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The Model and Me: Bella Lido spring-summer 2012-13

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I think I’m getting the hang of this summer in the city dressing.

It’s not always easy keeping your cool but when you start out the day with the right wardrobe ingredients you can make it through to the evening without losing it.

And losing it I nearly did yesterday … thanks to an “interesting” experience with our West Village apartment landlord. More on that on the blog later today but long story short, we bolted like Usain out of there and moved into a hotel.

Before all this went down we made our way downtown to visit the 9/11 Memorial site.

Try explaining what went down and why we just needed to see this site for ourselves to a seven-year-old. The story that came out of our mouths seemed to him more like something he might have seen on an episode of Transformers than a modern history lesson.

I got a bit purposeful with my clothes choice today. And I’m not talking just about coping with the heat.

I pulled out this green dress from Bella Lido* for a reason. The colour green is not one that I’ve immediately reached for until this year but when I did buy my first green garment, I was told by someone more spiritually knowledgable than me (was it you Purple Cath?) that it is a colour that balances our energies, increases love, empathy and compassion.

Seems fitting for some quiet contemplation at a site that would move even the most hardened of cynics.

Here’s the green dress on the model:

And here it is on me:

Prada sunglasses | Renee Blackwell Design earrings

Prada sunglasses | Renee Blackwell Design earrings

Bella Lido Siena dress

Bella Lido Siena dress $99.95 | Nancybird bag | Bella Lido Roman sandal $109.95 | Photographed on location at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City

Bella Lido Roman sandals

Bella Lido Roman sandal $109.95 – photo taken before my toes needed to be covered in bandaids caused by another pair of shoes!

Did you know this about the colour green? Have you visited the 9/11 Memorial?

* This garment and shoes were gifted to me for editorial consideration, in accordance with my disclosure policy.

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  1. I have a couple of greens, and I didn’t know that about it.
    The 9/11 site is absolutely on my to do list. I talked to the kids about it when I said our next holiday could be to NYC and the east coast, one of them said- why do you want to go there? I think that they thought it was still rubble. I can’t verbalise it other than I just know I am drawn there! As well as desperately wanting to see Niagara Falls, completely different, but just need to see. Can you find some spray bandage for your feet, it works really well (cause they won’t dry out and crack) if you can wear thongs- nothing that rubs on it. Or else get those bandaid ones that you leave on until they perish, you get a wet heal under them. Poor wee baby toes, freed at last!

    1. Will get spray bandage this morning – thanks Jodie! I can wear thongs and am doing so this morning as have a pedicure. They’ll have to work around my blisters for that! And the 9/11 site should be completely finished by the time of your next trip. It’s incredibly moving and a beautiful tribute.

      1. Forgot to warn you that it will sting like crazy!, make a little hole in a tissue and place it over it so it doesn’t get everywhere (just like a little surgical site cloth) spray on several layers. Also works incredibly well for cracked heels!

  2. Green is for growth, harmony, calm energy. Purple is for wisdom, spirituality, healing. Wear both together and you have the classic colours of flowers, the women’s movement and (depending on your belief system), high priestesses.
    Regardless, the dress looks HEAPS better on you than the model!

  3. Thats a very pretty green and you wear it well Nikki. I only have khaki, olive and pea green in my wardrobe – feeling inspired to try a prettier green this summer. I can only imagine the challenge of explaining 9/11 – I have a sensitive 7yo girl!! xx

  4. Love that dress and that colour! And I agree with Rachel – you have styled it perfectly. I don’t wear much green at all (apart from khaki), but maybe a gorgeous apple green summer dress is exactly what I need…?! xx

  5. I did not know that about green, but it’s one of my favourite colours especially when its a grassy green.
    I visited the 9/11 site when it was still a hole in the ground, but I will visit the memorial when I’m next in NYC. From what I’ve seen it’s very moving.

    1. Johanne … you will love what they have done. I think it’s a fitting tribute and memorial and I can’t wait to see how it looks when completely finished. The reflection pools are like nothing I’ve ever seen.

  6. No i didn’t know that about green,not one of my favourite colours ,though i love turquoise and blues and orange and all the pastels,I knew blue was calming,I have a blue bedroom,and love it.That colour and style of dress looks lovely on you Nikki,and your rings stunning.I know when it’s a gloomy day I like to wear orange and red and brighter colours they seem to lift your mood,don’t They?.
    Yes to a 7 year old it would be very hard to explain 9/11 to,it was hard enough for us when we saw those planes crashing into the twin towers ,i remember thinking is that real! but it was ,it was a time of shock and horror as we watched the event unfold,It would be a deeply moving experience to see the memorial ,but also something that you should see,and you will never forget.
    Your poor tootsies covered in bandaids they are used to uggies and boots and your comfy wedges,hope they get better soon.

    1. Very hard to explain but thought we needed to attempt to … and has for my feet, they’re worse today. Wore new shoes and did some walking in them – the lady at Victoria’s Secret said all New York women have sore feet. That made me feel better! Wearing my thongs tomorrow!

      1. I always find change of season shoes hurt my feet until I get used to them,I don’t know why? but yes wear your havi’s tomorrow!ooh what did you buy at victoria’s secret???

  7. The memorial is something I HAVE to see… it was a real moment in time wasn’t it? There was the before 9/11 and the after… It was such a surreal time. The first time in my life I have ever felt unsafe in my own country… *Shudder* I can only imagine how strange that would have been to explain to a 7 year old. I know my 7 year old would find it hard to comprehend….

    Love the green. I think it is a very calming colour, I don’t have as much green in my wardrobe as I am gonna!

  8. We went to the Memorial a few days after it opened last year and it was something I will never forget. All those names around the pools and lots of them with little notes left by people who knew them. On another note. You would never know that the heat is a bit overwhelming from your photos. You look as cool as a cucumber all the time. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    1. Hi Debbie … the pools and how they’ve created the memorial is an amazing tribute. Really glad we made the booking to go. And as re cool as as cucumber, the key is to keep to the shade as much as possible and keep ducking into air-conned shops.

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