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Lazy-girl beauty: the easiest nail art tutorial in the world

Nikki Parkinson Beauty 18 Comments

You know how nail art is THE biggest thing in nails right now?

Well, I did know this but I had some serious doubts as to whether it would become part of my beauty routine. I was all, “that’s a lot work for something that’s going to look special one minute and chipped the next”, so I hadn’t even contemplated going there.

(Also, just quietly wondered if I were too old for such a trend 😉 )

But then I was sat down at the opening of Mecca Maxima last week and two minutes later I had fancy, schmancy arty nails.

Well, maybe five minutes.

But you get what I’m saying, don’t you? You can see why these nails are now my new beauty best friends?

This is lazy-girl beauty at its laziest best.

So strictly, my nails are not nail art because they haven’t been painted but I’m very cool with these Kit Cosmetics stick-ons.

And here’s the best bit? They last about five-six days. I got to day six with them looking quite acceptable, thank-you very much.

Step 1

Match up the nail to a strip from the pack of 20

Match up the nail width to a strip from the pack of 20

Step 2

Take off tape and apply to nail ... much easier than contacting kids' books

Take off tape and apply to nail … much easier than contacting kids’ books

Step 3

I didn't get a photo but you just pull the excess nail strip over the top of the nail and it easily "cuts" off at the end of the nail

I didn’t get a photo but you just pull the excess nail strip over the top of the nail and it easily “cuts” off at the end of the nail

Step 4

Press down and file nail if any excess strip is showing

Press down and file nail if any excess strip is showing

Step 5

Show off nails

Show off nails

… but wait, there’s more …

Guess how much a packet of these strips will set you back? Just $9.95, my friend. You can buy online here or at Kit Cosmetics counters or Mecca Maxima stores.

And … if you live in Brisbane you can download a voucher here for a free pack at the new Mecca Maxima store in the Wintergarden Centre.

Expect to see me sporting a lot of these in between my monthly CND Shellac appointments. Just saying.

Have you tried stick-on nail art? Or are you super arty and ambidextrous and can you do the real thing?


  • How did I miss this post? I need to stock up on these! X

  • LISA Mckenzie

    I ordered a cheaper brand of these nail stickers in a python print,when i get them iwill give them a go and let you know how I went,i thought python looked pretty chic !!

  • I have 2 packs of Sally Hansen strips in my drawer that I bought AGES ago and have never got around to using, similarly thinking that maybe I was a bit ‘past it’ for this trend.  You’ve inspired me to spend 5 minutes or so of my Sunday evening glamming up my nails 🙂 

    Now just to decide – will next week be ‘pretty’ me or ‘rock chic’ me, as my choice is between silver skulls on black or flowers on mauve!

  • Rachel

    I love it will be getting myself some! I had my nails don’t at a fancy place $100 delux spa manicure 1 nail conpletely fell off polish in 1 big chunk today a day later 5 are out! Not good enough! They were closed today but will be getting a visit from me in the morning for a re coat! Ridiculous!

    • I can’t believe that Rachel … good luck with resolving it!

    • That is really slack Rachel!  I find a lot of nail bars/salons – pricey or otherwise – don’t allow you sufficient time for the nails to fully dry between coats and this is why the colour just peels or falls off. 

  • Oh wow!  Nikki…I am excoited!  I might have to give a pack of those bad boys a go!  Thanks for the tip! Love a  lazy beauty tip!

    • good luck with them … yours in lazy-girl beauty tips forever 😉

  • I love nail stickers! Great to chuck on when you’re running late and don’t have time for nailpolish to dry x

    • That is VERY true … and true of me who’s always last minute with stuff like that!

  • Oooooo! I have very short nails because I play the guitar but I’d love to try this. This is no painting at all!!! I love your nails nikki. Very cute. 

    • Thanks … and yes, worth a try to see if they’d last with guitar playing!

  • LISA Mckenzie

     I Like these Nikkki,glad you clarified that I’m not too old for them (I figure we are around the same vintage ,and that’s good one btw).I like them I  must confess I did buy a packet of another brand around christmas time but ended up giving them to my sons girlfriend I changed my mind as you do and thought nope too old for those!!.The prices are good tooI would buy a pack and try them for sure ,cause painted nails and housework do not go together so I don’t bother ,only for spesh occasions Ipaint my finger nails ,but toes are painted all the time,they don’t chip like fingers though.
    Love Love your lazy girl beauty posts ,they are great as I’m a very lazy girl.
    I just wanted to tell you about another lazy girl thing I slipped into the trolley with the meat and vegies ,it’s a loreal perfect clean pod in the dry and sensitive and my golly gosh it’s good ,makes your skin feel so clean and lovely and Iwas shocked at the dirt that came off AFTER I had cleansed ,this might make a nighly appearance in my bathroom ,I had been eyeing them off for weeks and when you talked about your clarisonic it gave me the idea. I just can’t help myself when I see a new product ,I just have to try them,that’s the shopaholic in me .
    Sorry that I  went off topic ,I will get me some of those nail stickers soon  ,they look great ,Thank you .

    • LISA Mckenzie

      Sorry I put too many K s in your name oops!!!

    • Oh good find Lisa – may have to slip one in the trolley myself!

  • Dianna Elliott

    I love the look…will have to give them a try.  I will have to wait till I have some days off as I am a beauty therapist…and hands in water will not be great I am guessing 😀

    • I wasn’t precious about the water thing and they lasted ok – obviously you’d be in water more though!