Keeping it Real: the airplane travel outfit

Keeping it Real: the airplane travel outfit

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Just a quick post, Stylers. I’ve got some exciting things to do … like sit on an airport transfer bus and travel to Brisbane . To then get on a plane.

To New York.

Well New York, via LA.

I’ve treated myself to Premium Economy. Because I’m worth it.

Well, that’s the story I’ve spun for my husband, who is flying out with my youngest son to join me for a holiday at the end of the conference … and with whom I will very much enjoy travelling back to Australia. At the back of the plane where I belong 😉

But I will care not because I will have ticked off some serious bucket list stuff.

So, let’s get down to it and talk travel outfits. Here’s what I’m wearing.

Keeping it Real: the airplane travel outfit

Seed jacket | Gasparre | Sussan top | NYDJ | Zoe Kratzmann shoes 

Keeping it Real: the airplane travel outfit

Renee Blackwell Design

I’ve talked before that I’m a “dress up for a flight” kind of girl so I’ve put together an outfit that suits my need for equal parts comfort and some semblance of style.

It’s a variation on my NYDJ jeans and jacket “uniform” and it’s one that works for me.

This style of jean is a super stretchy legging and seriously comfortable. The jacket was the Seed one I featured here. I first fell in love with the colour first but then it was the soft jersey material that won me over because it offered the structure I look for in a jacket, with plenty of give for flying.

… oh, and never fear … I plan to get even more comfortable on board.

In my carry-on luggage I have abi and joseph pants, a long Feather’s tunic, a cashmere cardi and some of those very attractive inflight socks.

See you on the other side … bear with me as I work through the time differences to get my regular posting schedule on track. In the meantime, tomorrow I’ve got this month’s multi-draw giveaway starting. You won’t want to miss it!

What do you wear on long haul flights?


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    1. Thanks Danielle and thanks for the comments you’ve left on the blog! Can I please ask you to sign up for a Disqus account so you can link your site that way to the comments. It’s quite spammy to leave your website name on each comment and not the done thing but if you sign in with your disqus account to comment it will link on your name. Hope that makes sense?

  1. I got caught in LA airport a couple of years ago when the A380’s were all grounded and unfortunately my luggage was all sent home, a lovely ex-pat girlfriend picked me up and took me to Target to buy undies, tanks and a pair of black yoga pants and they changed my long haul flight outfit forever: You’d be surprised how nice you can look in black yoga pants, black ballet flats, a nice print jersey top, jacket and pashmina: it’s like pretty jarmies!

  2. Please please someone explain what the special socks are and where I can get some? I have only heard of those dreaded stocking thingies which I refuse to wear.

  3. You look stunning and oh so chic,Yes you can do comfy and stylish,That’s the way I like to dress all the time,Love love the seed jacket ,you maybe have changed my mind on green ,Maybe!Your Pashmina is lovely and I’m glad you have your Abi and Joseph pants to change into if you want to get real comfy,and a cashmere cardi and your special socks,Whatever your using on your face I want some ,you are glowing!!,I am so over my dry patches.Have a Fab time and looking forward to your New York posts and stay safe and well.

  4. Great outfit! You should be comfy and stylish, which is terribly important!

    Oh, and I am not jealous. Not one tiny bit. No, no, I am not.

    Okay, I am. I hope you have a fabulous time! Can’t wait to see what you get up to!

  5. Hi Nikki – you look absolutely gorgeous. I swear you get better looking each week. I also dress up for long haul flights because my father was a flight engineer, so in the 70s when we accompanied mum and him on international flights it was a sign of respect to the whole “flying” thing to dress up. Plus it improved your chances of obtaining a subload seat Mum said (not sure about that).
    Have an absolutely wonderful time. I crave to go to NYC for the conference – maybe next year. Meanwhile you go girl and I look forward to reading your updates. Kylie x

  6. OMG no one is supposed to look so swish for airtravel unless they are at the pointy end of the plane. Leaving for holidays I usually wear something comfy paired with the elasticated socks b/c DVT is really NOT fashionable. On the way home I am usually trying to hide as much weight in my hand luggage as is possible so I wear heavy jeans, leather jacket with pockets full of small heavy stuff. If you come home in cargo pants with pockets full of jewelery, I will know you have had a good shopping trip! Just remember to empty your pockets at security 😉

  7. On my last long haul flight, I wore Seed denim pants. Like track pants with elasticated waist and cuffs. With a Sussan stylish but comfy t- shirt, Witchery grey marle cardigan jacket, pashmina, and CR ballet flats. On board, I put on special socks. Very special. And another cardigan.

    Going to reprise this outfit due to extreme comfort but not looking like a slob! I just can’t be bothered bringing stuff to change into.

    Loving the do! X She bangs! 😉

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