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Guest post: 7 ways to save money on fashion

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Editor’s note: Sorry for the late post today but I think my guest blogger will be ok with the reason. I was up late last night sorting out my financials. Just writing the word financials is enough to make me come over all dizzy. But I’ve said it, I’ve done it (sorted them, I mean) and this year I’ll be implementing more of Kylie’s ideas. I might even use the b word  …. shhh … budget.

Did someone say Gorman shoes on sale at Style Tread? Please tell me that’s ok, Kylie?

When we think of fashion we often think of the thousands of dollars we need to have a great wardrobe right? You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great. There are many things you can do; little tips and tricks which will help you look amazing and fashionable with minimal outlay.

1. Use a personal stylist and dress for your shape

I always thought using the services of a personal stylist was a waste of money until this year when I finally did it. I can tell you now I spend less money on my clothes as I know what suits me, which colours and cuts of clothing is best for my figure, hair and complexion. It doesn’t have to cost a lot and it will ensure you know what suits you so you will always look well dressed. It makes shopping easier and helps stop you buying those ‘cute bargains’ which in reality don’t suit you at all and you end up never wearing. (Editor’s shameless plug: I offer an online styling mentorship/membership and work with women all over Australia to get their style on track.)

2. Get a classic wardrobe

There are a few staples every wardrobe should have which can be dressed up or down, accessorised and made fashionable with the use of scarves, bags, shoes and jewellery. By getting these staples such as black pants and skirt, jeans that flatter your figure, a white shirt etc. you will be able to change your wardrobe and mix things together. It will also mean instead of buying a whole new wardrobe each season you can instead just splurge on a few pretty tops, some accessories or a nice dress and still be in fashion.

Buy quality items for the classic, basics of your wardrobe. These are the items that you plan on wearing through a few seasons, so it will be worth the bit extra.

3.  Clothes swaps

Either organise one yourself or look up online to see if there are clothes swaps in your area. Basically it is where people bring the wardrobe items they no longer wear and swap them with others. You could do this with a  few friends if you are similar sizes or do it online.

4.  Online

Check out overseas shops, eBay and other classified sites for clothes. It is amazing how cheap some really goo quality items go for. If you have used the services of a personal stylist you will know what suits you and are less likely to end up with a dud purchase. Clothing in Australia is quite expensive compared to other parts of the world. Often online you can get big discounts, use Google to look for coupons and discount codes as well as get free shipping.

5. VIP memberships

Many clothing stores have VIP memberships. Sign up to the stores you frequent as you will be the first notified when there are sales, you often get a discount and some stores give special vouchers or discounts for your birthday which can be worth a fair bit. Some have reward points attached to the card which means when you shop you are accruing points you can use to get something free later.

6.  Sell your items

Once you are finished with your clothes, if they are still in good condition and you bought quality to start with you can try selling them. There are some stores, which will let you sell your second hand clothes on consignment with them; otherwise you can try selling them online.

7.  Accessorise

Accessories are much cheaper than buying whole new outfits each season. Items such as fashion jewellery from stores like Diva, scarves, hats, belts, fashion bags and things are cheaper than pants, dresses, tops and skirts. Accessorizing is more than just jewellery and hats though; it is your hair, make up, nails and whole look. Buying a nail polish in a fashion colour, cheap eye shadow or lipstick in fashion colours are also great, budget friendly ways to feel a little more in fashion without spending a lot.

Fashion is meant to be fun. Figure out what your like, what suits you and wear it with confidence. Stand tall and proud of who you are and what you are wearing and you will stand out.

How do you save money and stay in style?


Kylie Ofiu is the author of 365 Ways to Make Money. She blogs about real ways to make and save money on her site
KylieOfiu.com. She also does freelance writing and is a mum of two mini fashionista’s. 





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  1. I could open a whole shop with the amount of clothes I could sell. Seriously I’ve got 4 seasons worth and some stuff with tags still on it. All sitting in zip lock vacum bags in my garage. I could probably fund a trip to New York if I sold it all!!

    I find it hard to part with clothes … What if I want to wear it again? Maybe I’ll fit into my favourite jeans again one day? I sometimes keep stuff for sentimental reasons too, like I’ve still got the dress I wore the day I met my husband (but that won me a competition here on StylingYou so I’ve totally justified that one). Oh god I really am a horder aren’t I?

  2. Kylie is a-speakin’-my-language!

    I haven’t had a stylist but a few years ago an embarrassingly stylish friend and I scoured the Trinny & Susannah books {and other similar kinds of books} and came up with our own lists of what suits us and colours and things. It really does save that “Holy Cow – look at all those clothes racks” moments. I know what works, I know what doesn’t, I cannot be swayed.

    Great post! I am now off to Kylie’s blog…. Mwah.

  3. Thanks Kylie – all great tips but I think it’s hard being bigger and trying to budget with clothes. I swear I can’t see any reason for anyone size 14 and under not to look $1million on a shoestring… so many budget options. It really is a challenge when you are limited by size. x

  4. I am interested to see Number 3 b/c I have never been to a clothing swap and there is one locally here to me that I often see advertised and apparently it’s very good…I just feel a bit shy that my clothes won’t be good enough…maybe I will give it a go

    cheers Nikki & Kylie, my kinda fashion post


  5. Omg… Very nice shoes & looks like the tassels could be removed easy enough when the fashions change. Good buying Nikki.
    Great advice from Kylie. I like the idea of buying accessories instead of the whole outfit. Will try this for autumn. Thanks

  6. Big W! I’ve fallen in love with Emerson – great looks at great prices. Being a size 11 shoe, it’s hard to find nice shoes without the exxy price tag. For years I’ve been a loyal Target fan, but Big W has them now for even cheaper. This works for me, as I’m of the theory that I can wear a couple of different pairs of cheapa$$ shoes to death then buy up on more expensive shoes. And if this isn’t the right frame of mind to have, then don’t tell me! *la la la!*

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