Shopping confessions: what I've bought for MBAFW

Shopping confessions: the fashion week edition

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So I’m off to Fashion Week next week – blogging for Maybelline New York. Which I’m just a teensy bit excited about.

I can’t wait to get up close and personal with the predicted spring-summer beauty and fashion trends.

You know I’m all about keeping it real here on Styling You – so my aim will be to take what I see backstage and on the catwalk and translate it back to the stuff we’d actually wear or put on our face.

Should be simple, right?

Well, yes, it would be, except, oh my, I’m going to be mixing it with the uber-stylish fashion and beauty pack.

These girls and guys – whether they’re bloggers or journos – know their schiz.

OK, so I may know some schiz too but these guys very much LOOK the part. They “speak” fashion every day and have a wardrobe to match. They’ve been planning their MBAFW wardrobe for weeks and have an “It” bag to prove it.

And therein lies my First World problem.

I live at the beach and spend the majority of my time staring at a computer screen. I do casual VERY WELL. Yes, I do. But unfortunately beach casual ain’t quite going to cut it next week – except perhaps when I’m back in my hotel room ordering room service.

So, I had a look-see in my wardrobe and decided that I could actually swing a bit of a Fashion Week uniform out of my growing collection of coloured jeans and jackets. I’d just need a couple of “key” items to pep it all up and make me look kind of Fashion Weeky.

Here’s what I’ve bought:

Shopping confessions: what I've bought for MBAFW

1. Gorman Agent 99 trench | 2. Gorman Snooker cami | 3. Gorman Sienna Heel 

Coincidentally they’re all by Gorman … and all on sale. But I figure supporting an Australian designer is the way to go for Australian Fashion Week. Don’t you think?

Now, you remember how this Shopping Confessions post works, don’t you?

I’m now handing it over to you … let the comments section be your shopping confessional. Tell me what you’ve bought lately?

Share something lovely … fashion pieces, makeup, skincare, something nice for the house. Was it a bargain? Had you been looking for something like it for a long time?

Are you ready to CONFESS and SHARE? You can even upload a photo in the comments, did you know that?
  • Nardia

    I had been coveting a pair of shoes recently but as I’d struck a self imposed deal with my husband to only buy shoes that were on sale in a bid to curb my shocking shoe habit I resisted the purchase… Until 2 weeks ago when they came on sale! Unfortunately when they arrived and I tried them on, they were a narrow fit and too small, and quite frankly a lot higher than I expected so sadly they had to go back.
    But last week, a revamp of the Miley shoe (called Kylie) which had a smaller heel and was a little more true to size was launched and I confess, I ordered a pair despite the fact that they weren’t on sale!!! Sorry honey!!
    And here’s the link to my most recent, unauthorised purchase –

  • Ew, orange!!!! A colour I do not like except for the few pieces of jewellery that I have.

  • Sasha

    Hi Nikki, I love your stuff for casual ( i am a mum of 2 small boys) but I head over to Paula Joye’s blog (Lifestyled) for my “fashiony” stuff..go and have a look!

    • I love Paula’s blog, Sasha … a wardrobe to dream of !

  • LISA Mckenzie

    I am so glad you made this confessional for us saves us going somewhere else to tell lol.
    I bought one pair of tan mid heel boots from rivers if you have never tried them do..they are the comfiest boots I have ever worn ,they have padding in the soles ,i thought they were for grannies but NOT SO, my daughter even bought a pair ,they were on sale for $25.
    I also bought a drapey jacket in black which I was  looking for but saw it by accident at Rockmans of all places ,was $70 down to $25 so another bargain and I also bought some shoes online this time ,brands exclusive I think ,Rubi shoes, I know they are not the best quality BUT they were very  very reasonable I got a khaki pair of flats a black pair a pair of black sandals and a pair of black short flat boots  for ….wait for it $34.90 and that includes postage so if they aren’t too flash they will do for at home .That’s all I have to confess today but ssh don’t tell my hubster he thinks I have way too many shoes already ,what is it with men, thongs ,joggers,good joggers , work shoes ,suit shoes and soccer boots and now he is getting older ugg boots as slippers ,they think thats too many !!!!!

  • I bought myself a Mesop ink navy long sleeve dress, some thickish Metallicus leggings and a babywool light blue long waterfall cardi. The plan is to to layer up with tan boots, a funky cross-body bag and scarf…I’m channelling Nina Proudman!

  • Here is another outfit I have bought some new some from my collection.Love the CHANEL nail colour in Blue Rebel. 

    • Oh, that Chanel colour is to die for. And love the colour of your jeans!

  • I have bought so much lately. This is what I am wearing today. Both tops from Country Road. 

    • I love this Vicki … saw it on Instagram. My kind of look when it cools down!

  • Leoni & Vonk

    Have bought lots of yummy Gorman bargains in the last few weeks – leopard print boots, tassel t shirt, spotty shirt, 3 x scarves, woolen cape and shoes like those in your post in navy . We, here in Melbourne have been very lucky to have had a a big Gorman sale and a Factory Sale! Have fun at Fashion Week – wish I was there!!!!

    • Ahh, so lucky! They did put the sale online – but not as fun as in real life!

  • edenland

    I got a manicure and pedicure. Just for me .. no particular reason. And I’m going to do it again.


  • SallyJ

    I bought a white Saba shift dress for $100 – perfect for a party in a couple of weeks time. I reckon I can get away with some bright party shoes to match but do you think I can find any?!
    Any suggestions for my modern day dilemma would be much appreciated 🙂

  • Clms76

    17 Sunday’s denim jacket with studded lapels & Wittner camel platforms (via heel steel sale)

  • 5 meters of pure silk is what I have bought. I am planning to make kaftan from it. Pure silk is readily available here in India and when I got my hands on some on sale, I picked it up. Also a pair of wedges in tan. Summer’s all for wedges dont you think?

    Congratulations Nikki. And you’ll look gorgeous in those heels. Can’t wait to see how you dress up the storm!

  • Debbie

    I’m super thrilled with my purchase last Friday.  I managed to snap up the leather t-shirt top in Witchery.  I’m loving my self sick in it and will be able to wear it with all my pants and skirts.  And because it has short sleeves, add a jacket to keep warm for winter, remove it and, voila.  Summer, here I come.  Also bagged a great scarf too.

  • I’ve tried to stay away from the shops, as renovating and planning a wedding seem to be taking up most of our money these days. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) the call of the shops was far too strong. I bought an amazing metal belt from Sportsgirl and 2 pairs of Mimco earrings that were on sale for $24.95 each. And then today I bought a longline scoop neck top from Sussan as I love to layer and it is bitterly cold and grey and rainy in Adelaide. Looks like we’ll be living off soup and toast for the next few weeks…!!

  • Robyn

    I’m sooo naughty!  Went looking for a jackety/bolero thingy to wear over a dress for an up-coming wedding and came home with two Sasha Drakes.  They’re still hiding in the carry bag as I’m feeling significant post -shopping- splurge guilt.  However, I’m trying to convince myself that I’ll get ‘many’ years of wear out of them and that makes it ok.  (Bought the black dress with back cowl and one of the wrap dresses).

    • Oh, see this is why I have the shopping confessional! I hear you but it sounds like you’ll get a lot of wear out of the dresses!!

  • Tam

    Sadly, I’m on a bit of a shopping ban right now so I’ll just live vicariously through you, ok? Which is great because I’m totally jonesing that orange trench.  It is so perfect.

    • Tam, after this I’m on a ban too! Need to save $ for NYC!

  • I’m excited about my studio lights that I just purchased. I’ve already done a portrait shoot using them. Took this photo yesterday.
    x Marnie

  • My confession is that I bought  a yak wool shawl the other week.  It was oh so beautiful, soft and a bargain
    price that I bought another two.  Oops,
    hoping husband just thinks I’m using the same one over and over.  And I love that I can call it my yakidiyak!  Check it out


  • LISA Mckenzie

    Love your new purchases ,they are fab colours ,I love orange and watermelon ,and it must suit me cause every time I wear those colours people comment on how nice I look so I must remember to buy more.
    Have a lovely time at fashion week ,it would be awesome to go,hectic and a tad scary too,competing with all those fashionista’s , but a lot of fun ,looking forward to what you’ll be blogging about ,not that I  wear everything that is a big trend a lot is for Youngins  not 40+somethings.
    Yes Nikki buyng Australian made fashion is good for the economy ,a good reason to justify your purchases.
    I’ve been good sort of ,except for buying a cocktail ring from ASOS and new boots and a couple of new scarves ,and my seed dress,that Is all I have to confess  today anyway ,though the weather is cold and yuck so I might find myself looking at websites ,it’s that sort of day where you have to think about winter.

    • Your purchases sound perfect for the season – good accessories are always good buys!!

  • Bec

    I actually did a massive sort-out of my wardrobe.  New shelving system etc.  Looks like a shop with a bag section, scarf section, shoe department & grouped hanging.  It’s now easier to see what I’ve got and what might need to go on a wish list!  Not sure if novelty will wear off but am finding it fun to shop in my own wardrobe!!

    • Oh Bec … I want that so much! Yes, it would feel like a shop … and there is so much satisfaction from finding what you need … and it’s right there!

  • Janet Camilleri

    Went to Harbour Town on the Goldy with hubster on the weekend, got a black & white striped pencil skirt in a knit fabric. Hubster gave it the thumbs up, very va-va-voom according to him! At Jay Jays 30% off sale so reduced from $30 to $20 🙂

    Couple of weeks ago went op shopping and got a gorgeous pair of black leather knee high boots for $9  that fit me perfectly – as they are Joanne Mercer brand I know they’re like $250 new. Score!!!!!

    • WOW Janet … bargain queen! And anything that gets a va-va-voom rating gets extra points!

  • Supers

    Rather loving that orange trench you bought..
    My confession – started last Monday with the Verily split cowl dress – on sale (which is getting exchanged for a smaller size).  I’ve been looking for nude heels, so found a pair at the Diana Ferrari outlet, which happened to be at 40% off all items, so it seemed like a good idea to get a pair of black knee high boots (as my current ones are uncomfortable).
    Yesterday I hit the last day of the Lululemon warehouse sale to get a pair of workout pants.  It was 50% off everything when I got to the registers so got a great deal on 2 pairs of pants, a sports bra and tee.

  • Had a big shopping week last week – Jacqui E Ponte Flare Dress that I’d been eyeing off all season, on sale; black knee high boots from TS14+ to replace my worn out pair, 10% discount for signing up to their loyalty club (this applies to EVERY purchase BTW); leopard print cardi from Jacqui E, which turned out to be 30% off; and tan ankle boots from Betts, also 30% off!  All items that have been on my wish list for a while so totally worth the spend 🙂 

    Now just waiting on my version of the ‘condom’ dress to arrive in the mail from Virtu… will let you know how that one goes! 

    • Hi Melanie – it that the black Virtu dress you are waiting for?  I have ordered one as well and have been waiting very impatiently – they emailed me on Thursday to let me know it had been despatched so hopefully today!  
      Also, thanks for the tip on the TS14+ boots – I am going to Adelaide for a couple of days this week (I live regional) so will give them a try.  I got some really nice brown ones from City Chic when they had a sale a little while back.

      • Ah, you’ve answered the boots question here! PS. Hope the dress arrives soon!

      • I’m waiting for that Virtu dress too lol … No wonder it was out of stock!!  🙂

    • How good is it to have a wishlist and then tick them off with things on sale. I’m a big believer in creating that list and then it’s amazing that you do actually find the things you’re looking for (bit like a vision board works). Great haul and great bargains!

  • jillmcdougall

    Ordered a black fur vest, couldn’t afford the David Lawrence one at $299 so I ordered on ebay from china…’s hoping its OK, to go with my David Lawrence new black leather skirt.

    • Oh, good thinking and scouting … I like that kind of investigative work!

  • I bought  GHD air hairdryer yesterday (another purchase thanks to this here blog). Totally justified though, my old hairdryer blew up. Sure I have super short hair, but I blow dry it every day. 

    • Oh, have you used it yet … mine is definitely coming with me to Fashion Week … I can actually be bothered blowdrying my hair because it’s so quick!

      • It sure is quick! It always takes me a couple of days post haircut to get into styling a new do, but I’m liking the straight factor so far.

  • I haven’t bought anything for a little while (apart from a very cool pair of knee high brown leather boots that actually fit my fat calves!)  but I am going to Adelaide tomorrow for a couple of days…so lets just say some damage might get done!

    • Woohoo Sally … enjoy that shop! And where did you get the boots from – that’s a problem for me and I know a lot of readers here too!

      • Thanks Nikki.  These boots were from City Chic – they are a riding boot style in a really nice dark brown.  Another fab site for boots is – they are UK based and you buy the boots based on the calf circumference – from very slim right through to much larger so perfect for just about everyone.  They are not cheap – but they are really very nice and the choice is great!

  • Shan

    You don’t need to compete with those fashion fiends! You are fabulous enough! And have your own thing going! So just enjoy it and show them how to do QLD style like no other!!! I am about to go out and search for jeans and tips for a upcoming trip! Eeek!

    • Good luck for the jeans hunt, Shan … and thanks for the vote of confidence. It really is a case being myself but “meeting” the occasion, I know! 

  • Carly Findlay

    Love those clothes. Love them! The orange is fab and so are those spots.
    How exciting you are blogging for Fashion Week!

    I have bought luggage, an iPad cover and keyboard, and an international power plug. Nothing but spending for overseas trip. 

    • Ooh, it’s getting close now, isn’t it Carly!? Exciting!!

  • Bipolarmadam

    I have ordered a turquoise pillbox hat for my friend’s wedding. It will be made by a milliner here in Newy. How cool is that?