in one compact (just slightly bigger than a smartphone in size) unit. It’s got all you need create a day nude or a night nude. If you want some tips on how to create a nude eye, re-visit this video I made earlier this year.

(And yes, I’m giggling like a little schoolgirl now … over the word NUDE. I need to grow up.)

Do you use this lazy-girl beauty trick? Or are you firmly a gloss-only girl? What’s the one lippie or gloss that never lets you down?

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  1. do you think that old rule of either highlighting eyes or lips still applies? Makeup wise i always do my eyes up but find anything that i put on my lips looks clown-like…. so normally just go the gloss. I honestly think i would feel weird with lips so bright (although they look great on others).

  2. I’m a gloss girl myself but love a bright lippy for nights out. I bought the NP Lady in Red after reading a post of yours about it but was wondering what liner you use with it??

  3. Love my Blistex (feel nude without!) for bedtime and anytime my lips feel dry, or my new Kiehls which is glossier for out and about and has the SPF benefit too. As for popping, my melon Chubbystick is as loud as I go! Juicytubes and clarins glosses are my everyday lazy – I don’t leave home without em! xx

  4. How is the Maybelline 14-hour lippie? I nearly bought it the other day. (my connection won’t let me watch the vlog at the mo) I love Revlon’s Color Stay in Constantly Coral … although if you get it on your teeth you essentially need a dentist to drill it off. (I consider this a plus.) And as the sorry owner of flesh-coloured lips I cannot even walk around the house without lippie on. Even if no one else is home. Sad but true. x

  5. Of course you’re giggling….Nude IS a funny word!?! Being of the fair haired (and golden variety at that) pale skinned variety of species I have a really hard time finding lippy colours that are flattering. I’ve now crossed over to the tinted lib balm world and that is working a treat. Just need to remember to reapply…haven’t quite conquered that bit yet…xx ps love the new cushions!! x

  6. I love all things you put on your lips,gloss,lipstick and balm ,I cannot do without something on my lips ,i just feel yuck and so do my lips,silly I know but that’s just how it is I even wear lipbalm to bed.I currnetly am loving,maybelline pink peony,mango diamonds and the forever lipcolour in roseberry ,it is between a gloss and a lippy ,just right when you only want a touch of colour,and I like Napleon’s St Johns red,I still have not found my perfect red lippy yet.
    Nikki have you tried those new lipstains the ones that look like a texta,I would love to see how they feel on the lipsif they are drying or creamy.
    You are not the only one who wears glasses I wear them for distance and driving and tv,I still don’t need them for reading and probably never will ,no one in my family has yet! But I have contacts as well.
    Yes Nana was right ,mine did not even go to the letter box without lipstick,she was funny like that.Thanks for the Vlog Nikki.

    1. Love that your Nana put on lippy to go to the letter box! And I’m with you, lip balm (Lanolips) on before bed for me. Have to have something on. I find the texta-style ones drying on me – or perception is that as I like to “feel” there’s something there.

  7. I rarely go out the door without lipstick! I really love Mirenesse’s lip and cheek stain because it gives me great colour that still looks natural. I use ‘Brad and Angelina’. I wait until it’s on sale and then buy up. I have tubes everywhere.

  8. anything with lazy girl in the title gets me to come running, I like the idea of a 14hr lipstick…do they do that in a bottle with energy 😉

  9. I have the NP lady in red (your suggestion – thanks). Thought I’d share a recent find – bought a MAC ‘tinted lip conditioner’ in ‘petting pink’ – it does double duty by adding moisture to lips with a little colour – lasts well too & has SPF15.

  10. During the week, my lazy girl lip option is Maybelline Baby Lips Glow – it’s a lip balm with a hint of a beautiful pink that intensifies the more you layer on. And at less than $4, chuck it in your shopping trolley with no guilt! My absolute favourite lipstick is MAC Sheen Supreme in ‘Full Speed’ – it is a super creamy, thick, lovely bright coral pink that is just divine.

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