Supporting the Aussie Olympics team by wearing green and gold

5 for Friday: get your Olympic green and gold on

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I could get my crankies on right now and have my say about media, Australian female swimmers, cellulite and questioning fitness. But I won’t. Because I will not be able to stop.

Instead – in the proper spirit of all things Olympic Games – I’m pulling on my patriotic pants. Waving around the equivalent of green and gold bunting in the only way I know how 😉

I’m giving an OI, OI, OI to is all my favourite fashion stores.

This spring they’ve embraced the green and gold so well that even I’m convinced this is no longer a naf colour combination … a combination previously only ever seen on … well … Australian athletes at sporting events.

As an Aussie who is going to be in the U S of A for most of Olympic Games, I doubt I will see very much coverage of Australian athletes doing anything at the London Olympics. Especially if they whip US butt in the pool.

So, I will console myself by wearing green and/or yellow at any available opportunity.

If you’re playing along at home … and cheering on our athletes, cellulite or not, then why not join in and add a splash of green or gold to your outfits over the next fortnight?

Here’s five ways you can (warning: it may involve retail therapy)

Supporting the Aussie Olympics team by wearing green and gold

1. Sussan dress $89.95 | 2. Urge flats @ Style Tread $99.95 | 3. Ruby Olive bangle $30 | 4. Seed tee $49.95 | 5. Havaianas $14.95

Now, post-Olympics when you really can’t stomach the thought of any more green and gold combos, here’s what I’d do.

Team green with blue (yes, it can now be seen without anything in between); pop your yellow back with a cobalt blue for a bit of a sky/sun look; and dare I say it? Just add orange.

If all this seems a tad too much colour, remember the easiest way to tone it down is to add in a big, fat neutral. As we head into spring, I’d make that neutral a light tan or white. Or both.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be packing so I can put together my “light” packing post for you before I fly to New York. Hope you have a good one.

PS. Would love to know … do you get the Olympic Fever? Are you prepared for late nights and lots of cheering? What events do you like most to watch? And could you wear green and gold?


Comments 26

  1. I’ll be watching the equestrian (if any is shown!) as I know a lot of the eventers, in the ‘old days’ (pre-kids!) I competed myself so there’s a real connection there for me! But also love the swimmimg and the athletics. My kids are old enough now to get into the spirit and my son’s primary school had an ‘Olympic-a-thon’ at school so he’s right into it all. We’ll be up early watching the opening ceremony in our pjs!! (Not green and gold but too bad!)

  2. Oh, I didn’t think I could wear green and gold, but NOW I think I could!

    I love watching the swimming. Mr Cool loves the running and Miss A just loves the idea of being able to stay up late and watch something. Miss Z wonders whether ballet is an Olympic sport {I should really google that actually!}

    Have a fantastic time in NY! You lucky duck!

  3. No I don’t think I will be wearing green and gold together,not much of a fan of green,I went through a green phase a few winters ago and I don’t much like green ,but like olive so go figure,though I love blue,orange,red and all the other brights and I do like them paired with a neutral too,might do some accessories though.I like the swimming and some of the other events but won’t be getting up in the middle of the night to watch them ,at my age I need my beauty sleep.I am disgusted about the media talking about the athletes bodies too,if your good enough to go to the Olympics you must be very fit,just because a woman does not aspire to their version of perfect is insane ,no wonder the average woman has body issues!
    I am so looking forward to your packing post Nikki,can’t wait to see what lovely things your taking.

  4. Hi Nikki. I’ll be recording some of the Games – have always found the rowing exciting and need to tape (I’m so old!) some cycling for my 7yo’s project. If I was Australian I’d buy those Havaianas! I checked out Sussan’s lookbook and now a yellow necklace and green bangle are on my shopping list – will update blue and white stripey tops I already have – thx for recommending xx p.s. looking forward to your packing post!

  5. Love that green dress but I don’t think the style would suit me (perhaps this is a good thing…too much retail therapy lately.
    Love the lining in the athletes’ jackets and I had a lovely talk to Lydia in Sportscraft in Westfield Sydney yesterday who told me they’re having an event there on Saturday where you can have your photo taken with a gold medal. I assume this will be available in other parts of Australia,too.
    I’m looking forward to the swimming,cycling and athletics…and I’ll jump on the bandwagon of anywhere else Aussies are doing well.

  6. No need to set alarms with the London Olympics App. You can set your country, fav sports/events and it will remind you when they are on which is very handy for those 3am finals etc. You can also change the country settings to have all the event times set to local… Too easy!

  7. nah I cannot say I have either of those colours in my wardrobe or horizons, they really don’t suit me. I don’t get too excited about the sports stuff, but the opening and closing ceremonies thrill me- perhaps that is a reflection of how I like to watch a movie rather than a footy game! And yes don’t get me started either on how an Athlete selected for the Olympic team can be criticized about their body shape. I bet the same wasn’t done to the huge male weightlifters!!!!! I hope she flogs the lot of them!!!!

    1. whoops forgot. I do like to watch the swimming and Equestrian-highlights most. That might be as they are in rather short bursts and don’t go on for hours.

  8. Great post Nikki. I love that Ruby Olive bangle!
    I’ve surprised myself with a sudden excitement about the olympics. Contemplating setting my alarm tomorrow morning to watch the opening ceremony (a big deal – I love my sleep!).

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