5 top supermarket beauty buys

5 supermarket beauty saviours

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Are you guilty of making the odd sneaky purchase… or five?

Quite skilled at leaving shopping bags in the boot of your car until it’s “safe” to bring them inside?

Packaging and tags removed and thrown in the bin before they even make it inside?

Not that I’VE done any of the above things… I’ve just “heard” stories of this style of sneaky shopping manoeuvre from sources who shall remain unnamed. Got to protect the sisterhood, haven’t we?

I will admit to more than a few sneaky supermarket beauty purchases though.

If you throw them in your trolley (or add to cart when shopping online) it’s just part of the grocery budget, right? Right?

Want to find out my current top 5 supermarket beauty buys? Head over and have a read of my post at The Hoopla.

5 top supermarket beauty buys

What beauty products find their way into your supermarket shopping trolley?

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  1. The very best supermarket beauty product I’ve ever thrown into the grocery trolley is that really unattractively packaged tub of Emu Oil moisturiser you can always find on the bottom shelf at Woolies or Coles. Was a last ditched attempt at taming nasty winter skin and God only knows what’s in it, but it’s a miracle cream. Been adding it to the food bill for years now 😉
    I’ve been wanting to try a facial wipe for a while now – for those lazy late nights – I’ll give those Simple ones a go. Thanks, Nikki!

  2. Yes lots of things find there way into my trolley when grocery shopping,Lipbalms,love those baby lips too,face wipes,hand cream,mascara and even the odd lippy or 3 i bought that pink peony one you blogged about the other day,love also i have the mango diamonds one and they both are on high rotation on my lips.See it’s not counted as buying things when they are in the trolley is it !!!

  3. If it’s in the grocery shopping it is ‘family’ money not my money I’m spending, so I buy as much of my beauty items while grocery shopping as I can! I wish the Coles in Hobart with the Mix clothing range wasnt 45 minutes drive away because I’d love to slip more of that into my grocery shopping!

      1. Yes we do. I am just about banned from grocery shopping now. Our local Coles has Mix clothing and everytime I duck in to get something (food wise) I come out with clothing. It certainly makes grocery shopping much more fun!

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