White chocolate red heart and Belgian mud cake wedding cake

It’s our wedding anniversary!

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Today is our 8th wedding anniversary. I still remember the magnificence of this cake day.

White chocolate red heart and Belgian mud cake wedding cake

Photo: Images by Lou O’Brien | Cake: Julie Whitehead Cakes

That’s white chocolate icing coating Belgian chocolate mudcake. Yes. It. Is.

If you missed last year’s post which re-capped our day … you can read it here. In a nutshell it was one of those fabulous long lunches where the drinks flowed a little too freely and much inappropriate behaviour was had.

Our bridal waltz was at 5 in the afternoon to Bust a Move. I may have been carrying a bottle of champagne in my hand and I may have watched two finals games of footy on the TV on our wedding night.

And yes … we’re still happily married 😉

We’re celebrating with date night on a school night tonight … which means no cooking for me and because it’s a Tuesday night (*sad face*) no chance of having to schedule watching of footy games.

PS. Our honeymoon was on beautiful Koh Samui in Thailand … if you’re dreaming of an Asian beach holiday, click over here to see how you could win one.

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  1. Congratulations on 8 wonderful years. Loving your ‘bust a move’ waltz – perfection!
    We celebrated 7 yrs this month. How time flies 🙂

  2. We just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on Monday! And funnily enough, football is involved! The night before my husband couldn’t come and help set up the reception decorations because he was watching the Tigers’ finals game (they lost), and during the reception my uncle was continuously on his phone getting Dragons and Wallabies updates! Our honeymoon was spent on Lindeman during Lockyear’s last game so you can imagine the coverage each night!

    1. Oh, yes I can imagine the coverage! On our honeymoon we went to a dodgy sports bar on Koh Samui in the middle of the day to watch the Lions lose the AFL Grand Final to Port Adelaide. We were the only ones there supporting Brisbane. Awkward!

      1. Happy anniversary week to all of us, ours was on the 23rd of September 3 years ago at the LA County court house. We didn’t have such a magnificent cake as yours Nikki, but I think we celebrated with in & out burgers 🙂

  3. Are you sure we’re not confusing our weddings? Ours was a lunch affair too and finished by sundown in time for us to gather with some friends who live far away to watch the rugby league final in the hotel’s private cinema! It was such a great day! Happy anniversary! We’re approaching our 5th anniversary very soon.

  4. Congrats! That is a super cake. Love it! I have a footy moment from my big day. Strangely we were actually early and so we stayed in the car around the corner for a bit. My best friends dad ( who was acting as my pseudo dad for the day and was giving me away) put the radio on to listen to the footy. I don’t remember who they were playing but Parramatta were and they were losing.. Badly. He says ‘How about we wait here until parra score?’ luckily he saw sense or we would have been waiting all afternoon!

  5. Congratulations!
    Enjoy your anniversary and the chance to enjoy it without football interruptions. My brother got married on the October long weekend, which is also when the AFL grand final is played. The team most of the family barrack for was playing and as this was in the day before mobile/internet technology they were fortunate that the reception was in a large hotel, and the men kept disappearing for updates…Means their anniversary falls on grand final weekend most years since!

  6. Happy Anniversary Nikki and Mr Styling you,I hope you have a wonderful date night and it’s a good when you don’t have to cook during the week.That is one of the most beautiful wedding cakes I have seen ,I bet it tasted good too!.
    You make me feel ancient Nikki,we have been married for 27 years,yes I was a child bride lol,But seriously I was lucky I met my husband when we were young and we have been together for more years than apart now,we still have a very happy marriage too.I will have to re read your post you did last year I can’t remember reading it.

  7. Happy Anniversary. Thoughts of the stories you have shared about your wedding always warm my heart. I think a wedding could be elegant or princessy, but what it really needs to feel perfect is that warmth of the love and happiness between the two getting married. Yours had that.

  8. Happy Anniversary Nikki! Love the cake! Great re-cap post too! As a gal currently in the throws of organising her wedding – what’s your no 1 tip for a fab day? Go all out of the dress? Plenty of Booze (you guys clearly had that covered!)? Budget for the best photographer you can afford? Keep it small? Your thoughts would be great! x anna

    1. Our priority was that we wanted our guests to have an amazing time – the concept of the long lunch appealed to make the most of the view and well, I love a long lunch! So part of that – we wanted to serve good food and wine.

      My dress wasn’t OTT in the price department but I did have it custom made by Brisbane bridal designer Wendy Makin – I wish I’d bought some fancy schmancy shoes but I just went with a cheap pair. A photographer who is not only good but captures the candid moments is what I like – like this image I’m attaching here.

      As small as you can keep it is good but make sure your good friends don’t miss out as they will very much help make the day.

      Good luck with planning your day Anna!

      1. Oooh love Wendy Makin – I remember watching those Qld Fashion Awards on TV as a teenager and my sisters & I looooved the bridal section! Wendy’s were always a highlight! Thanks for your time! x

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