Keeping it Real outfit post: What I wore to Disneyland Day 1

Keeping it Real: the Disneyland outfit

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Stylers, we’re on the home stretch of our fabulous US adventure. It’s been swell. More than swell.

This week it’s been all about the California. We got to spend a few days with my brother and his beautiful family in the hot dessert two valleys out from Los Angeles. Yesterday, we landed in Disneyland.

… a 40-year childhood wish finally came true.

It’s impossible not to smile in this place. Even when it’s hot and the queues for rides are long, you keep repeating to yourself, “I’m at Disneyland” and everything is suddenly OK.

Now, working out my outfit – what to wear – for day one of our Disney adventure was a little bit of a challenge for me.

See, I’m not a sneakers, shorts and cap kind of girl.

But I arrived in California with New York battle-scarred feet. Feet that were not happy with the way I treated them in the name of style and fashion while shopping up a storm in that fabulous city.

To make matters worse my small toe collided with the leg of a stationary dining chair and is now black and blue, presumably broken.

It was a sign. I needed sensible shoes. STAT.

So we hit up the local mall – a Westfield shopping centre – near my brother’s house and I bought these Vans (for about $45), a move that probably gained me a few “cool” points from the teenagers. Vans also sell really low cut ankle socks which are perfect for that I’m-not-wearing-socks-but-really-I-am-and-my-feet-won’t-stink-this-way-kind-of-look.


Ok, so feet sorted, what next?

Macy’s at the same shopping centre unearthed some more fab bargains. For me that included a Calvin Klein chambray shirt for $40 (bang! and 1990-revisited)ย and Ralph Lauren white singlets for $11 (double bang!).

A quick rummage through one of my two suitcases (I’ve now dedicated a whole suitcase to underwear and accessories)ย and I spy the white NYDJ shorts bought at Bloomingdales in New York.

… I felt an outfit coming together. Yes, I did.

There was just one piece missing. My floppy new hat from Anthropologie just wouldn’t do. It’s more a sundress or kaftan and sandals type hat.

Mr Styling You and my brother were loitering in a sports merchandise store where everything in the store was $5 (plus tax)ย and my brother stumbles across a New York Giants cap.

Bang! I say to myself. That’s it. That’s the finishing piece to the outfit.

The look on Mr Styling You’s face when I tell him I have to have the cap? He is beaming with pride. His darling wife is showing passion for one of his sporting teams.

Keeping it Real outfit post: What I wore to Disneyland Day 1

… umm, sorry hun … I just liked it because it featured NY and was white to match my outfit.


Here’s how it all came together:

Keeping it Real outfit post: What I wore to Disneyland Day 1

And then something came over me.

Within minutes of walking in the gate, I just had to do it.

I had to own some Minnie Mouse ears.

Keeping it Real outfit post: What I wore to Disneyland Day 1

Yes, I did.

Best of all, they sparkle.

Yes, they do.

Tell me, how do you style it up for a theme park visit? How do you save your feet for a big day of walking and standing around? And did you own a chambray shirt in the early ’90s?

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  1. Love the chambray shirt, gave me inspiration for dressing down a floral maxi. also love it with the shorts. is it too 90s to tie a knot at the waist with the maxi dress? recently discovered your blog and getting lots of inspiration!

  2. Love your Minnie Mouse ears… and yes, you are so right!!! when in Disneyland, everything seems perfect!!! I remember seeing my first boyfriend, Goofy, for the first time, apparently I nearly knocked over couple of little kids, rushing over to give him a hug a have a photo taken…..

  3. Love your outfit Nikki. Exactly what I would have worn. My sister and her family went to Disneyland recently and she said when they got in they saw a family skipping together. Didn’t take long before they were skipping too, lol, that kind of place me thinks:)ยฐ

  4. I had a spotted chambray shirt am once committed the sin of triple denim with this, jeans and a denim Mickey Mouse hat. You look fab! Love the outfit and the ears.

  5. Yes indeed I did own a chambray in the 90’s and can feel a slight urge coming on to maybe own another now! You look fab, it’s definately the ears. And love the shorts, could def do with a pair or 5 of them this summer. Enjoy the rest of your hol!…x

  6. I am not a big holiday in summer type of girl, but if I do -I wear FIT FLOPS, they work so well for me- my feet, legs and back never swell and ache. However, i prefer to be a winter tourist, All my gear can be washed and then dried in a clothes dryer, so I wear jeans, or black trousers, jumpers and tees with big coats over the top, compression travel knee highs, a pouch which sits in front of my tummy with phone, money, sunnies plus all of the passports and a video camera in it (great for still wearing when on rides!) , plus i always wear really, really good ‘roper’ cowboy boots- ARIATS which have a sports inner sole! I am just so not a sports shoe person unless I am working out (um- never!) I can walk all day in those boots. On the head I have a very nice selection of flouro/hi vis caps for my kids to see me- well we all (6) wore orange hi vis caps or beanies last time we went to Disneyland- the first time we went we actually lost our daughter just at the exit from the California Park (she simply followed another family out the gate- luckily they realised and were decent people who brought her back straight away) well Husband was not going to have that happen again! I can not tell you how many people asked us if we were deer hunters!!

    1. Mummaducka – I have seen lots of families doing similar here with t-shirts or hats and I think it’s a genius idea. It’s so easy to get lost in the crowd and being able to see everyone at a moment’s notice is essential. And I’m still laughing at your sneakers and working out comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. You look so cute in your sparkly ears and you can keep them for future themed parties,maybe!You look nice in shorts,so keep on wearing them ,I own exactly one pair and they are silky and dressy and go with a jacket.The last time i did theme parks was probably in the 90s and yes I’m sure there was a chambray shirt in the mix and no I don’t still have it.I hope your toe gets better soon ,it prolly is broken but not much can do .Glad you enjoyed Disneyland I bet your hubby and Flynn had so much fun…Enjoy the rest of the time you have.

  8. My feet are always the concern when holidaying. When I saw what you were going to be wearing in New York I was thinking uh oh, ‘style over comfort’! I knew there was no way I could wear that type of shoe but was hoping that they were going to prove to be perfect and I could get a pair for Europe next year. Now I have seen your chambray Vans I think they could work for me. I have the added complication of needing to wear orthotics now :-(.

    I have really enjoyed following your US adventure and look forward to hearing more. x

  9. I love those sparkly ears!!! You nailed your outfit, Nikki, APU (as per usual!) That’s a great hat, but wondering why you didn’t get the obligatory NY Yankees cap in NYC?? It was one of my must-have souvenirs ๐Ÿ™‚ And chambray shirts, hell yes I used to own one in the 90s and best of all, still do! So classic yet so cool, and goes with everything ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you had fun in Disneyland, my favourite ride will always be “It’s A Small World” and have the music playing in my head for the next 535 days, lol. Mr7 would’ve had a blast, such a great end for him after all he’d been through! Love your Prada sunnies as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You’ll love this Sharon … so, I’ve been wanting to go on It’s a Small World since I saw it on Sunday Night Disney in the early ’70s. Finally got to tonight and my 7YO said at the end, “tell me that wasn’t boring, Mum”. Way to kill a moment!

      1. HA! That’s why I loved it too! But your son, what a Buzzkiller ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t worry Nikki, he doesn’t know that it’s all about our fave childhood memories and the nostalgia of revisiting them, not because they’re the most hair-raising ride. One day, his children will think HIS favourite rides are lame, too! ๐Ÿ˜€ xx

  10. I love those ears- not sure how much wear I’d get outside of Disneyland, but why not? Life’s too short to take yourself too seriously…
    For me, days spent walking and standing (sightseeing?) means straight cut knee-length shorts, layered tops and a light scarf (depending on the weather), and a pair of cute flats.
    I have a pair of black and cream Puma mary-janes and some red Kumfs with multiple straps with velcro adjustable fastenings. I can walk all day in either of these and then get up and walk the next day again! I do wear flat sandals if it’s really hot, but I think the closed-in shoes are probably a bit more comfortable and probably a bit better for my feet too.

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