Me on the job, filming Maybelline makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus during my week at fashion week blogging for Maybelline. Photo:

The next step in this Remarkable thing called blogging

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It’s almost four years since I took two weeks’ annual leave from my former career as a journalist and devoted that time to seeing whether I could pull together a new career. A self-employed career.

I was on the other side of 40 (still am ūüėČ ). I was over all the politics of a workplace getting in the way of doing what I really loved – writing and putting together a weekly magazine.

After one particularly nasty 24 hours at the office, I remember sitting at home on the couch sobbing.

I told Mr Styling You that I wanted to leave. He said I should and then asked what I would do when I had left (damn men and their need to solve problems when you just want a wine and whine). I may have put on my best two-year-old tantrum voice and pouted, “I want to work in fashion”. ¬†“But you don’t live in Sydney”, he may have been brave enough to utter. I said, “Pour me a wine. Now.” He did.

I didn’t realise it at the time but I was having a very big NOW or NEVER moment.

Have you ever had one of those?

Those moments that come with equal doses of excitement and scaredy pants-ness. (To be honest it was more like poop-in-your-pants-ness.)

In hindsight my plan was a pretty naive one. Might have had something to do with never having been in business before. Just. Saying.

But with blissful naivety on my side, I returned from leave and handed in my resignation letter. Best. Feeling. Ever.

The business of Styling You has certainly not been all la-dee-da, champagne and roses … thank-you GFC starting three months after I kicked off … but it has been a ride that I’ve been incredibly happy to take.

Where the Styling You magic happens ... if I'm not distracted by what's on TV or blogging from my hammock

Where the Styling You magic happens … if I’m not distracted by what’s on TV or blogging from my hammock

I’m grateful that part of that whole naive business plan included asking my web guy for a site I could update myself. He told me I needed a blog. I told him, sure I’ll have me one of those and promptly googled “blog” to find out what one was.

So, I had my blog and I was writing content fairly regularly on it. I was building up my personal styling client base as well as doing PR for a number of small clients but about a year and a half into this blogging caper, I realised that there were other blogs out there. There were bloggers writing about all sorts of things. Funny bloggers, food bloggers, interior design bloggers, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, blogging bloggers.

A whole Blogosphere of bloggers.

And people left these things called “comments” on other people’s blogs. And not just those spammy ones that offer you a cheap Louis Vuitton handbag or some “help” in the bedroom.

I started hanging around the Blogosphere like the new kid on the bloggie block wanting and hoping that someone would come and say hi, “I like what you’re wearing”. And then a funny thing happened … lots of someones did.

For the first time in my life I felt like I was part of something. A community.¬†A place where you write something and you are given feedback from the very people for whom you are writing. (This was all very new and refreshing to me, having come from an industry where the only feedback came in the form of shouting and expletives … and not in a good way.)

My writing style changed. I had people to “talk” to. So I talked back to them.

It felt like coming home.

Fast forward four years and there are up to 180,000 views of my blog every month. Two years ago there were 12,000.

Not a day goes by that I’m not humbled by a lovely comment, Tweet or Facebook post from readers (thank-you SO much).

The past 12 months have been huge for me – and Styling You. I’m still blogging from a corner of our lounge room but I’ve actually been able to secure some amazing sponsorships and partnerships with big and small companies in between the school runs.

Me on the job, filming Maybelline makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus during my week at fashion week blogging for Maybelline. Photo:

Me on the job, videoing Maybelline makeup artist Nigel Stanislaus during my week at fashion week blogging for Maybelline. Photo:

Today, I’m excited to announce that organising those partnerships and sponsorships will now be handled by my agent, Lorraine Murphy at The Remarkables Group. And that I’ll have these other amazing Australian bloggers in my corner.

That leaves me to get on with what I like best to do. Write. About something I love. About something you seem to love too.

… this just in yesterday. This is what gets me out of bed every day and on to to the computer.

I want to thank you, as I have been following your fashion/beauty advice. At first I thought it would not be for me, as with a new business and child, I’m on a budget, like a lot of people.¬†But your advice is fantastic!¬† I now shop at Big W and have a great selection of work clothes by Emerson and I love your make up and beauty reviews. It gives me the confidence to buy something and know I won’t be wasting my money. Rachelle

Four years on, I AM working in fashion and my blog IS my business. That’s definitely not something I could have written on my first business plan or predicted in The Spectacular Couch Tantrum of 2008.

There’s definitely an element of scaredy pants-ness about this next step but mostly it’s the …

Best. Feeling. Ever.

PS. Would love to know. How long have you been hanging around here reading Styling You? Has anyone been reading for more than two years? Was anyone here at the start?

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  1. Wow… I love your story. I cant remember how I heard about you but it was sometime in 2010 when I developed an obsession to be styled by you. So Hubby bought me the wardrobe and shopping session for Xmas 2010 and met up with you in Jan 2011 and was amazingly styled by you! You taught me so much in those 2 sessions and I still sing your praises. I can’t thank you enough for rescuing me from my uninspiring wardrobe and showing me how to work fashion to suit my age and bodyshape… Love love love your blog (especially the Nina updates!) Congrats and look forward to reading for many years to come:-)

  2. I’ve only been blogging for near on 18 months now Nikki so I found your blog sometime during that period. Your posts have always inspired me to be a better looking version of me. Hope to get to meet you in person one of these days, considering we live in the same State! Congratulations on your success. The hard work has paid off.

    Anne xx

  3. I am one of these guy’s ” (damn men and their need to solve problems when you just want a wine and whine).”¬†


    I think I like your blog though so I’m gonna reccomend it to my girl friend!

  4. I just found you this year, and as you know, now comment on almost every post. Mainly because I feel as if I’ve found someone who actually gets it. You post about the every day relevant stuff whether it’s clothes, beauty, style, that we women are all after. Advice, knowledge and an “already been there, used/worn/tried/done that” all in one place blog. For all of us who would love to be stylists, something for me which would come with being a jewellery and accessory designer, you’ve gone ahead and done it, so essentially, you’re the inspiration for all of us. The real life model we can all look at and say, hey, she’s done/tried/worn that and it looks good! Cause sometimes, we all need someone to try it before us so we can ask all the questions before buying.

    As for Twitter, I tend to just use it for passing on my own blog posts to the public and don’t really spend anytime on it, so I don’t have conversations on it. It’s one of those things, I’ve realised, that’s not¬†high on the priority¬†list for me.

    Whereas I check Facebook all the time and leave messages on other people’s pages and profiles, although something went wrong a few weeks ago that left me unliking your page, so I had to relike you, it has also left me unable to comment on it and has deleted all of my previous comments, so I’m assuming that’s a FB glich¬†and I have no idea how to fix it so I’m unable to comment on all of your FB stuff ūüôĀ¬† I¬†LOVE those Tiffany baby shoes!

    As for me, I started my blog about two years ago and am periodically going through changes and revamps that has led me to my current incarnation. When we start our blogs we’d all love people to comment and keep coming back and at first it’s hard to get that. Guess it’s just good posts, word of mouth and posting on other people’s blogs, and now it’s led you to having a blogger agent.

    Who’d have thought a couple of years ago there would be agents for bloggers?


  5. Well done Nikki. I am really happy for you. It is such a brave move to take a leap of faith and follow your heart and look at you now! I have been a reader for a while now, maybe over a year or so? Anyway, I love your blog because it is real. It gives me real ideas that will work and you throw so much of your personality into it that it makes your readers feel like they ‘know’ you. If I could say anything, make sure you don’t lose that. Don’t get caught up in the ‘commercialism’ of blogging (although I am sure you are too smart for that). Keep keeping it real. Much love. xx

    1. No chance of that Lipgloss Mumma – for me each post always has a commercial element to it because people want product suggestions. I don’t get paid for these but choose to include them because they suit the theme. Any brand partnerships I do will have to be with brands that fit who I am, what Styling You is and who my readers are. My style will never change!

  6. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, I’ve been with you for a year.

    Starting my blog was a now or never thing as well. I was excited to get my own beauty blog going, but scared as hell that I would not be able to handle whatever that comes with it – the ‘popularity’, ‘fame’, negative and nasty comments, actual people reading, or worse, NOBODY reading at all. But I kept blogging and soon people started recognizing and appreciating my work.

    I think the best part about being a blogger is not only knowing that people take the time to read what you write, but that many of them take the effort to leave a comment to thank, to encourage, to recommend, or just write something to connect with you. Of course, trolls are part of the package, but we learn to deal with it.

    Currently, I’m at another now or never stage – starting a new career. I hope it turns out well. I know I can survive it, especially with experience from blogging. Wish me the best! ūüėÄ

    1. Oh wishing you the very best of luck! I so agree – the best thing about blogging is that people do stop and take time out of their day to read. I’ve been lucky with the trolls too – very few. I don’t encourage any snarky stuff here so if it arrived I’d get rid of it straight away. There are plenty of other sites where it is fostered!

  7. I remember meeting you at a PR Media drinks at Cotton Tree a few years ago now… and I think you’d just started out with your own business. Been following your blog with interest and yes, following your advice and gaining confidence in what to wear and how to wear it. Thanks for your work and the service you provide, much appreciated.

  8. Hi Nikki,¬†I found your blog just before Christmas 2011 and I think it was through “Uberkate” that I found you and boy am I glad I did.¬† I often relay ideas you give us to my teenage daughters and have found some fantastic treasures that I have just had to have.
    I didn’t really understand about blogs until I became a regular reader of Styling You and now I have a daily update in the evenings.¬†¬† Keep up¬†the great work ūüôā¬†

  9. Oh Nikki what a beautiful post and wonderful step, congratulations!

    I’m pretty sure that I came across your blog through Twitter and have always appreciated your generosity with knowledge, great eye and bravery to give new things a go!

    All the best to you and the other Remarkables finally having the time to focus on blogging!

    Ps: very excited to see that you used my image from when you brought me backstage at fashion week- such a fond memory! X

  10. I have been following Styling You for a month or so…..wish I started earlier!..Your story shows being brave……is exciting and challenging but can be very rewarding.

  11. Congratulations Nikki both on your fantastic next step but also having the courage to take that massive leap in the beginning. It is so clearly obvious you were born to do this. I am a relative newbie after discovering your blog from a friends like. Ever since I read that first post I have been hooked and have spent lots of time reading previous posts. Thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Hi there, I have been reading your blogg for 4 days and I love it already. My sister got me onto your blogg, and this is the first one I have ever read. I can’t believe how much informative and real information I can get from reading it. Thanks. Anna

  13. I discovered Styling You a few months ago and have been a faithful reader ever since. I totally relate to your 2008 couch tantrum. Reading this blog has made me more determined to stick to my dream of changing my career path as well but I’m only at teeny weeny baby steps at the moment (I want to be a jewellery designer). Congratulations on your achievements and for giving us women something to look forward to reading each day. We can never get enough fashion news. Thanks again ¬†for your blog Nikki & may it keep getting bigger & better for you. xx

  14. No sorry I have only been here for almost 12x months.
    I think this is fantastic news, allowing you more time to write and source and speak, etc. etc. I hope it’s all you need, want and more! cheers!

  15. Nikki,

    Its a credit to you and your journey – well done and congratulations.
    wishing you bright days ahead filled with lipsticks, back stages and new shoes ūüôā

    best wishes

    Loulou x

  16. Congratulations Nikki. A dream I hope to accomplish soon. I have a great love for fashion and accomplishing a life of style. My blogs are slowly growing and one day I hope to achieve all you have. I have only recently found your blog and I look to read often. I hope and dream that I can accomplish all you have. I started posting what I was wearing and did not get anywhere, hopefully I will gain more readership and sponsors soon. I hope this year will be the year. Love your blog and hopefully one day would love to meet you and have a chat.
    Vicki xo

    1. Good luck with it Vicki and if it’s something that you really love then keep going – it’s not an overnight thing and I’ve made lots of mistakes with my business but I’m on the best track possible now.

  17. This is such great news for you and the other “Remarkables” Nikki … and so well deserved.¬†Your¬†description of events leading up to you making the¬†decision¬†to become a blogger sound very familiar to me. ¬†After a particularly stressful few months at my old job which resulted in me dreading going to work – I too had my “now or never” moment and LUXE by Lulu was born.¬†

    It has been a very steep learning curve for me and really, really hard work but I am loving every minute of creating and running my own business/brand. Which is not to say there aren’t hard days when I find myself wondering what the hell I’m doing but on those days I turn to people like you (and all the other amazing women I’ve found through social media) who are living proof that with lots of hard work, plenty of passion and maybe just a pinch of luck you really CAN make a living doing something you love!

    x Nicole

  18. Many congratulations Nikki, this is great and I am one of many bloggers who really benefit from your generous sharing of your experiences. You are leading the way and I am sure will be doing so always… and so many grateful fashion followers and bloggers will keep following.

    I met Annabel Candy yesterday for the first time which was great, your name was mentioned as we sat overlooking the glorious beach views at Sunshine.

    How FAB that you can live in this glorious part of Australia and work from home so succesfully – fab inspiration!!

  19. Huge congratulations Nikki, it’s been wonderful to see your concept develop into such a successful business! Well done you!! Hope to see you in Sydney next time round. xo

  20. This is such a huge step in the Australia Blogosphere, it’s amazing! So exciting that you are a part of it! Congrats!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a little under 12 months I think, but once I stumbled across it, I was hooked. I really enjoy the way you write.

  21. Hi Nikki
    Congratulations!  I have been following your blog for 8 months and as a 50+ Granny you keep me up to date with new things on the market and a wonderful sense of style!  I bless the day you mentioned Garnier BB Cream (to name one of several fantastic new products you have introduced me to). You have also taught me that its okay to have a little  buldge around my mid-drift and wear floaty tops over jeans and pants to hide the sins of a few glasses of wine and bubbles. I have also mastered the art of turning not so clean hair into a beautiful new style thanks to you.  I no longer ponder over the new seasons fashions and wonder if I should somehow adopt them into my wardrobe because you have shown me how to incorporate them into the look that suits me.
    Keep up the good work – we all need your help and advice.

  22. First of all – what’s this business about you being the other side of 40?! Damn girl you look good!

    Secondly, I wholeheartedly congratulate you Nikki. You emulate all that is good about blogging and I love that you have always taken the time to interact and engage. ¬†I’ll admit I dont get to visit as many blogs as I’d like, but I always know when I come to your slice of cyber space the warm welcome is rolled out AND I’ll be leaving with some knowledge to boot. ¬†

    Wishing you well on this exciting journey and happy that the great tantrum of 2008 has lead to such success!

  23. Hi Nikki,
    A big congratulations from me for your wonderful achievement.¬† Your blog is excellent and I also think you’re a wonderful ambassador for blogging in that you’re never too busy to check in with us “smaller fry”.¬† Good on you!
    Liz N

  24. It feels like I have followed you forever but in reality it has been 18 months!¬†I go shopping and think “what would Nikki say”, when someone coments on how nicely I’ve pulled an outfit togehter I say “have you heard of stylingyou?”¬†
    The last¬†weekend in June I’ll be in Melbourne shopping with my mothers group and I’ll be stalking your blog looking at posts old and new to put together my shopping list!
    Congratulations on taking the next step!!

  25. Nikki РCONGRATULATIONS!  You a modern day success story and your tale is so inspirational to anyone who wants to change their life.  I met you when you were working at the Sunshine Coast Daily and I was doing PR work for tourism clients and am so delighted to you got off the news-room treadmill and created something brilliant.  Wishing you much more unimaginable greatness.  Go for it!

  26. I’m a lurker, not really a commenter – though I have from time to time.
    I’ve been reading for as long as I have had twitter, which is a really long time
    [I just looked it up – I started on Twitter just 3 days before you, eek]

  27. Congratulations Nikki! I’ve only been here since early March this year but it has been invaluable.

    And thank you for sharing how Styling You was born. It is awfully reassuring for a newbie to know that successful blogs out there weren’t all born with silver spoons and perfect business plans from the start.¬†

    That mistakes can and do happen and do not necessarily mean an instant fail in one’s progress.

    I definitely know how¬†poop-in-your-pants-ness feels like, that’s been me on and off these past 6 months. And am still wondering if it’ll all work out, seeing that it has taken that long (and more) for it all to come together!

    1. I know where you’re at Silver and it’s exciting, brave and full of hope. Don’t lose the hope but don’t be afraid to alter course if things don’t go to the original plan – that’s what I’ve most learned from by own journey.

      1. Thanks Nikki ūüôā Your encouragement is heartening. And ‘altering course if things don’t go to the original plan’ has been a bosom friend of mine these past months. Plan after plan has failed and thank goodness they did too!

        I have learnt that plans A, B, C, D, E and F are often the tryouts based on ideas rather than reality. It is only after going through plans A to F that true plans, real plans based on experience and genuine me can come out and play. Much like brainstorming, a la live.

        It’s like the best entrepreneurs always say: Be ready to know what and when to ditch, and ditch fast. So you can catch the next ride faster. ūüôā

  28. Big round of well dones to you, Nikki. I love Styling You as I find your writing very personable and I also love the sense of community I’ve found amongst beauty bloggers since I started my own blog late last year ( I also now have my own comfy pair of Emerson leopard print loafers ūüôā

  29. Congratulations, Nikki, on this exciting new step and thanks for sharing such an inspiring and personal post. I’ve been reading your blog on and off for only a few months (and this is my first comment!) but this post is particularly special. For us ‘non-bloggers’ or those just starting out, it’s so good to see that huge success like yours can stem from one, very brave decision. Being brave and working very hard pays off. And anyone can do that! x

  30. I found your blog through Twitter which I have only been using since late last year.I had a peak here and didnt think it would be for me as I guess I would say I am not a stylish person. I found your advice to be very valuable and within reach of the everyday woman and have been coming back ever since.
    Many people in the fashion world appear above the rest of us but you are so open and down to earth and thats what I  love about you and your wonderful blog.
    So I just want to say congrats on this new adventure  and a huge ThankYou for taking the time that you do for everyday people like me.You are so very much  appreciated.xx

  31. I have been reading your words of wisdom longer than you have been blogging…. and I don’t think there was any doubt you would make this “blogging thing” work to your advantage.

     Your skills go WAY beyond being a wordsmith or stylish. While the rest of us slack off and dream about the what ifs and maybes you get out of the office and make it happen. 

    Catching up with your blog and seeing what is new in the fashion/beauty world (I skipped the condom dress bonanza but I am a BB cream fanatic) is a bright spot in my day so congrats from someone who knew you long before you were one of the queens in the blogosphere.     

    1. You win Shazza! You win … we go way too way back!! I don’t know what clicked in me to stop dreaming and make something happen – a combination of factors probably but I’m really glad I did. xx

  32. First of all congrats Nikki, The Remarkables Group are lucky to represent you (and the other amazing bloggers on the list). Your story is so incredibly inspiring and wonderful and real – just like you. Thank you for creating Styling You. I know I haven’t been a Styler for very long, but I’ve fallen head over (high)heels in love with this site and with you. Can’t wait to meet you and share a celebratory wine (or 2)!! xx

  33. Our 1 year blog anniversary is coming up next week and our blog has changed and evolved throughout the year. Reading and following blogs like yours is an inspiration, especially when I know that you are making a living from blogging as this is our ultimate goal. Thank you for doing what you do and good luck with the new business venture. xT

  34. well congratulations you ! we are all so proud of the sunshine coast based but international real fashion mega star that you are and I am thrilled that we have you on hand 24 7 Рso it is great to have a hired hand to work your booty for you Рclimb higher Nikki and enjoy the next four years even more Рbest le 

  35. How awesome! ¬†I’m a¬†fairly¬†new¬†reader (less than a year)¬†and I’m pretty sure that¬†discovering¬†you led me to discover the entire blogsphere and all those other “remarkable” bloggers! ¬†As a testament to your skills as a blogger I’m sitting here in my Virtu¬†tunic¬†and leggings – a store I’d never heard of before seeing you profile the maxi dress (which I also bought). ¬†I’m also one of the “condom dress” wearers and I’m happy to say my complete lack of style may have now¬†improved¬†through your¬†online¬†advice! ¬†I love reading your posts I can almost always¬†guarantee¬†that they¬†contain¬†something¬†“for me”. ¬†Keep it up -I love it!!

  36. Foundation member! And yay! you now have someone to delegate some of your business matters to. More time to get on with the stuff you enjoy most. Huge congrats on taking the leap and making it work (and really must get you to meet Kirra soon!).

  37. Well done Nikki! I am not a fashion type of girl. But I enjoy your blog greatly. I been reading you about a year.

    You did introduce me to nanceybird bags, and am about to get one for my birthday! Yay.


  38. That’s awesome Nikki! I love your story and I think the best decisions involve a touch of naivety, otherwise it would just be too scary!! I think I’ve been reading your blog for about a year. I think I found you on twitter, with your blogging tips. But my favourite posts are you keeping it real ones now. (and the Nina style interpretations) ¬†

  39. Nikki you are so inspirational, truly you are. My husband is where you were 4 years ago, on the cusp if chucking in his job to start his own company. I am scared shitless!!!

    I’ve only been reading since I found you in JustB ( I miss you over there…) but you are a wealth of knowledge & your down to earth, keeping it real approach is what keeps me coming back.

    I’m so happy it’s all worked out & paying off for you. It takes courage lady….

    1. Thanks Reannon … oh, I totally get how scared you are. I think it’s scarier for the partners of the person with the dream/idea. Wishing you the best with it. And thanks for missing me at Justb … so glad you come over here for a fix too x

  40. Hmmmm …. I believe I started reading you about one and a half years ago? You were already all official-like. You teach me so much – thank you, Nikki Stylers.¬†

    And congratulations, lady!!!XXXX

  41. Maybe now you will have time for coffee!! Just kidding, well done, I think I’ve been following you from day ONE….

  42. On top it all (and YOU are on top of it all!) You are particularly amazing at what you’ve created! Onward, ever onward!

  43. Congratulations Nikki, what fantastic news! 
    You really have a way with words and not only on your blog… Having had the chance to hear you speak at the Nuffnang conference, I can honestly say you’re one of the best public speakers I’ve heard!¬†
    Well done and here’s to many many more years of Styling You:)xx

  44. Congrats Nikki! ūüôā

    It’s so nice to see you talk about the highs and the lows and how it didn’t happen overnight. I think it’s easy for us to think success happens overnight.¬†

    Can’t wait to see whats happening around the¬†corner.¬†

    Goodluck Lorraine!!! You’ll be a busy bee since Nikki is so in demand ūüôā

    1. Thanks Beauty in a Bottle … it’s so true. Success is not something that comes easy but if you love what you’re doing while trying to get there it makes the low times bearable x

  45. Sorry about that I don’t know why that happens sometimes ūüôĀ I applaud your braveness I as going to do a course on nutrition back in 1996 and I thought i was too old ,it was a nutrition course and took a long time but I have food allergies and If I had done it I would be able o help other people ,but I didn’t and Now I think I was young back then !
    I love your blog and your posts They are REAL,for REAL women ,i have followed a few others and gave them up because they were all about rules and sometimes those rules can be bent,I feel like your a friend (I hope that does not sound stalkerish) and would love to meet you one day.
    Congratulations on your great blog I log on everyday and enjoy it ,I probably have been following you on facebook for about a year and then started reading your blog and gave up every other one,great job.

  46. Inspiring story Nikki! I think I’ve been reading for almost a year now. Looking forward to my post pregnancy body so I can start taking your fashion advice again. Not long now!

  47. I for one applaud your braveness ,I did a tafe course back in 1996 a computer one and then decided I liked the study caper (I didn’t at School ) and one of my assignments I did on nutrition ,it has always interested me and I have a few allergies and thought I could help other people, did I do the course, NO NO I didn’t I was too scared and thought it would take too long and I was too old ¬†but I SHOULD have, I would have had my ownhealthy foodie company by now helping ¬†other people , I really Think you Nikki have done very well<you are so honest in a good way and your blog is great and even though I have never met you I feel like your a friend (hope that does not sound stalkerish) .
    I have followed other fashion/stylists blogs over the years but gave them up ,yours is the only REAL one for REAL people,I followed you on facebook for a while probably 12 months and then started logging onto your blog everyday….Congrats on a blog well done and Posts worth reading. ¬†

  48. Oh my god, why the fixing and not the pouring of the wine? I know they’re trying to help, but just let me vent, dammit! I’ve known you more than two years, when I was a newspaper editor inheriting someone else’s job and email account. In it popped your email styling advice and I was SO impressed that you looked so professional and organised and had a logo and a mailing list! I was way off from my own blog at that stage and remember thinking I couldn’t¬†reach where you were, as you were already so successful. Then through mutual friends we met and fell in love and I desperately hoped one day I would be chosen to be a reviewer (remember those days?!) I’ve been at the back door of your blogging journey and I know the heart and the soul of the person making the decisions to grow this thing into a sustainable business that you have fun doing every day. Every inch of success you achieve is nowhere near what you are worth, and what your potential is. But it’s a start, and it’s deserved! And I will crack that champagne with you and be the one telling you you’ve made it. Because you make it yourself, every day.

    Shut up, I’m going to get a tissue now. I love you super-much.

  49. So exciting Nikki – well done to you all for taking this next step! I’ve ‘only’ been reading for 18 months so I missed the point where you went stratospheric. I am sure that would have been fun to watch!!

  50. Funny how life often eventually takes you where you really fit and want to be. 

    I’m thinking it’s probably a mix of sending out vibes, meeting the right people and telling them what you want to do/where you want to go; the right people seeing your great work; some really hard work; and just plain luck!

    I too have a paid job I love, that I got to in a very roundabout way and as much as I work hard, I know other people do too but never seem to be able to get to the right place for them.

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