Day 1 MNYAU product 14hr Superstay Lipstick

Keeping it Real: Fashion Week Day 1

Nikki Parkinson Beauty, Everyday Style 21 Comments

I’m sitting here backstage in a tent at Sydney’s Overseas Passenger Terminal. Models are everywhere. Stylists are everywhere. Fashiony people wearing black are everywhere.

The buzz is electric.

It was an early start for me today for Day 1 of Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week – out the door at 6.30am to head down with the gorgeous Maybelline girls – Georgia and Kate – and Maybelline ambassador Ruby Rose.

I’m yet to get a coffee but at least I got my hair done and face on. Thank God for concealer.

Here’s what I’m wearing. You’ll recognise these pieces if you’re a regular Keeping it Real follower. I make no apologies for shopping from my wardrobe and bringing favourites out to play over and over again. And you should not apologise either.

Nikki outfit day 1

Each day this week I’ll be introducing you to a new Maybelline NY product – something that isn’t in store yet but something to file away and remember for when they are.

Today I’m all about the lips.

And I have the Maybelline NY Superstay 14 hour lipstick in Enduring Ruby ($18.95 and available from July) to thank for my pop of colour today. Love the deep fuchsia and I’m thinking a long-stay lippy is definitely required this week. This one coats the lips like soft velvet and is non-drying. It’s got a delicious fruit fragrance too.

Day 1 MNYAU product 14hr Superstay Lipstick

Bring on the shows!


Thanks to Maybelline NY Australia, I’m blogging at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia all week. Come back each day for my take on what we’ll be wearing – on our face and ourselves – next spring-summer.

  • Looking gorgeous as always Nikki. So glad you are at MBFWA and giving your perspective on all things fashion for the coming season. xx

  • As my mother says about my clothes, “if you’ve got them you may as well wear them. What’s the point in leaving them in your wardrobe and then you gain weight and can’t wear them. Wear them while you can”.

    As for shopping in your own wardrobe, why the hell not?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Many stylists suggest the same thing and I’ve started trying out new styles and have dragged out my suede cowboy boots to wear. I have so much in boxes, shoes, accessories, three or four pieces of clothing on each hanger, it’s ridiculous.

    Now that I’m Instagraming what I wear, it’s making me come up with new clothes and new styles every time instead of just wearing the same old things all the time.

  • Carla

    Hi Nikki, I am new to your site and you have already inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with my wardrobe. I love your jeans and can see they are NYDJs but could please tell me which ones they are? I am similar in shape to you so would love to try a pair on. Thank you.

    • Hi Carla … lovely to see you hear. The NYDJs I’m wearing are the “jeggings” style. I got them last autumn.

      • Carla

        Thank you, I will have a look for a pair. You look lovely by the way 🙂

  • Looking great Nikki! How exciting! Being able to dip into my existing wardrobe to mix and match up for any occasion is definitely a skill I want (and am working towards!)

    Have you managed to grab a coffee yet? 😀

  • LISA Mckenzie

    You look lovely Nikki as per usual and I’m glad that you shop in your wardrobe like we do ,I’m not much of a fan of the stay on lippy they used to be horrible and really dry but would like to give another one a go if they were nice and creamy.
    Have fun and take lots of pics for us.

    • Thanks Lisa, as I said in the post, I make no apologies for wearing clothes more than once – such a waste otherwise! I know what you mean about stay-on lippies. So far I’ve been happy with the hydration of this one.

      • LISA Mckenzie

        That”s good to hear about that lippy I will have to try it when it comes out .That”s what I like about you,You Keep It Real All The Time ,which is a refreshing change from other stylists and blogs!Well Done.

  • andy

    You look fantastic Nikki. I think it is great that you look so good without spending idiotic amounts of money or having a stick insect figure. I have been reading fashion blogs for a while now and there are so many that assume the reader either has both of the above or loads of time to trawl vintage markets and create outfits. You and I are different in age, size and lifestyle but I still find  inspiration from your style. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Andy, that’s so lovely of you to say. I’m a big believer in reinventing what you already own before hitting the shops – it stems from the reality of a budget!

  • Fab! I heart those shoes so much!

    • Oh, me too! They’re comfy enough to standing around in too!

  • Looking fabulous Nikki.  I am always on the look out for a stay put all day lipstick and this looks like great value for money.  Love the colour. Will definately try when it comes in store. Have a great week and thanks for sharing this event from a “real persons” perspective.

    • Sandi, it is a great product … and yes, finding the “real person’s” perspective at Fashion Week is the aim … it’s very much about the show!

  • Holly

    Looking good Nikki, I do love the colour of your jacket on you – really suits your colouring! Have fun at Fashion Week!

  • You look fantastico! Have fun:)