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Why everyone can now love laser hair reduction

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I’ve seriously had the most low maintenance summer ever. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

No worrying about the “garden” being too overgrown when heading to the beach. No embarrassment that I forgot to make the waxing appointment. No unfortunate looking red bumps on my bikini line.

No, for the first summer ever (well, since pre-puberty), I didn’t have to mentally go through the hair status checklist every time someone mentioned the word beach. And I can tell you, that is music to the ears of this master of lazy-girl beauty.

The reason?

Just over a year ago, I started having laser hair removal treatments … you know … down there.  I had SPL hair reduction treatments about four years before that and that had reduced the size of the garden but, like a gardener who needed to knock off early for a Friday afternoon beer, SPL had not finished the whole job.

So I started a course of laser hair reduction sessions at The Laser Lounge in Paddington, Brisbane (if you’re in Sydney, they’ve got clinics in the City and Castle Hill). Not only did it not sting like the SPL but the results were evident even after one session.

I had great success as my skin (pale) and hair (dark) were the perfect contrast for the traditional laser machine that The Laser Lounge had to use on me at the time. It was that hair/skin contrast that allowed the laser to work most effectively.

At the time, I thought, well, gee, that’s kind of great and all for me but what about my darker skinned sisters … because really everybody should have their unwanted hair reduced this way. It’s so quick, easy and relatively pain-free.  And, importantly, produces great results.

The Laser Lounge hair reduction for dark skin

Fast-forward a few months and the team at The Laser Lounge was on to it. Now all skin types can bask in the reduced-hair glory that comes from this kind of treatment.

At their Brisbane and Castle Hill clinics (plans to have one at the Sydney CBD clinic are under way), The Laser Lounge has installed what’s known as a Candela GentleMAX laser machine, which can be operated on two different laser wave lengths – as a Gentle LASE laser for pale skin/dark hair or a GentleYAG laser for dark skin/dark hair, depending on the needs of the client.

The Laser Lounge Candela GentleYAG 1064

The GentleYAG 1064 nm wavelength laser, effectively offers safe, yet deeper laser penetration for darker skin types (including tanned skin), offering unmatched treatment capabilities in permanent hair reduction, leg veins, facial veins, wrinkles and skin tightening.

For someone like Monica (pictured above and below) … our GentleYAG laser tester for the purposes of this post, this new laser machine had her very excited. It was her second under-arm treatment. The first was a month ago and already there had been a huge reduction in the amount of hair growing back.

The Laser Lounge

“There’s virtually no pain at all. It’s a very quick, cooling feeling when it zaps so any sensation is quickly gone,” said Monica.

This video explains a little more …


The Laser Lounge team of skin and laser technicians are certified and experienced to use medical grade lasers and are confident when treating all skin types. In fact, in Queensland you cannot own and operate a laser machine without being licensed to do so. Queensland and Western Australia are the only states where this is a requirement. The Laser Lounge is a big advocate for the introduction of Australia-wide regulated licensing and training requirements for laser machine operation.

The cost

It’s best to first book in for a free consultation.  Phone 1300 963 962 or email the team at [email protected].  Each client is unique and a consultation will give you a better idea of the number of treatments you will need for your specific area of concern.

A Brazilian and Underarm package is priced from $99 per treatment. A Bikini and Underarm combination is priced from $70 per treatment.

Have you tried laser for hair reduction? Or are you still a wax or shave girl?


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  1. A reasonable price for such treatment. There are other skin
    clinic around Castle Hill that offer laser hair removal treatment for a great
    price. Laser hair removal treatment is better than waxing provided that you
    have the money for the session to achieve the desired result.

  2. I’ve wanted to have laser hair removal done for aaaaages!! What a reasonably priced package for underarm and brazilian – can they please open up a special salon for this bride-to-be in Adelaide?!!

  3. Ohh, I shall have to check this out. I live close to Castle Hill and I’ve been reading up about getting something like this done. I have PCOS and have been getting some darker hairs on my neck/chin area, while it’s not bad or too noticeable, its frustrating!

  4. HI Nikki
    I am also a great advocate of IPL hair removal and have seen its benefits. Whilst I commend  any company who takes safety and training seriously, I would highly recommend anyone considering seeing a therapist who has government accredited training and holds a IPL laser safety officers certificate – not just manufacturers training. 

    1. Hi Grevins, You can have IPL / Laser at any age, but just remember that hair growth is often trigger by hormone change, so around time of higher hormone production – teenage, following pregnancy, menopause – you may not get as successful treatment as you might do at another time.  Hope this helps!

  5. Just wondering if there are any clinics in Melbourne that use this? I have laser hair removal 8 years ago and it definitely made a huge difference but after 8 years and 2 kids, I need some maintenance and want to get my underarms done too.
    I had laser and found that it was excruciating! The technician used an ice pack to cool the area before and after the zap because I was in tears (and I’m not usually a sook) so hopefully some advances have been made because I really want to go back for more.

  6. How is laser different to SPL Nikki?  I tried SPL for a while but it didn’t work for me 🙁 I was a mystery to them as I was supposed to be a ‘perfect’ candidate with my pale skin and dark hair but alas after 10 treatments (when then told me it would take 6 max) there was no improvement and  it was a complete waste.  I’d LOVE to find a more permanent solution than waxing but really don’t want to go to that expense again unless I thought it would actually work!!

    1. Good question! I actually had SPL about 4 years ago with varying success. Minimised a little but still some garden tending to be done! It hurts way more than the laser! And I’ve had better results. If you are near any of these clinics it would be worthwhile having a consult for their expert opinion on what can be done.

  7. I’ve been a convert of this laser gig for years. Hurts waaaaaay less than waxing in those sensitive areas. Unfortunately each time I get within 3 visits of being permanently hair free I fall pregnant and have to stop. It doesn’t matter for the first 3 months …. but the hair does eventually grow back, and by then I can’t see whats going on down there over the bump. I guess things might be pretty scary down there now at 22 weeks. Ok, now I’m over sharing… sorry.

  8. That’s one part of my body i DO NOT like to use my epilator on ,my legs are fine and my underarms are very sparse so it’s quick and easy BUT the lady garden ,i would love to get rid of that permanently.I wonder how it goes on greys though,my garden is going very grey,very fast .I might do some research ,Thanks Nikki for this post very interesting. 

  9. So we are talking permantly gone Nikki ? Like, forever?!

    If so I may need to look into something because I have become very lazy in the ” garden” area & a permanent solution would be fab!!! Actually I’d like me underarm hair gone too, it’s so bloody coarse…yuck!!

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