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Poking around in a woman’s wardrobe is a personal thing. Something I don’t take lightly. Lots of emotion, stress, frustration, happiness, sentiment and love can be tied up in the clothes hanging there. I get that.

What I don’t get is that so many of us are guilty of buying a new top, a dress or a pair of pants because we need something new for a special occasion or because it happens to be on the sale rack. We don’t mindfully shop (how very Oprah of me), taking the easy way out and settling for a purchase that in our hearts we know is not quite right.

We convince ourselves that once we get home it will a) fit better; b) make us look and feel fabulous; and c) work with five pieces already in our wardrobe.

The “d) all of the above” of this multiple-choice scenario may seem like a pipe dream when you see the swing tag of those rushed purchases winking at you each day as you open your wardrobe but it need not be the case.

If you follow my five tips to stylish clothes shopping on Justb, a functional and fabulous wardrobe will no longer be a dream. And you’ll never make one of those “what was I thinking?” purchases again. Guaranteed.


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Does every piece in your wardrobe make you feel fabulous? Hands up if you’ve bought something recently without trying it on? Success or fail?

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  1. It’s rare that I purchase anything without trying it on. I’m short and um….very apple shaped….ie I don’t have a waist so a LOT of things don’t fit or certainly don’t look right (I forget until I get into the fitting room that I’m 15kg heavier than I think I am).

    However, I recently purchased a LOT of very simple basic Ts and singlets from KMart (of all places) to wear casually, as PJ tops, tops for exercise etc. Every single one of them fits really well. They ranged in price from $5-$9 so I wasn’t overly concerned if one wasn’t quite right.

    With “real” clothes though I am guilty of that and in fact recently sold a dress on ebay that had been sitting in my wardrobe for several years because it was WAY too long for me and I never got around to taking up. It was pure linen and I got $20 more than I paid for it!

    Oh, then there are the 2 pairs of pants I bought that are virtually identical and I still haven’t worn. I identified there was a gap in my wardrobe which required filling with a natural/beige coloured pair of pants. So I bought a pair (of course they need to be taken up). As they sat there awaiting their fate I found another pair, purchased them too (also now languishing awaiting hemming). Unfortunately I now don’t like either pair and realise you can almost see through one pair!!!!

    I WILL post them on ebay though!

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