Hunter Valley Bistro Molines

Would you like a week’s extra holiday for just $1?

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Are you someone who needs to think about their next holiday before they’ve even gone on the one they’re currently planning?

Please say that it’s not just me.

I like the anticipation. I like the research. I like the possibility that comes with knowing that there’s another escape from the every day … just around the corner.

Which is why when I recently returned from a work trip to the Hunter Valley, I couldn’t stop raving about it to Mr Styling You. And suggesting that we book a getaway to “recover” from our trip to the US.

Because everyone needs a “recovery” trip, don’t they? Something to look forward to when the buzz of the previous trip has died down?

(… oh and just quietly Viva! Holidays currently makes that recovery bit very easy on the budget by offering a deal where if you stay one week you get the second for just $1 … I’m not just talking about the Hunter Valley. I’m talking a whole lot of places I could imagine myself in. Right now. Poolside. With a cocktail in hand …)

But back to my Hunter Valley trip. What happens when I’m away from experiencing wonderful travel-type things by myself, I can’t help but thinking how nice it would be to share it all with someone else.

… and that has nothing to do with me liking very much for someone else to drive the car 😉

Hunter Valley

Because a car is what you will need to fully experience a destination like the Hunter Valley.

I only got to experience such a small part of the Valley but it was clear the moment I drove my hire car through Cessnock that there was SO much to explore. Every road corner featured mounted signs stacked on top of each other pointing to vineyard after vineyard.

Oh, sweet Hunter Valley Semillon or Shiraz, I heard you calling my name. I really did.

I wanted the time to be able to meander down every country road and lane. Not worrying whether the GPS was sending me – literally – up the garden or vineyard path.

I wanted to happen upon cute cafes.

I wanted to pull up to a hillside cellar door and restaurant and wander in, spending a lazy afternoon working my way through French Provincial fare.

Hunter Valley Bistro Molines

Hunter Valley Bistro Molines

Hunter Valley Bistro Molines

Hunter Valley Bistro Molines

I wanted to drive from gourmet food outlet to gourmet food outlet, looking for little treats on which we could indulge back at our hotel. Nothing says holiday to me like a little anti pasto or cheese platter, washed down with a good red and followed by exquisite chocolates. That’s a meal, right?

Hunter Valley food and wine fossicking

For all this to feel like a holiday. A REAL holiday. A leisurely holiday. I’d definitely need more than one week. Do you agree?

And for just $1 more for that week, I could justify more than a couple spa visits … you know, just to make sure I really did have that relaxation and recovery thing happening 😉

You can book by on the Viva! Holidays website, visit your local travel agent or call 1300 GO VIVA (1300 468 482).

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  1. I’m quite lucky that my sister lives right beside the Hunter Valley and her business means she often has to visit the wineries 😀

    I’m doubly lucky because next weekend I’ll be down there for a couple of days (happy dance). I’d love to visit the winery in the pics Nikki, do you recall which one it was?

  2. Ooh those pics are gorgeous…now I’m daydreaming! Did someone say choc fest?!! p.s. yes I almost always have the next hol in planning stage by the time I return home from the last – definately helps with the post-holiday blues xx

    1. Thanks Julie – I don’t usually put a byline on my photos but should have for these – it looked so beautiful despite the mist … actually probably because of the mist! And you know? I’m comforted that other people plan the next holiday before returning home from the current!!

  3. Sigh. I had a weekend in the Hunter Valley almost a year ago. I desperately want to go back & just drink wine, eat cheese & do sweet FA! Oh, and go to the chocolate festival again!!!

    And, I’m like you when it comes to planning holidays; I NEED to have a holiday planned & once I book everything I start planning the next one. I’m heading off to Italy for 2 weeks in October … I still haven’t book everything, yet I’m already researching a NZ snow trip for next July. I need to win lotto ….

    1. Did you say Chocolate Festival … yikes … that would be an awesome time to visit – and I like your thinking re NZ and Italy. You will make it happen and have two amazing holidays up your sleeve!

  4. It is essential to have some degree of planning for the next holiday underway, before you finish the previous holiday. It makes the return to work and normal life (exercise, less eating/drinking/lying by the pool) possible to contemplate.

    We had this exact long weekend in the Hunter Valley two weeks ago. We have had many long weekends there and I think winter is the best time to visit. It encourages fireside sipping and nibbling and we always manage one night in with cheese, antipasto and newly purchased wine.

  5. I have been to the hunter valley but never stayed ,but it is on my wishlist of things to do,looks lovely ,the scenery there is beautiful,must go for a weekend soon,Great deal if you want to go for 2 weeks,The best way to do the Hunter valley is if you don’t have to drive ,I totally agree on that one 🙂

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