Stephanies Ocean Day Spa mineral flotation therapy

I have found my new happy place

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We floated back into the chaos that had become our typical holiday afternoon.

The collective dads and kids were hanging out around the barbecue. The kids were noisy, the beers had been cracked and the sausages were at the ready.

I almost didn’t need a wine.

Almost. (It was the holidays after all.)

We had just walked into reality after an afternoon in Noosa where we had lunched by the beach before handing ourselves over to the staff at Stephanies Ocean Spa in Noosa.

Stephanies Ocean Day Spa Noosa

And, let’s just get it on the record … not one of us handed ourselves over under protest.

Stephanies “had” me at the white fluffy robe and relaxation lounge. Dim lighting, subtle scents and an unspoken directive to wind down. To get off the train that we call life … a train that seemingly runs as fast as a TGV.

And then we were lead here:

Stephanies Day Spa Noosa

The Mineral Floatation Colour Therapy room.

Three beds ready and waiting for us … next to a waist-deep plunge pool filled with 600kg of salt.

This is what the Stephanies website told me beforehand:

With your body free of gravity, you will be immersed in the soothing ambience of changing colours and will float effortlessly in nurturing temperatures of 35 degrees. Mineral floatation combined with healing colour therapy will instil a deep meditative state that will relieve stress, body aches and pains.

This is actually what happened:

With my body free of gravity I remained in denial about all the turkey and excess alcohol I had consumed over the previous two weeks. I was in a deep meditative state for approximately five minutes (long enough for one of our group to photograph me in my swimwear – NOW that is a Styling You first!), then we just floated and chatted. As you do when three chicks are put in a confined space and urged to meditate.


Stephanies Ocean Day Spa mineral flotation therapy

I CAN meditate … really, I can.

Stephanies Ocean Day Spa mineral flotation therapy

OMG, I’m being photographed in my swimsuit … calm … calm.

Stephanies Ocean Day Spa mineral flotation therapy

Can I talk yet? Please!

But that was actually VERY ok.

We had group talk therapy as a free bonus to mineral therapy.

I kept floating into the other girls and guffawing so much I was in danger of swallowing the salts … but I really did feel the calming effects of the minerals.

If I could just have one installed at home. Stat. That would be lovely. Thank-you. Very. Much.

The 30 minutes was over WAY too quickly and when the lovely therapist flashed the lights to tell us it was time to re-acquaint ourselves with gravity, I may have pouted and thrown a little internal tanty.

Except it was on to stage two … and a bed awaited. I was treated to a Petite Pedicure. While lying down.

I cannot confirm nor deny whether I fell asleep. During a pedicure.

Awakening only to a spritz of peppermint oil. DIVINE.

Yes, I’ve found my new happy place. Care to join me next time?

Stephanies Ocean Spa is part of the Noosa Outrigger Resort complex. It’s a one of four Stephanies Ocean Spas in south-east Queensland. I plan to go on a road trip and visit them all. So grateful to Stephanies for inviting me along to its Noosa spa as their guest. I’ll be back!

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  • divine. That certainly does sound like a happy place.
    Think I had better book myself in for an indulgence 😉
    x manda

  • Oooh I went in a flotation pool at a day-spa in the UK last year. Uh-may-zing. Definitely want to do it again some time.

    • You may have to have a holiday in Noosa, Anna? A bit closer than the UK x

    • charliemeck

      OOh was that at Nirvana spa? That’s famous for the floatation tank. My mum took me there about 10 years ago. Iliked it but unfortunaty I had shaved before hand and it stings if you do that! 🙂

      • No, it’s Stephanies … quite new … and yes, the salt would get in if you’d just shaved. Ouch!!

  • I hope I find my happy place too this year. Nikki, you looks so relaxed, and love that you put pics of you in your swimming costume. You are one hot mama!

    • Oh, you’re way to kind Ms Critique … you just need a holiday in Noosa – happy to share my happy place with you x

  • belinda orpin

    thanks nikki you have just given me my treat for getting 4 kids back to school !! i am booking in for first week in feb !! maybe if im nice i will take maddi with me 😉 happy new year !!

  • Looks heavenly. x Marnie

  • that looks absolutely divine…I have spa envy. Also Ive made sure this holiday that I dont run away when the camera comes out if I have my swimmers on, Id like my kids to know that I went in the pool with them at least once when they were little!

    • I am a spa rat … or an aspiring spa rat! And yes, that’s a good plan, Sarah re the photos. I’m usually the one taking them so there are few of me in mine!

  • Oh struth. That looks amazing. I’m (almost) relaxed looking at it! Love your togs (can I call them togs?)

    • Yes, you can call them togs … we are Queenslanders. I just translate on my blog for readers elsewhere 😉 x

  • Sounds blissful to me. Apart from being photographed in bathers. But you, predictably, look great. x

    • Too kind, Bron … let’s just say I’m grateful for a black swimsuit and dark water!

  • Looks fabulous!

    I can never ‘meditate’ in those situations, I’m always the one chatting to the therapist when I’m meant to be off in another astral plain.

    • LOL. I like a therapist who doesn’t chat so I can snore loudly and drool!

  • It’s like the Red Sea without the manky.

  • wow that is one great camera! such a good investment…not that you need a good camera at all xo

    • I actually need to start using the manual on it. Such a clever little camera … but not as clever as you!

  • Sal

    Sounds divine and may just have to visit next time I’m up there. Last time I went for any kind of a spa treatment on the Sunny Coast I ended up somewhere in a rainforesty type setting at the mercy of a masseuse come reflexologist who after examining my feet for several minutes informed me I had deep seated issues with my mother that I had never resolved and I just needed to have a good cry to let it go – whaaat! Anyway, I too have had a pedicure lying down and agree it is a great way to go!

    • Oh dear Sal … what can I say … except book into Stephanies next time!

  • Alison

    I live not far from where Stephanie first started and have been a regular for over 12 years! Its great to see the expansion and I am just waiting for some sunburn to settle down to treat myself to a pamper package my husband gave me for my birthday!

    • Oh, wow Alison … such a treat and your husband had done good!!

    • HI Alison
      I have absolutely enjoyed reading everyone comments. Alison, thank you sooooo much for your support over the years, it has certainly been an amazing journey for me.
      Happy spa-ing

      • Congrats Stephanie on your business achievements and creating such beautiful spas so we can be pampered as we should be!

  • Tan

    That. Sounds. AMAZING.

    I am in desperate need of a pedi… or a meditative state… or a massage… or some kind of lovely, blissy, spa-ey something!!!

    • Tan … Blissy, spa, lovely things should be mandatory … for our general well being, of course!

  • Not even kidding, I’m gonna ask for a gift voucher for my birthday! Xx

  • Divine intentions were met Nikki.

    I hope you have a once a month booking for yourself now.

    Lovely day I can tell

    X. Loulou

    • I think you’re on to something there! Must go back every month!