Sunshine Plaza style: have you got what it takes to win a $5000 shopping spree?

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When I tell people that I live at the beach, I’m pretty sure most people immediately think of their last beach holiday and imagine me sitting on a banana lounge in my swimmers, sipping on a drink with an umbrella in it while I tap away at my computer.

Which would be kind of nice when I think about it. (Note to self: must add banana lounge to Christmas wishlist)

The reality is VERY different.

I need my wardrobe to meet the needs of everything from a corporate meeting to a shopping trip, lunch with the girls, special occasions and the school drop off.

And within those “needs” I have to walk the fine line of not looking over-dressed because the Sunshine Coast does have a more relaxed style than its city or country cousins

Sounds like a real walk in the park … or should that be … on the beach, doesn’t it? (NOT!)

Sunshine Coast style starts at Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Coast style starts at Sunshine Plaza

What I do love about the Sunshine Coast though is that we do have a style that differs from other beach resorts. We’re not all about white and gold sequins.  We’re not all about navy, white and espadrilles. We’re not all about flowing maxi dresses, kaftans and flats. We’re not all about loud boardshorts and tees.

We’re about a combination of all of the above in a way that paints a style that is less flashy and more individual. And that’s the way I like it.

5 top tips for dressing for the Coast but still looking smart

1. Just because you live at the beach doesn’t mean you have to dress so down that it’s daggy.

2. There is an art to relaxed, smart casual dressing and the key lies in choosing garments that are easy to wear but layer to create interest, shape and style.

3. Accessorise. Even a shorts, tee and thong combination is lifted to the next level with a summer scarf, a stack of bangles and a trilby hat.

4. By all means opt for flat footwear but choose a shoe that has interest and detail.

5. Don’t use living by the beach as an excuse NOT to dress up when the occasion calls for it. Just buy well so the outfit can be dressed up for that occasion and dressed down for a barbecue or night out with friends.

To highlight the best in Sunshine Coast style, the region’s leading shopping centre, Sunshine Plaza, is looking for Sunshine Coast men and women to take part in the centre’s Showcase Your Style competition.

It’s a chance to showcase not only your style but the style of this region to the rest of the world. The four finalists will each have a styling session with yours truly as we put together looks to perfectly suit the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and the Sunshine Coast Spring-Summer 2011 trends:

Summer casual 

Summer nights/events 

Summer on a budget 

Colours of summer 

These four looks will all be photographed and put out to the public via Facebook to be judged, with the finalist with the most votes walking away with $5000 worth of Sunshine Plaza gift cards and the three runners-up each receiving a $500 gift card.

To enter, head to the Sunshine Plaza Facebook page, complete and submit your details on the competition page and email photos of yourself showcasing your fashion style as instructed. One finalist from each of these categories will be chosen: female, 18-30 years;  female, 30+ years; male, 18-30 years; male, 30+ years.

Entries close on Sunday, October 9.  For full terms and conditions, click here.

What do you think of when you think of Sunshine Coast style? Do you think it’s evolved over the last 10 years? What can you see yourself wearing this summer?


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  1. I find the ‘corporate’ side of things a real challenge here on the Coast. But I think I’m still stuck in the southern mode of dark colours…

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      If there ever was a season to break out of the dark colours, this is it, Celestine. Amazing options available now. Had great success with a client at Myer, Country Road, Dotti and Sussan today at Sunshine Plaza.

  2. I find the ‘corporate’ side of things a real challenge here on the Coast. But I think I’m still stuck in the southern mode of dark colours… How to look professional but stay cool in the heat at the same time, I’m sure there’s a way.

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