recipe: frozen margarita

Recipe: Frozen Margarita

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Ah, Friday. I see you. I salute you. And I margarita you.

Yes, Stylers, when life hands you lemons from the backyard tree and a supply of duty-free tequila and Cointreau, it’s time to head to MargaritaVille.

Never been?

I tell you, it’s a lovely place.

Quite refreshing but a little on the tarty side. But that’s ok with me.

We got re-acquainted with MargaritaVille when in the US – particularly on the West Coast.

I don’t think I ate at a restaurant that didn’t offer up this cocktail. I made it a little mini mission to try a few different ones but it’s the original that I’m more likely to whip up at home.

Now, you don’t have to go down the frozen path if you don’t want to. It’s just my preference.

We also came across a number of pre-mixed margarita drinks while in the States but I’d still stick to the old school combo of tequila, Cointreau (or Triple Sec) and lemon blizted with ice over a mixer any time. I tell myself that it’s healthier that way 😉

recipe: frozen margarita

Ingredients (makes two very big drinks)

4 cups of ice cubes

1/3 cup of Tequila

2 tbs Cointreau

6 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice


1. Throw all ingredients in a blender (I use our Thermomix … seriously good for turning it into a margarita slushie). 

2. Blitz until you get the desired consistency.

3. Rub a lemon or lime wedge around the glasses you’re planning to use.

4. Turn glass upside down on a plate covered in salt so that salt covers the rim.

5. Pour into the salt-rimmed glasses and enjoy. Best served with a side of guacamole, don’t you think?

Now, a little note on my glasses. Yes, they’re THE Mexican blue glasses we all had to have in the early ’90s. Or was that just me?

Now, I’m generally not a hoarder but when it comes to my Mexican blue glass collection, they have followed me around since that first purchase. I have a whole cupboard of them in different shapes and sizes.

Do they qualify as vintage? I suspect yes.

Do I qualify as vintage? I suspect very much yes.


Do you like a margarita or two? Or have a favourite cocktail that gets you in the mood for spring and summer?


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  1. I say YES to just about any frozen alcoholic yumminess, but NO to the glasses, I did have a set or 3, but over the years, my choice of glasses has got finer and finer, and really don’t enjoy chunky anymore. My wine glasses are so fine, way to easy to break, but everything tastes soooo much better 🙂

  2. I’m with you Nikki, big yes to the mexican blue glass, love ’em – keepin’ ’em! Though didn’t realise they were from the 90’s till you mentioned.

  3. I just happen to have a whole box of lemons and a Thermomix! But no tequila or Cointreau *sigh*. I do have plenty of gin though. Wonder what a Hendricks and lemon slushie would taste!

  4. Cheers to you ,from one vintage lady to another,but you don’t look vintage Nikki,You look lovely,Your hair looks fab straight from the hairdresser.I too have big blue glasses like yours and they are lovely probably very old now but nice and big for holding liquid beverages,I only have 2,love your recipe thank-you for sharing and I love a tart drink,(not in that way ) just not too sweet ,have a wonderful weekend….Enjoy whatever you do.

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