Beauty products that will save your eyes during the Olympics

Disguise your Olympic Fever eyes with these beauty tricks

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We’re almost a week into London Olympics so I thought I’d do a bit of an eye check with you.

  1. Under-eye bags bigger than my New York suitcase? Check.
  2. Red-rimmed eyes redder than after a long lunch that turns into a long night? Check.
  3. A general haggard-type appearance that comes from staying up too late to watch the heats of the swimming, only to set your alarm a couple of hours later for the finals? Check.

Answer yes to any one of the above and I would suggest you have The Fever. Olympic Fever.

Once The Fever sets in, it’s pointless to fight it.

Instead, arm yourself with these five products I’m talking about over at The Hoopla.

They won’t cure The Fever but they will go a long way to disguising the symptoms.

Beauty products that will save your eyes during the Olympics

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  1. I have a completely different problem,under eye skin and eyelid dryness,to the point that I cannot even use my regular eye cream,it stings,see silly me tried this new supposedly “organic” rosewater serum I got sent and it burnt me very badly,I am back where I started before trialing some good products,so I can only use Caroline’s cream and Lucas pawpaw ointment and my Dermalogica hydrating masque at the moment,so if any one has any tips on what to use please let me know.I only get bags under my eyes when I am really really tired.I usually love the roll on eye creams, those cool little balls feel they help.

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