Splurge on Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow or save with Maybelline New York EyeStudio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

High-low beauty shopping: what do you splurge or save on?

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Are you a money-is-no-object-when-it-comes-to-vanity kind of woman? Or do you hunt down products that deliver for less?

I have to confess, I swing both ways.

Nothing gives me greater joy than stumbling across a budget beauty item that brings results for a small price tag but, I have to confess, I’m also a sucker for the big guns of beauty.

Sometimes those big guns do not live up to their hype and price but often they do.

I call these beauty items my investment products. Just like my wardrobe has a number of investment pieces, if you were to take a peek in my beauty cabinet, you’d find the high getting on very nicely with the low.

By all means go the splurge option. I have a girlfriend who will not buy anything but Lancome Hypnose mascara.

Yes, it’s a damn fine mascara but there are options out there for you that will still leave plenty of dollars left over for champagne … and shoes.

Priorities, people.

Are you ready for some splurge and saves? Head on over to read my post on The Hoopla. I’ve got five splurge or save beauty buying options for you.

Splurge on Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow or save with Maybelline New York EyeStudio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow

What would I find if I looked in your beauty cabinet? All high-end; all low-end; or a good mix? What beauty products are you willing to spend more on?


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  1. There’s a couple of high end ones (Kevyn Aucoin’s Mascara leaps to mind), I’d rate Napoleon Perdis as mid-range, and must say I love his eyeshadows and foundation, but almost everything is organic and very importantly for my skin and lips – mineral oil free. Otherwise my skins gets irritated and starts breaking up. Not a good look.

  2. I’m usually happy to buy budget but once I bought a beautiful Chanel lipstick duty free, I was hooked. My favourite budge lipsticks are Kit Cosmetics’ own brand cos they’re long lasting & have a fab range of colours too. Having said that, once I tried a YSL lipgloss also duty-free last year, I’ve not turned back & now have 5 of them (all duty-free too). They are by far the best glosses I have ever used & I would be quite happy to only use them for the rest of my life.

  3. A mix, for sure! But my best investment was when we went to Hawaii and I hit up the MAC store in Honolulu – so inexpensive in the states and it’s the nicest feeling make-up I’ve used in a long time 🙂

  4. Mostly supermarket/chain store items but I do like to spend more on concealers as I find they do the job better than others I’ve tried.
    I’m lucky to still have good skin tone and condition at almost 40, so Garnier BB or Olay with a Touch of Foundation are all I need as a base most days. Touch up with my YSL Touche Eclat when I need a boost – that stuff is genius, and actually cheaper than when I first started buying 6 or 7 years ago! When I need heavier coverage I tend to go for my Almay that modifies to match skin tone as you put it on – love it! I’m sure as I get older, I’ll lean more towards the high end of town for this.
    Have been using Napoleon Auto Pilot primer for nights out – it has lasted ages as I don’t go out much LOL. Am very keen to try the Loreal though – I’ve heard it’s great and your review reinforced that.
    Mascara is Maybelline all the way! I love Great Lash but my long time fave is Full & Soft – same depth of colour but less likely to clump and easier to remove.
    I love a gel or liquid eyeliner for drama, and for sheer ease of use and staying power I have to go with Bobbi Brown. Yes it costs more, but it goes on beautifully, stays put and a little pot lasts ages.
    One thing I always go cheap on is trendy nail colours. I love a hit of lime, orange or neon yellow for this season and Rimmel 60 Second is the winner for me, hands down (no pun intended). For more ‘classic’ colours such as shell pink or French mani neutral/beige OPI is great but Revlon’s just as good IMHO.
    Something I do like to spend a little more on are what my husband refers to as my ‘implements’, ie eyelash curler and brushes. I only have a couple of items in my arsenal so I don’t mind paying a bit more. They’re better made and if you take care of them (ie remember to wash them ladies!) they last a lot longer, so have a lower ‘cost per use’ in the long run than cheap options.

  5. I splurge as much as possible, especially when it comes to my skincare. My most exxy products would be my foundation, eye cream, face moisturiser, face serum, night cream.

  6. I wear a mix, for sure. I tend to save on eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner and nail polish. I spend more on foundation, powder and bronzer (I usually buy MAC). That being said, I barely ever wear foundation since starting to use BB cream last year. I am obsessed with it!

    I have been spending more time researching my choices. I used to buy everything MAC because I thought it was the best. In truth, some of my cheaper makeup from ELF, Maybelline, Models Prefer and Face Of Australia really do compete with MAC and others. It’s quite interesting, really.

    1. It is interesting and I think we can get seduced by the marketing sometimes and not the actual products. It takes time to research and trial stuff but if you can you’ll find some great budget alternatives for some products.

  7. I mostly buy budget friendly items,but do have a few high end items in my beauty bag,and bathroom,I love Lancome night cream as it doesn’t break me out in a rash and it’s nice and rich,and I love the Dermalogica mask you blogged about ,the intensive moisture masque,I have a Estee Lauder foundation which is lovely,and I only use Morocannoil light,I have Mac cosmetic brushes which I love ,I would rather spend more and know that It loves my hair ,but mascara,Lippys and the like are usually cheaper brands,Sometimes it’s better to buy a more expensive item and use less product ,it’s more cost effective,and they have samples so you can try before you buy a bigger bottle .So Nikki you will find a mix of high and low end products in my beauty bag.

  8. I have a good mix – but having said that, the cleansers and moisturisers I ‘splurge’ on cost a fraction of some products I read about! I am a sucker for buying two products to get the freebie makeup bag containing samples though! But my conscience is clear because they all get used in the end 😉 Thanks to you Nikki, Garnier’s BB cream is saving me money now (you were right – my skin has improved with daily use – thankyou!!) xx

  9. I would say I mostly buy budget friendly beauty products, but I do still buy high-end if I think it’s worth the price.

    This year i tried my first high-end foundation….now i’m never going back to ‘drugstore’ foundation. I found a shade that fits my skin tone perfectly and i could never say that about any other cheaper foundation!

      1. Definitely. I am rediculously pale, so most ivory shades are still too dark. I ended up having to get alabaster from Clinique

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