Fab Friday style tip: quick tips for the career mum

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Getting dressed for work used to be easy. If you weren’t issued with a uniform then most offices seemed to have an unwritten “uniform” of tailored pants or skirt with a shirt. Such a “uniform” made getting dressed each day less stressful but it was boring. With a capital B.

And if you thought getting dressed for a corporate office took a degree in fashion merchandising, then spare a thought for the work-from-homes. Now, while staying in your pyjamas might seem like an easy solution for this one, your pyjamas (no matter how fancy) will not cut it for a client meeting.

Fit into either of these career mum categories and tearing your hair out about what to wear for work each day?

Then head over to the CareerMums blog.  I’m guest posting with some tips to take the stress out of how to create a stress-free working wardrobe to suit your needs.

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  1. Love this post. Do you think you could embellish and enter into the work accesories arena? Just got with the program and purchased an iPad. Now which cover to choose? Do I go totally fashion statement say lux brand like Burberry or do I choose something more practical(don’t think at $600 odd that the Burberry would appreciate an Ornge juice from the kids)!

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      Ah, that’s a good post idea, Rosemary. Yes, much as I’d like a Prada iPad case, I just can’t justify buying it myself 😉 I actually use the iPad flip cover (which is great for having a stand) and then house my iPad in a $20 quilted case from Typo – this also fits my wireless keyboard if I’m travelling.

  2. How exciting- you know how much I love workwear inspiration so I’m definitelt heading over to check out your tips for mama’s!

    I also love the enclosed shot of an Olsen. While I wouldnt advocate her sneak of bra in a corporate setting, it certainly is one to try if you are lucky enough to work in fashion! X

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