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Keeping it Real: the weekend preppy outfit

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I refused to believe I was flying back into winter after getting a taste of summer in the US so it’s just as well spring has made it presence well and truly known a day or two early.

See, while my legs may be in urgent need of some de-forestation, my fashion mind has well and truly switched seasons. After all, I’ve got new clothes to wear and I want to bring them out to play.

And last weekend I did just that.

One of the final things I bought in LA (just when I thought I did not have one shopping bone left in my body) was a stripey top from Banana Republic’s summer sales rack … for $22!

I spied it, gave it an immediate trans-seasonal wardrobe tick and swiped that credit card one last time.

Back home last weekend on solid ground and working off a case of post-holiday blues, I had to strap on a uniform for one of those “running around” days. Littlest kid had to be somewhere. Big kids had to be too … at the same time. Of course.

Food to be bought. Coffee to be had. That sort of stuff. Nothing major. Just stuff.

So, I turned to my wardrobe for “uniform” inspiration and there winking at me was Miss Stripey Banana Republic and a new pair of salmony orange coloured loafers from the good people at Rockport*.

I thought, I may not be going anywhere near a yacht today but what’s wrong with a bit of a preppy outfit to get me through my Saturday?


Preppy outfit

preppy outfit rockport loafers

preppy outfit

Prada |  Renee Blackwell Design | Witchery ring | Seed | Banana Republic | Uberkate | NYDJ | Rockport

Do you do stripes? Loafers? A preppy look? What outfits will you need for your weekend?

* Rockport gifted me these loafers for editorial consideration in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. Yes Nikki I certainly do do stripes (did I just type ‘do do’??!) and a heck of ALOT of them!! Can’t really beat them and never seem to go out of style. Well, I hope not anyway!!! x

  2. I can (and happily) do stripes. Can’t do loafers anymore 🙁 I have significant orthotics, so need a much higher back to the shoe’s heel than loafers have. So, yes, I love ankle boots and lace-ups.

  3. Yes Nikki I love stripes and I love loafers,I bought a striped top very similar but has more colours ,all the colours actually from Suzanne Grae last week for $10 on sale and it goes with everything,I also have 3 pairs of loafers ,one animal print, one black yellow green and red in the softest lambs leather from gamins and a pair I bought at the end of last season ,that I forgot I owned oops, still in the box and they are tan ,so I’ve got all the colours sorted.
    My uniform for everyday is along the lines of what you are wearing,chic,comfy and covers all the running around or a day at home,You look lovely as usual Nikki,Thanks for sharing again!!!

      1. Yes it is ,it would be warmer up your way and I meant to tell you ,you don’t look like your getting on a yacht,not that I would know what you wear,not being a yachting type……..

  4. Niki, sat down to peruse my blogs this morning to discover that I am wearing your outfit – only my jeans are red and scarf is black. Now feel very on trend and ready to face the day 🙂 Loving those loafers by the way.

  5. Stripes are pretty much as close as I get to a print…and I love loafers. I have some new cobalt blue suede ones and leopard skin. And I note they are a bit different this time around (like most things), with a bit more skin on show than the ones I wore in the 80’s. I do have an old pair of Country Road ones in cream leather, that feel like slippers and have traveled the world with me. I’m not sure that the style is not a bit too closed in, too 80’s Gucci or something…I have changed out of them every time I have tried to wear them lately.

  6. Snap! I wore something similar on Saturday! All from emerson, top, last seasons pants, new orange scarf and bangle. Loving the stripes around at the moment, and are loving orange. I love those NYDJ. Just wish I could afford the price tag. Oh well, will keep looking for a cheaper alternative.

    Are wanting an orange summer dress, so are keeping my eyes open. Seen anything amazing while you have been at the plaza this week?

      1. Thanks Nikki. I checked out the link for your friends store, and put myself in the running for the 1000 gift voucher! And now I’ve liked their Facebook page I can see their monthly comps.

        Will have a look at Suzanne grae x

    1. Vivcky, checkout Rockmans ,they have cropped stretchy jeans/pants in a slim leg,Not a place I usually shop,but the orange/coral ones were facing out on the front rack and telling me to try them on and I got a pleasant surprise comfy and on trend and only $39.95,they have quite a few colours so have a look there as well.

  7. Oh, the loafers! I heart them big time. For a girl With dodgy joints, Rockport are my saviour.

    I have far too many stripes in my wardrobe and I love each and every one of them. You look lovely, Nikki! X

  8. Oh you look lovely. I have been getting lots of wear out of my cheapie stripey tops from Suzanne grae. I usually do red accessories but those orange ones look great.

  9. looking good Nikki! I think I must source some of those NYDJ I have shrunk out of both my other pairs. I am surprised that you didn’t buy up on Rockports in the USA , we bought heaps of pairs, I think they worked out at about $25 -30 a pair with a buy 3 pairs and get the 4th free, I just love them and they are so good for your feet!

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